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Sunflower café opened in May 2008, serving breakfast, lunch and baked pastries. We serve Organic fair trade coffee and tea; promoting the use seasonal and local produces, when available, and always carry organic salad leaves, chemical free chicken and other organic choices.

Sunflower Cafe
Weekend Brunch at Sunflower Cafe
Weekend Brunch at Sunflower Cafe
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2011 Jul 20
New name...

Not sure if the ownership is the same. (edit)... after checking the website listed here, all it says is: "Sunflower Café is permanently closed - Thank you for your patronage!"

So I guess this would mean that it has changed hands?

Apparently it's a crepes place now? It's worth a try :)

2010 Nov 30
Went there for lunch today.
I had bought a coupon deal from groupon-it was for $20 of food for $10.
The girl working there was really confused about that and first thought it was for $10 of food, and it took a few minutes to correct her-but finally she did get that.

I had the skillet breakfast that had eggs in a tomato sauce- the sauce was nicely spicy.
the side dishes were a coleslaw type sale w mayo (hate mayo,but still tried it..was good), a small dish/salad with beans and lastly some cooked pieces of carrot and broccoli.
The carrot and broccoli did not really go as well for a salad type thing,but they did taste good.
Nothing "wrong" with broccoli and carrots- I did eat them :)
also, kind of glad they were cooked as i just had a wisdom tooth taken out today and can't eat that easily.

Guest had a quiche,I think it was spinach or broccoli-not too sure. There was another quiche that was tomato something-the crust was made with a philo pastry,so that was different.
I tried a small bite of the quiche and it was good.
Quiche also came with a salad that was some nice mxed greens. Salad was topped with pineapple and almonds. not sure what the dressing was as guest asked for no dressing.
Both meals came with a drink, so we had a coffee and a tea.
We also tried the muffins and they were carrot and pineapple today.
They were quite tasty and the girl there told us they were homemade and without preservatives.
The muffins did not look like the regular "grocery" store ones.
There were also some cookies for sale, and those looked good too.
Before any discounts bill was $23!

Service was quite quick and I would eat here again.

2010 Sep 19
Went to Sunflower Cafe this morning for brunch and had a wonderful experience! I highly recommend it, it's a true hidden gem. It has a few tables right outside in a shaded area and more upstairs overlooking Rideau St.

The windows let in a lot of light, the ambiance is warm, the people serving us were really nice and the breakfast was surely solid. For $9.50 you get your choice of eggs cooked in any number of ways with a variety of ingredients, served hot to your table and right in the skillet; three small salads (today we had coleslaw, eggplant, and mixed beans), hot crusty rolls and butter, olives, and your choice of a drink (coffee, tea or orange juice). You feel like you're in someone's home. And when we got up to pay the bill, there were no hidden charges or tips added as the previous reviewer alleged; we did leave 15 per cent behind of our own accord.

I'll definitely be back!

2010 Sep 12
Diamondsintherough, I agree it isn't very clear what New User 2542 is complaining about, but my best guess is that the restaurant added a tip to the bill automatically. Presumably, New User 2542 tipped on top of that value (unintentionally) and then discovered the fact later and was somewhat incensed by it.

Note: adding a tip to the bill is fairly common practice for large groups (6 or more seems to be the norm). Not sure if there were 6+ diners in New User 2542's case.

2010 Sep 12
I'm wondering what New User 2542 is trying to say as I didn't quite understand... Have seen Sunflower Cafe several times and would be interested in checking it out for breakfast sometime...

2010 Sep 12
check the bill. They already charged tip. Server and owner(i think)were way too nice and kind. When i check the receipt in the car.......never again.
Food wasn't that bad but Be honest...



2009 Apr 25
My friend ordered the home-style omelet souffle style.

2009 Apr 25
Had brunch here,and it was really good. Basicly their breakfast is eggs cooked in the oven on an iron skillet prepared 3 ways, Israeli style. You get some really good side salads, hot bread with different spreads, olives and coffee for around 10 bucks.

I went with the Mediterranean style prepared with peppers and tomatoes, could have used more spice but it was really good. I'm definitely going back!