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STeaK Modern Steakhouse
STeaK Modern Steakhouse
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2013 Feb 6
Hope they offer us more than just NY strip and tenderloin Ottawa needs a good steakhouse that can offer more than the boring norm. Wouldn't it be something if they aged their own beef and hand cut steaks now that would be a steak house.

2013 Feb 6
New owners, new name, coming in April:

2012 Mar 17
I had decent service here, and a generally pleasant time, but the steak, which was the whole purpose in going to the place in the first place, was really a major disappointment.

Rating 2 stars

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2011 Nov 25
I had an early dinner here this afternoon, it was quite quiet, which was very nice, and I've been wanting to try this place since the Food and Wine Show. I had their Burger, it was excellently prepared very moist and seasoned well. The frites were deliciously crisp. I was a little disappointed that they only had Clocktower's Bytown Brow on tap, as I would have rather gone next door to have a pint, however I do give them props for having a local beer on tap. I was also a little concerned with the state of our server, as it was nearly four this afternoon and he had obviously been drinking. I would definitely give this place another try as the food was very good and the server who took over for the intoxicated gentleman was very attentive to the errors he had made.

2011 Sep 18
My folks come up from Brockville to Ottawa once every few months to take myself and the rest of the fam out for dinner. Usually we end up in the Byward Market, and have tried all sorts of spots - some winners, and some... not so much. Last night we decided to check out STeaK, and we definitely weren't disappointed!

My boyfriend and brother-in-law, both steak fanciers, got the bacon wrapped gorgonzola filet, and it met rave reviews. A nicely sized, juicy chunk o' steak, with incredibly tasty sauce (I should know, I snagged a few bites), served with green beans and tomatoes that were cooked but still flavourful, with the perfect amont of crunch. The serving size was just what you'd ask for - plenty to eat, but not so much that you're completely bloated by the end.

Sister got one of the steak burgers with fries - again, delightful, and the fries were very tasty, with a soft sprinkling of powdered parmesan on them.

I went in a different direction and decided on the lobster ravioli with saffron sauce - delicious! I'm pretty crazy for pasta, particularly the stuffed varieties, and this stuff was scrumptious. There were lovely little chunks of lobster in each ravioli, and again, the portion size was generous, but not so much as to overwhelm.

There was a lot of wine and beer going on at the table, but I ended up deciding on the Lotus Blossom martini - one of the best fruity martinis I've ever had! It was fruity and floral, but mild, and with just the right amount of booze in it. There was a whole lychee fruit at the bottom. I could've kept 'em coming all night.

Ambiance was fun and festive, with the mid-September air just warm enough to keep the big front windows open. Fast and friendly service, great food, and a good deal. This is one restaurant that's sure to be a crowd pleaser. (Oh, and there ARE a few vegetarian options on the menu.. to my surprise!)

2011 Mar 27
I’ve been to STK before, but honestly, your experience really depends on who your with, and what your intentions are for the night. On this particular night, me and a girlfriend of mine wanted to meet somewhere to catch up because we haven’t seen each other in ages and we wanted to keep the cost down.

The atmosphere at STK is really cool – it seems upscale, but the prices are great and the quality of food is fantastic…makes my mouth water just thinking about it! The layout and lighting is intimate and you can tune the evening in which ever way it you want: business, casual or formal.

We decided to opt for the share plates so we chose the gnocci plate, frites, green beens and sauteed mushrooms on flatbread.

*My absolute favourite dish was the gnocchi – ITS A MUST-TRY!

I was expecting for the waiter to come out with tiny share plate but when they came out and were set on our table for two, we were amazed with the amount of food we had to devour.

2.5 hours later – our voices were strained from gabbing away and our belly’s were full from munching on our food. (We even had tons of left overs!) And when our bills came, we were even more pleasantly surprised – o$15.00 EACH!!!!

WOW – right??

I will DEF be back to make STK a “usual” spot.

Also – STK is a really great date/dinner night spot on Thursdays – $50.00 for 2 steaks and a bottle of wine. If that’s not a cheap date, I don’t know what is!

Bon Appetit!

2010 Jul 19
Wow- that review is really harsh!

2010 Jul 18
Anne DesBrisay's recent review is entertaining!
(In a nutshell: to be thrilled, order a steak with fries and some wine -- avoid other menu items at all cost!)

2010 Jul 13
My GF's fillet. Only 9oz, but she wasn't a big eater like me. She forced herself to eat the steak (blame the flatbread) and beans. She ate some fries. I had to help. The steak was cooked perfectly too.

They really know how to cook steaks, and of course they should. But with the "on tap beer" comments, I overheard the server saying they only offer bottles. If I had beer on that hot day, I would not have cared. But it IS a shame they didn't offer on tap.

With the coupons I only paid $0.56 for the meal. I would visit again....pending finances.

2010 Jul 13
This was my New Yorker. All 14oz. With the flatbread I was barely able to finish. The fries taste like street vendor fries, but they added Parmesan which makes it just a bit better. The other side were green beans. The steak, as many put it, tasted simple with no seasoning taste except for the salt & pepper crust. It was well cooked, medium rare. Juicy and tender.



2010 Feb 14
All I can say...WOW!!

Its about time Ottawa started to have good food, and finally it does, STEAK. My new love!

-Fantastic Food
-Great decor
-Nice Staff
-...More Fantastic Food!

Check it out Ottawa!