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Once owned and operated by Vincor International this Ontario chain of "convenience" wine stores is now owned and operated by Constellation Brands (USA).

Wine Rack stores were originally set up to promote Ontario VQA Wines (albeit from the Vincor product line only). However, since being acquired in 2006 by Constellation (the largest wine company in the world) the stores are even less dedicated to the original concept... and now carry many wines that are "cellared in Ontario" (just bottled here). And even some US brands which are owned by the parent company, including "Arbor Mist" out of NY State which offers a blending of wine with fruit flavouring.

There are over 160 Wine Rack stores in Ontario most are attached to grocery stores. They also offer on-line purchasing.

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2009 Aug 7
Ok, so I won't shop here out of my dedication to the Winemakers of Ontario and my repulsion to the concept that these stores have a toe-hold in the Ontario liquor business when they are (a) a HUGE corporation that only promotes their own products, and (b) now American owned and operated (both of which go totally against the original perceived concept of these stores in the first place... to promote Ontario wine).

BUT, that said...

I do browse from time-to-time when I am at the Grocery Store. Interestingly they are now carrying small batch wines from two select Niagara vineyards:

Inniskillin's Montague Vineyard and Jackson-Triggs Delaine Vineyard. And in both cases several varietals.

Both of these are the top-end wines produced by these Wineries... and not usually available at the LCBO (sometimes you'll see one variety come about at a Vintages Wine Release).

And here they sit... several different ones... sooo tempting.

What a dilemma. Outside of getting them at the Wine Rack my only other options are travelling down to Niagara to visit the Winery personally, or ordering a whole case thru the LCBO... not that great a deal when you only want to "try" one.

=== === ===

And oh ya, if anyone wants to rant away about these Wine Rack stores in general, I'd be happy to join you in that on the OF Forum - www.ottawafoodies.com