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In 1999 a Navan Dairy Farmer named Denis Perrault planted 1 acre of grapes (1000 vines) of which there were 10 different varieties of hybrids. In 2005, with the help of a Vine Expert from the University of Guelph he planted another 5 acres (5000 more vines).

In 2005, the business was incorporated, and Winemaker Marcel Sarrazin was hired. The Winery was licensed in 2006, and now produces about 11,000 bottles of wine annually (white, red and rose blends).

Winemaker Marcel Sarrazin retired in September 2008, and was replaced by Bernard Martineau who has plans now to experiment with the different maturing varietals that grow in the Vineyard, so as to produce seperate vintages in the upcoming years. (Compiled from info on the Domaine Perrault Website www.domaineperrault.ca )

1000 Chemin Perrault Road
Navan, Ontario K4B 1H8
(613) 835-3925

June 1st thru December 31st
Friday / Saturday / Sunday
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Domaine Perrault
Foods from Domaine Perrault

2009 Jul 30
I don't have an extensive review to offer but do have the pleasure of knowing the owners of this winery, they are great people, I even lent a hand in cooking for their official launch. It's a local product that we should should make an effort to try.

2009 Jul 27
Dropped in here on a Sunday afternoon, as part of "discover the wines of Eastern Ontario" that "The Man" and I, along with another couple have undertook this summer.

The winery is just outside of Navan... follow Trimm Road thru town, turn right on Chemin Perrault and follow the signage to the Farm & Winery. The tasting room is located in the basement of a farmhouse around the side of the property (right alongside the vines).

For a small local operation, the tasting room is nicely set up and there is a bistro set consisting of a table and chairs just outside on the patio, if one wishes to sip while overlooking the vineyard and the fields that run down the slope towards Russell Road... have to admit a nice view.

We received a friendly greeting and were introduced to the 5 wines that Domaine Perrault currently has on offer... a Rose, 2 Whites, a Red and an Ice Wine.

I have to admit I went in expecting the worst... and was pleasantly surprised. To be sure some of these wines are still relatively young, but none were completely off-putting.

The Rose Marilys 2007 is a semi-dry wine, and would indeed be welcome at a summer BBQ. "The Man" liked it quite a bit right away... I was not so enthusiastic, wanting to reserve judgement on the tasting until we'd made our way thru the 5.

Next up, Two Whites... Zanibel 2007 a white blend more full bodied than their second offering Blanc Sec 2007 which was more acidic than the Zanibel and more refreshing... would probably be a good mate for spicy food (12% alcohol). The winery doesn't tell you what are in the white blends (they state because they are a young winery they are still in the experimental phases of finding which grapes grow best)... I personally liked the Blanc Sec the most because it was similar to wines like Riesling or Gewurtztraminer.

The fourth tasting was a Red meritage blend formulated and named for the Cabernet-Sauvignon-Merlot-Sabrevois 2007 from which it is made. We found the wine a bit thin yet... and given time (more old growth vines) this could indeed be a nice local red.

Last up, the Nectar des Neiges 2007 the winery's ice wine. This is a vidal based ice wine coming in at 10% alcohol. A nice "gentle" ice wine without the cloying sweetness that I have found in other Vidals out of Niagara for example.

In the end we purchased two bottles... the Blanc Sec and the Nectar des Neiges... todate we have opened neither... but will keep you posted when we do.