Bubble tea, Chinese food and traditional dessert. Open 7 days a week.

11-12 weekdays
11-2 weekends.

TEASHOP 168 is a franchise bubble tea store arond Ontario. This is 1st store in Ottawa.

Teashop 168
Teashop 168
Foods from Teashop 168

2012 Sep 21
Yes this is the one in the T&T market. I found it tasty enough for a fix but now everytime I have been int eh last month it is never open. I have been at noon, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm amongst other random times. Only once was there a sign said be back 5mins - I waited 10 and left. It is a little akward to spot in the store. I'm anxious to try some other places downtown that I have heard of instead.

2012 Sep 16
This is how it looks from above...it's sealed off.

2012 Sep 16
I had been to this place when it was initially set up at T&T. I didn't really have a pleasant time back then but thought to give it another try today.

I ordered a Mango Bubble Tea with milk (large) for $4.62. The service was fast although the female store clerk forgot to give me back my change. It happens to people so no worries.

I absolutely liked the way the drink was packaged. It was sealed off from the top (as it is done in a few other bubble tea places) to prevent any leaks. It tasted alright but it had been a tad bit watered down. It had a slight creamy mango taste to it and was very sweet. I forgot to take the picture of the drink.

As I tried taking another sip, I was horrified to learn that around 2/3 of the glass had been filled with ice with just a bit of the actual bubble tea. I would have expected them to have filled it about 1/3 rather than more than half of the glass.

Although the taste of the drink was good, I will not be coming again as I paid for a large drink that had an amount less than a small.

I'll stick to my bubble tea places in down-town.

2009 Dec 12
Is this the one located beside the washroom at T&T? My husband said that the store is badly located.