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In Victorian times a Restaurant was referred to as an "Eating House" where patrons would refresh themselves while on a journey. Gad's Hill Place provides Victoria charm and character in a casual setting.

Gad's Hill Place is named after Dickens' most beloved home in Kent, England. In Merrickville, Gad's Hill Place Eating House is located in one of the town's oldest buildings. The Dining Room is in the original structure (C. 1830). The L-shaped area that houses the Dickens' Den Lounge / Pub, washrooms and kitchen was added in 1856.

Gad's Hill Place also features regular Dinner Theatre, Readings and other Entertainment. (compiled from

118 St Lawrence Street
Merrickville, ON
(613) 269-2976

Foods from Gads Hill Place


2011 Dec 10
Ate here with my wife and the in-laws. I ordered the mulligatawny (described as hearty soup with lamb and rice) and the Alfred Dingle (prime rib with swiss cheese) sandwich.

The mulligatawny wasn't that hearty. The broth was slightly curried flavoured and thin with pieces of lamb, turnips, rice and bean. Nothing spectacular and rather pricey at 7 dollars for the portion.

The Alfred Dingle was tasty but unremarkable. It consists of slices of prime rib over a decent bun with melted swiss cheese. Comes with your choice of coleslaw or potato salad. I chose the potato salad, which was again tasty but unremarkable.

My wife ordered the sticky toffee pudding for dessert. The pudding was placed in a pool of caramel sauce with cream on top. This was pretty good but I am well known for my sweet tooth.

Overall, average food but at a high price point.