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This is the new wine and tapas bar located in Kanata Centrum. It used to be Kravings Dessert Cafe.

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2012 Jun 18
"My last 2 cents? you went to O'conners.... wow.. there's the door, come back when you are a real foodie"

I stand by my comments, I do not expect to be treated as a god because I am a paying customer but expect to be treated with respect. We went to O'Connors because we were already there and Bin790 did not want our business.
All the "fantastic" staff at bin790 had to do is say sorry but we are closing, we would have been fine with that and gone elsewhere, but 8:40pm is a little early to be closing for the evening!
We eat out 2 to 4 times a week, at a variety of restaurants and I do consider myself a "real Foodie". You don't always have to do fine dining to enjoy good food.

2012 Jun 15
AdrianR, your comments will be taken more seriously as a real foodie when you participate actively on this board. You don't build a lot of cred in 16 minutes.

I an attempt to stay on topic. I went to bin790 and have the gall to consider myself a real foodie. I found the food good (with the exception of the overly salty fries), but I was seriously offput by the my inattentive waitress (who by the end of our meal was enjoying a drink at the bar with her coworkers. I work on a one-strike policy, so that was my last visit. Maybe it was an off night, maybe it was the end of a 12 hour shift... but frankly, that is not my problem. Or perhaps it was, and I should call ahead and ask when the staff will be freshest. Or maybe I am just a jerk with ridiculous expectations.

.... if it walks like and duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

2012 Jun 15
First of all, some people will not always have the best experience when they go out, just the way life is.. but I want to clarify something for any and all who read the negative reviews.

The same three waiters and numerous kitchen staff worked tirelessly for 6 days a week, late into the night to provide the paying customers of bin790 with an amazing experience.

My wife and I started going to the bin 4 years ago, and have been there for every anniversary, birthday, special occasion, we knew the staff, the chefs and had an amazing evening each and every time we went.

Paying customer does not make you God. The guys at the bin had probably just worked a 12 hour shift, were tired, wanted to unwind after work, go home to their families to get some rest, because in 8 hours their next 12 hour shift starts. You enter the restaurant, sit down and spend more time talking, you yourself mentioned you were a paying customer, but took no time to look over the menu? Even though you knew it was near their closing time?

I cannot wait for Aperitivo to open its doors, Kanata has not been the same without our favourite hidden gem, and we look forward to the coming years that we will spend there.. the fact that you guys are bringing the staff back, bravo to you for your judgement skills, the staff is what MADE bin 790 the best restaurant in Ottawa.

I am very excited for when you open your doors, and like everyone would love to know when, so I can book my table now!

My last 2 cents? you went to O'conners.... wow.. there's the door, come back when you are a real foodie.

2012 Jun 15
When is the scheduled reopen?
Very excited to hear that the Bin is being reincarnated but with alot of familiar foods and staff.

2012 Jun 7
"no doubt thanks to the wonderful staff; many who had been there since the restaurantís opening."

We had a totally different take on service and staff. The main reason we did not visit was because of staff. We made three tries, the third was the worst!!! We arrived on a Tues at 8:40 and were not greeted very politely, If they were closing they should have said so. We found a table and were told we could get no food which was fine because we were just in for a glass or two of wine. We were given two wine lists for 4 people and then when we were not ready to order after 3 minutes because two of us had not looked at the list yet, we got the glare!!! When we ordered, the server brought the wine and then started shuting the place down, turning off the open sign etc. The person in the kitchen area banged pots, set off an alarm everytime they opened a back door, made a lot of noise.
We paid and left, went to O'Connors and an hour or so later the staff were now sitting at the bar with two guys, I guess boyfriends having a great time. I guess they did not want paying customers. We will not be back.

2012 Jun 7
This showed up at FiF!'s blog...

"aperitivoJune 4, 2012 2:54 PM
I couldnít agree more that it is a shame when a good (and locally owned) restaurant goes under. Bin 790 not only had a good selection of local food and wine, but the restaurant also had a very warm atmosphere, no doubt thanks to the wonderful staff; many who had been there since the restaurantís opening.

While I am unsure of the reasons behind the closing of Bin 790, I am happy to tell you that a new restaurant will be filling Binís place and will be bringing with it the best of Bin 790. Much of the Bin 790 staff is excited to work with new ownership to get back into their old location while bringing with them, the best of Binís old menu and wine selection. The new restaurant, Aperitivo will feature similar tapas dishes, offer full entrees as well as a new selection of proper drink pairings.

Aperitivoís goal will be to re-energize and invigorate any Foodies.

New ownership and old Bin 790 staff hope you and your gal pals will join them when the doors re-open!


2012 Jun 6
There is a wee bit of activity stirring at Bin 790.

On Sunday they retweeted my recent post regarding the closing.

The comment section of my post also has some news that was posted there on Monday afternoon.

2012 Jun 1
Or in other words, 'Bin 790 is closed'. :)

2012 May 31
Bin 790 will be re-opened with new ownership, slightly different menu, not sure if the name's going to remain 'Bin 790'

2012 May 17
Bin 790 is now closed (I was by there yesterday and there is a sign on the door). Wildwood Chop House is also closed - a restaurant called Bistro 54 has taken it's place. Too bad, they were both pretty good.



2010 May 15
Just had a Reuben Sandwich from this Bistro in Kanata Centrum. They only sell them from 11am - 4pm or until they are out...they cook 2 smoked briskets a day and when they are out they are out. A pile of meat, saurkraut and swiss...6.99

My wife had a turkey sandwich....same ideal as above....they cook 1 turkey, so roast turkey, stuffing, home made cranberry horseradish sauce,

6.99....These sandwiches are really good and I love sandwiches....

I see they have a beef dip and double cheese burger 6.99....Could be my new lunch time hang out..oh ya late breakfast too!



2011 Jan 5
Stopped in here late this afternoon for lunch.We arrived at 2:20pm to an empty resto with several servers-and they let us know no more food after 3 pm. No problem, we ordered wine and 4 tapas for 2 women.Wine great, first order was duck poutine($9).This was enough for 2 women for a meal! Delicious but very rich and large. We brought half home.
We ordered the beef tenderloin wrapped with bacon with fois gras.Full from the poutine we each tried one--delicious but they were well done and we would have preferred rare-lovely presentation with greens.
We ordered the large cheese plate-cheese selection excellent with nice breads, great date puree, cherry chutney and quince jelly. 5 generous servings of cheese were served at a proper temperature, breads were great but they did serve withered blueberries and grapes past their prime. They should have thrown the fruit out.
We also had the grilled vegetables with a garlic ailio-this was delicious and beautifully presented. We were stuffed by now and each sampled a couple of veg's-very good.
The tapas servings are quite large so don't order too much unless you like leftovers! Food was good, service friendly and very casual.
The servers did not rush us at all as the last patrons and I appreciate that. For the amount and quality of food, friendly service and general ambience this was great.
I think the whole place would be nicer with a tidy up of clutter (especially where you first walk in and where you pay, and near the restrooms). It isn't a large space so I appreciate you have to walk by trays of food to reach the rest rooms but it would be nice to not have the food exposed to patrons (curtains perhaps?).
Overall very nice but a few tweaks and this place could be great.
We were happy because we arrived late, were not rushed and the food was hot (cheese right temperature) and the service was friendly and attentive.
A bit of clutter removal and organization of the limited space could make this place a 3* destination.