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Half the store is full of kitchen gadgets & supplies, the other half has specialist/artisan type foods.
Sister store to Serious Cheese one block further down.

Cheese at Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese
Croissants at Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese
Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese
Foods from Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese

2011 Apr 5
Ack! Why do they have to move all the way to suburbia?! #endrant

I am just jealous because I love both stores but I don't drive. I can hop on the bus and be at their OOS location in 15 minutes. When they move to Hazeldean it will now involve a loooong commute for me to get my mac 'n cheese fix. ~sigh~ On a positive note it will be near a Farm Boy so the trip wouldn't be completely wasted...

2011 Apr 5
Thanks LWB!

Wow, that is exciting. Kanata 1, Hintonburg 47. Maybe the far west is in for a comeback.

My wife is going to be very excited about Serious Cheese moving so close. But I wonder how it will be accepted... being so close to the Farmboy (and hence a large, loyal customer base who thinks Farmboy is the be-all-end-all).

2011 Apr 4
via Twitter: twitter.com

Serious Cheese and Grace in the Kitchen will now be located at 442 Hazeldean Rd. (as of this summer)...so, not Hintonburg, as was projected.

Both stores, in one location, over 5000 square feet. Quite sad to see them go.

2011 Apr 4
Both Serious Cheese & Grace in the Kitchen are moving - www.newsfromgrace.com

They'll be missed.


2011 Apr 4
Clarification: Are they (you) ...

Closing the two Bank Street locations and relocating entirely
(in which case, on behalf of all of OOS, WAAAAAAAHHH!); or

Adding another (a third) location
(in which case YAY!)?

2011 Apr 1
I hope you mean expanding to Hintonburg, rather than moving ?

2011 Apr 1
Grace in the Kitchen is moving to Hintonburg soon (along with their sister store, Serious Cheese).

2010 Jun 30

2010 Jan 6
What kinds of things do they sell at Grace In The Kitchen?

2009 Dec 16
This was also the only local source we could find to buy our Zojirushi breadmaker. We also purchased an excellent chef's knife here. Worth checking out... we'd definitely go more often if we lived closer.

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Cheese 3


2013 Mar 1
I bought "Serious truffle brie triple cream" today.
This cheese is so good!!!
Cow's milk, right amount of salt, hint of truffle, creamy and it melts in your mouth but not heavy at all. This is store's original cheese. I will use this for my macaron!!

2011 Dec 13
Wife got me a gift card and I finally got a chance to wander in. I found their cheese selection to be excellent and unique (compared to say farmboy). They had a number of cheeses from Neil's Yard, which I have not seen in Ottawa before. I bought some stinking bishop as well as a smoked blue cheese. I sampled a number of others - the cheese guy there was very nice and helpful. Fantastic addition to Kanata - really sucks for my wallet.


2010 Jan 6
I've gotten fresh vanilla beans there (3 different varieties the last time I was in). They have a great selection of salsas and hot sauces too.

2011 Nov 3
Q-Tonic is available here! $2.99 per bottle.

2012 Feb 17
The croissants here are baked from frozen and are pretty good -- light, moist, chewy, fairly flaky. Not quite Art Is In Bakery or Bread & Sons Bakery good, but certainly better than you find in most bakeries. The one in this photo was $2 at the coffee counter.

The really cool thing is that they are also available for purchase in their frozen state (product of France). This means you can bake them at home for an extra special morning meal without having to first drag yourself to a bakery at an ungodly hour! And they have chocolatines too.