Lump Charcoal at Canlok Stone
Lump Charcoal at Canlok Stone
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2010 Jul 27
Dropped by Canlok to pick up a few more bags of Basques maple charcoal and the price has risen considerably, as follows:

4 kg - $9.95 + HST
8 kg - $18.95 + HST

It's still worth buying instead of the ubiquitous Kingsford/Royal Oak stuff, but now only because of superior quality rather than superior price. :-)

2009 Sep 1
Thanks for the tip FF ..I will have to give it a try for sure. Just as an FYI, here is a link to a pretty good database of lump Charcoal that you can buy. Mostly in the USA. I have done a trip across the border and went to several stores in New York State - ACE hardware seems to have pretty good selection of what is on the link:

The Duraflame bag can be bought at Food Basics - very good for the Price. But stock up soon since they will be hiding them in the back before the end of Sept.


2009 Sep 1
The Grateful Griller got me hooked on this awesome sugar maple lump charcoal from Basques (

Canlok Stone is one of the official distributors for the Ottawa area. They sell stone, bricks, and this specific brand of lump charcoal. Go figure. ;-)

At $8.15+GST per 4 kg bag, it is really worth getting. I find it to be very noticeably superior to Kingsford, both in its willingness to ignite and in the flavour it imparts to the food.