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Opened Summer of 2009, this is an Italian Bistro in the centre of Manotick (the Walk). The building features a unique tree lined courtyard patio.

The lounge area offers weekend events including live music and entertainment or televised sporting events.

They also have a Private Dining Room that sits 45 people.

La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
Foods from La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)


2012 Mar 13
Now they're replacing Foodies with clones! CLONES I SAY!!!! Clones who write favourable reviews!!!! IT'S AN INVASION OF THE FOODIE SNATCHERS!!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!

Or possibly i have to give kudos to our members who ventured out to an establishment and risked life limb and indigestion in pursuit of fine dining.

....nah, gotta be clones.

2012 Mar 4
I joined blubarry last week on our fact finding mission to La Piazza. As mentioned the atmosphere was warm and the service was very good.

Our initial server was engaging and knowledgeable. He knew the menu and the wine list and when I asked him about wine pairings for the the two dishes I was debating, he was able to give me two options and the reason why those wines worked with that particular dish. With wine by the glass, you have the option of a 5oz or 8oz pour.

I ordered the Caprese salad as my starter. Tomatoes/Mozzarella plus a mixed green salad. Perhaps not the best choice in the middle of the winter. A mixed review with this dish.

The fresh mozza was creamy and had a nice flavour.
The portion was large, three big slices of tomaotes topped with 3 equally large slices of mozza.
The balsamic reduction was nice.

The tomatoes were cold and had that mealy texture, tomatoes get when they are stored in the fridge. The small mixed green salad was covered in raw red onion slices, about a quarter of an onions worth. My portion was drowning in olive oil. I tipped my plate and there was at least a quarter to a third of a cup of olive oil on the plate. I ended up eating the mozzarella and leaving the rest. If the tomatoes had been room temp, this would have been a better dish.

My main was manicotti. After hearing the pasta was fresh made in house, I had to try it. My portion was only warm when I received it. I suspect that mine was plated 1st and left to sit while the other mains were plated. My main came with two generous sized manicotti with a light rose cream sauce. I found the sauce on the bland side. The manicotti itself was very good. The pasta tender and the ricotta filling was delicate and lovely. I would have liked to seen a bit more spinach in the filling. There were only scattered bits, more for colour than flavour.

I ended my meal with a very well made double espresso and the complimentary Limoncello.

If I were looking for a restaurant in the area, I would probably go back. The service was excellent, the food for the most part good and it was well priced

One small totally personal gripe. I hate the huge pepper grinders that restaurants bring around. The ones at La Piazza had to be 3 feet long and were kept in a special rack at the front of the restaurant. I thought I was going to get hit in the head when blubarry was getting peppered. Put small pepper grinders on the table and let guests add it themselves (as I said, it's my personal gripe)

2012 Mar 1
We did it. This week I went with a few other Ottawa Foodies who rose to the challenge (I'll let them identify themselves if they want) to La Piazza. Have to say that the welcome and service were excellent! Friendly staff, very eager to please. Atmosphere is warm and inviting and the humble exterior belies a fairly large and pleasant dining room.

We asked for suggestions for "house specialties" and were informed that all pasta was made in house, including the manicotti and cannelloni. I opted for an appetizer of calamari. Very tender and with a nicely thin, slightly spicy coating. A good start. Two diners had the caprese salad (which I'll let them review). When we asked about the origin of the tomatoes, the server told us that they come from a variety of sources depending on the supplier, but he did then go to seek the answer and came back to tell us that they were in fact Ontario hot house grown. For my main I had the veal saltimbocca with fettucine Alfredo on the side. The fettucine was very nice: Homemade pasta, cooked perfectly al dente and presented with just enough sauce. On par with the best fettucine alfredo I've had in Ottawa. The veal was an enormous portion, tender and moist, but I did find the preparation very heavy on the sage. I like sage, but it felt a bit heavy handed in this instance, and I would have preferred that it had been more of a background note than so predominant. There were mixed reviews from my dinner companions, which I hope they will comment on themselves. Several times during the meal, servers and the manager stopped by to ensure that we were pleased with our meals, and everyone seemed genuinely interested to see that we were having a good time. At the end of the meal we were presented with complimentary limoncello, which was a nice touch and much appreciated.

I'm not sure why whomever it was felt the need to post fake reviews here. My food was decent to very good, the atmosphere was comfortable and pleasant, and the service was excellent. We weren't delighted with every item we ordered, but it was pleasant, and I had fun meeting the other Ottawa Foodies and sharing this experience. My dinner was large enough and tasty enough that I took the leftovers home and enjoyed them the next day. If I were looking for someplace to eat in Manotick, La Piazza would definitely make the cut, so let's hope they can live with a couple of genuine reviews and stop with the fake postings.

2012 Feb 20
afinekettle: I've actually had the same thought since the fake reviews have been so over the top and persistent, despite clear feedback that they're off-putting.

2012 Feb 20
Not that I think it's what is happening here, but the thought of a restaurant torpedoing the reputation of a competing restaurant by posting fake "too-positive" reviews is kind of hilarious.

2012 Feb 16
Is anyone else willing to take one for the team and check this place out for real? I'd be up for paying a surprise visit if somebody wants to share the risk. Message me if you feel like living dangerously and we can hit this place at lunch or early dinner on a weekday.

2012 Feb 15
I totally agree that enough is enough. We were there for dinner in the summer and will not be back. Changed tables 3 times!! The last change was because two men were smoking very foul cigars, I know that you can smoke on the patio but the smell was really bad!! We asked about the cigars and were told that it was fine to smoke them. I had grilled chicken on a salad, the chicken was very thin and very dry, I think it has been pre-cooked and then warmed up to put on the salad. This was in the summer and I still remember how bad it was. Our group of 4 will not be back.

2012 Feb 15
Oh, I don't know. Sometimes it's fun to think about retaliation.

Not that my friends and I would ever contemplate dong anything like this on a busy weekend or anything. No, we would not.

However, it is interesting to contemplate getting a group of 30-40 people together who will go to a place, order one small item from the appetizer menu and then monopolize the tables for a couple of hours just asking for refills of water and generally being a nuisance. Thoughts of doing something like that can really keep you warm on a cold winter's night.

Then blog/tweet about it live.

HEE HEE! Such fun.
Don't do it, though. Really.

2012 Feb 15
Seriously. I'll be actively boycotting this place until something changes drastically. Yuck.

2012 Feb 14
Agreed. Pretty sad. I've gone to other sites (gasp) to check reviews for them, and it's a total mixed bag...All the new users with one review have positive remarks....others, not so much. I even read a recent comment about the owner, Frank that was quite interesting...

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