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See also: Aperitivo · Kravings Dessert Café
This is the new wine and tapas bar located in Kanata Centrum. It used to be Kravings Dessert Cafe.

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2012 Jan 13
It is difficult to find a place in Ottawa that offers brunch on Saturday morning, so I was willing to make the drive out to Kanata to try this place which offers both Saturday and Sunday brunch starting at 11am.

I’ve been here a couple of times in the evening and have been generally happy with the various dishes but was interested in finding out what they would offer for a meal earlier in the day. What I found was that you will not find your regular bacon & eggs breakfast items on the menu. Although some eggs are offered, you will find scrambled eggs enclosed in a tortilla, poached eggs that have a stewed bravas sauce on them and eggs Benedict with gravlax or avocado & bacon.

In the end we chose none of these, instead we opted for:
- french toast with an apple compote and covered with maple syrup, good but sweet
- tart with a puff pastry crust and a topping of carmelized onion, blue cheese, bacon lardons and pear (included a side green salad), very filling, somewhat salty from blue cheese but still good

Unfortunately we were the only people there until closer to the end of our meal (~1:30) when two other couples arrived. Kanata Centrum itself seemed to be pretty desolate on the Saturday I was there. I hope they can continue to offer Saturday brunch.

2011 Jul 27
Arepas with Pulled Pork and Fried Egg

2011 Jul 27
Pulled Pork Sliders with Coleslaw

2011 Jul 27
Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Hash and Orange Sauce

2011 Jul 27
Bravas Mussles with tomato, chili and chorizo

2011 Jul 27
Baccalao Fritters with Red Pepper Sauce

2011 Jul 27
Went here for the first time last night. Not sure if it's new, but now they offer small plates - instead of entree sized meals. They also have a 'happy hour' from 3 - 6pm - lower priced drinks and lower priced small plates. The lower priced small plates however, are smaller than the small plates on the menu (say THAT 10 times fast!). So, a person could end up ordering twice as many happy hour sized plates anyway.

The service was friendly. There were two people on the floor. A gentleman (who appeared to the manager) - very nice, knowledgeable about the menu and choices and offered some good suggestions. The other server is where I had a small problem. Very nice girl but inappropriately dressed (IMHO) to be serving food. Yoga pants, flip flops, tank tops. I won't go into why it's inappropriate, but to me, distracted from the beautiful decor and ambiance they were trying to achieve.

The food was pretty good - but again, it can get pricey at small plate restaurants.

Photos will follow:
Grilled Calamari - nice flavour, but not particularly memorable

Bacalao Fritters w/ red pepper sauce - nice flavour of cod, the sauce was very flavourful - crispy texture on the outside - cooked perfectly

Bravas Mussels w/ chorizo, tomato and chili - this was not the best. The mussels didn't taste as fresh as I would like (they weren't bad, just not the freshest) and surprisingly not very much flavour with all those wonderful ingredients - perhaps lacked some elemental seasoning.

Duck Breast w/ sweet potato and orange sauce - this was the best dish of the evening (and the most expensive). The duck was cooked perfectly, the cherries in the sauce were a nice accompaniment to the duck. The sweet potato hash was a nice mixture of potato and seasonings. I truly could have ordered just that stack of potato and been quite pleased.

Pulled Pork Sliders with coleslaw - coleslaw was a little lack lustre; the buns were the best part. They were soft and the perfect texture. The pulled pork didn't taste (to me) like real pulled pork - meaning it wasn't the shoulder cut. Tasted more like a pork loin, cooked a long time and pulled. Just a preference, but I prefer pork shoulder in pulled pork.

Pulled Pork Arepas w/ Fried Egg, Ancho and Chipotle - I understand their intention with this dish, but the arepas was disappointing (if you have ever had an authentic one). Great dish concept, and nicely plated, but the arepas let it down.

Overall impressions - some good ideas on the food; the dishes were beautifully plated - someone obviously took care in the kitchen. However, the dishes weren't memorable so I probably won't be returning. Nice wine selection and the desserts looked tasty. A good spot for a drink and a nibble after a movie.

Shown here - grilled Octopus

2011 Apr 4
My wife and I popped in Saturday night.

The food was okay. Maybe top 10 in Kanata, but pretty low on the pole if you consider Ottawa-West as a whole. The service was meh (felt rushed, nothing special). I was certainly expecting better at a place where dropping $200 for a couple is not terribly difficult to do.

We had:
:: Housemade Olives - fabulous and plentiful for only $4
:: Rosemary Foccaccia - okay, nicely toasted but overly salty
:: Blue Cheese Dates - The whole almond was a nice touch, but the bacon was severely undercooked
:: Sambucca Shrimp - good, but not great
:: Manchego & Truffle Frites - terribly dry and under-salted, no taste of truffle, very large (would have traded quantity for quality)
:: Spicy Meatballs - okay, I guess, definitely forgettable
:: Banana Bread Pudding - very good, large serving
:: Sticky Toffee - also very good, large serving

The overall theme was, "prices are high, but plates are big... too big, would have preferred less food of higher quality". With wine, taxes, and tip our bill was $165.

Bin 790 benefits from location... not that it is near the theatre... only that it is away from any signficant competition. We will probably be back, but only because it is a night we can't stray too far from the babysitter.

2010 Sep 20
My wife and I went to Bin 790 on Saturday evening, and left rather disappointed. First off - the wine. They do have a fairly good selection available by the glass, either a 3 or 6 oz glass, however all wines are served in the same glass, regardless of what type you order. The wine glass makes a return at the end of the meal holding your bill, in a glass too small to accommodate a credit card, which just seemed a bit odd. The food was rather hit and miss. I had a great rack of lamb, perfectly done. Before that I had the prosciutto wrapped scallops, which consisted of two scallops cut in half, resulting in a plate of four scallop pieces of varying sizes and stages of doneness. My wife's bison was somewhat overcooked and rather chewy(we were not asked how we would like our foods cooked). Her stuffed dates had half of the dates missing the stuffing and they were wrapped in far-too-cooked bacon. Service was iffy - forgotten order, not asking which size glass of wine, but fairly quick. We are not likely to return any time soon.

2010 Aug 15
I've only been to Bin 790 once, but I have not been able to stop thinking about their deep-fried goat cheese with orange infused honey!

I went on a Saturday night with 2 girlfriends,and we had a delicious meal. My friend loved the duck shepards pie so much she had herself a second plate. I tried a bite, and will definitely order that if I go back. Overall the food was very memorable.

The service was also memorable, but not in a good way.

Our server had to come back to our table twice to confirm our orders; she had forgotten what we ordered. She still brought us the wrong dish to start.
The crostinis were missing from my first plate, but I could not get her attention...
To top it off, there were signifigant errors on all 3 of our bills-they were all mixed up, and included food we didn't order.

I will likely give them another chance because the food was so yummy, and there is much left to explore on the menu. It is a cute spot and perfect for a romantic dinner.

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2010 May 15
Just had a Reuben Sandwich from this Bistro in Kanata Centrum. They only sell them from 11am - 4pm or until they are out...they cook 2 smoked briskets a day and when they are out they are out. A pile of meat, saurkraut and swiss...6.99

My wife had a turkey sandwich....same ideal as above....they cook 1 turkey, so roast turkey, stuffing, home made cranberry horseradish sauce,

6.99....These sandwiches are really good and I love sandwiches....

I see they have a beef dip and double cheese burger 6.99....Could be my new lunch time hang out..oh ya late breakfast too!



2011 Jan 5
Stopped in here late this afternoon for lunch.We arrived at 2:20pm to an empty resto with several servers-and they let us know no more food after 3 pm. No problem, we ordered wine and 4 tapas for 2 women.Wine great, first order was duck poutine($9).This was enough for 2 women for a meal! Delicious but very rich and large. We brought half home.
We ordered the beef tenderloin wrapped with bacon with fois gras.Full from the poutine we each tried one--delicious but they were well done and we would have preferred rare-lovely presentation with greens.
We ordered the large cheese plate-cheese selection excellent with nice breads, great date puree, cherry chutney and quince jelly. 5 generous servings of cheese were served at a proper temperature, breads were great but they did serve withered blueberries and grapes past their prime. They should have thrown the fruit out.
We also had the grilled vegetables with a garlic ailio-this was delicious and beautifully presented. We were stuffed by now and each sampled a couple of veg's-very good.
The tapas servings are quite large so don't order too much unless you like leftovers! Food was good, service friendly and very casual.
The servers did not rush us at all as the last patrons and I appreciate that. For the amount and quality of food, friendly service and general ambience this was great.
I think the whole place would be nicer with a tidy up of clutter (especially where you first walk in and where you pay, and near the restrooms). It isn't a large space so I appreciate you have to walk by trays of food to reach the rest rooms but it would be nice to not have the food exposed to patrons (curtains perhaps?).
Overall very nice but a few tweaks and this place could be great.
We were happy because we arrived late, were not rushed and the food was hot (cheese right temperature) and the service was friendly and attentive.
A bit of clutter removal and organization of the limited space could make this place a 3* destination.