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2010 Feb 20
I picked up a few loaves of bread this morning, one of which was the chocolate cocoa chili loaf. Amazing! Would make an excellent French toast. The blue cheese and pear loaf is equally delicious.

2009 Oct 7
Hands down the best bread I have ever tasted in Ottawa, and as good as the best I have had anywhere else. Finally!!!

2009 Jun 29
Some friends gave me a loaf from here and I have to say it was the best bread I've eaten in Ottawa. Incredible texture not seen anywhere else. I think it was just regular white-bread sourdough, but I didn't buy it so I can't promise that. Anyway, I can't wait to go back for more.

2009 Jun 27
Had the fennel & date bread and a decadent bun... unreal. Some of the best bread in Ottawa. Great texture, taste, everything. Highly recommended.

2009 May 14
This is by far THE best bread in the city. I am admittedly a bread snob, I bake very good bread myself so I feel I can say this. The crust on the loaves is wonderful. Amazing what a wonderful steam oven can do for a loaf! Everything we have tried is great. I am partial to the Raisin Chai for breakfast... toasted, yum!

2009 May 7
Yes, consistently their balsamic mushroom fougasse is stellar and like the other commenter says you start with the intention of just having a portion to compliment a soup or salad and you wind up devouring it almost if not entirely. They have two other fougasse that I can't try as they have feta but my girlfriend raves and her coworkers send her home with orders so they're definitely doing something right with their savory breads.

Their nut bread I find really dense and not to my liking. Both their regular and kamut baguettes are above average -- but again trending towards denser than I like though I still go their equally as often as I do The French Baker in the Glebe.

2009 Apr 25
i bought a sourdough kamut and a fougasse with spinach, feta and garlic. i haven't tried the sourdough yet, but the fougasse was fantastic. i meant to only have a little taste and ate 3/4 of it. i couldn't stop. i would have eaten it in the other room to keep it from my husband if i could.

a great place, i will definitely go back.

2009 Mar 27
Though I've only just started eating bread again after 3 years, I've had enough recently to confidently note that True Loaf makes beautiful breads.
They Kamut loaf was beautiful with a slight hint of sourdough and complex wholegrain, nutty flavour, and was rolled in thousands of golden sesame seeds. The outside was crusty, but not so much that crumbs ended up everywhere, and the inside was soft and moist but not chewy.
The raisin chai loaf was similar in texture, but the hint of chai when combined with the raisins reminded me of hot-crossed buns... but I hate hot-crossed buns normally, which is why I was so impressed with this loaf.
The third was the Balsamic Mushroom fougasses. Oh man. This was one fabulous bread. The mushrooms were flavourful but not overly-so... and nor was the bread that hugged it plain and boring as one would expect. I didn't feel as though I needed to fight for the delicious mushrooms because the bread had been infused with the subtle flavour of the mushrooms. The texture of this loaf was not as nice as the other two, more dense and chewy, but I think that is just the nature of this kind of loaf. Besides, the taste more then made up for it. I'd eat the whole thing in a second if given the chance.

2009 Mar 15
After reading the Ottawa Citizen article I'm very excited to try this bread. If it's really as good as the best bread in Montreal then I can be less jealous of my brother and sister-in-law. :-)

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2009 Sep 1
If you haven't been to this bakery yet, you must go. I have had the fortune to try every type of bread and buns they offer and they are all wonderful. Their date/fennell bread is amazing as is the Chai spice. They close early though, and after 1 pm their bread (or what is left from the day) is available at the Red Table, next door which is also worth a try! I can also attest to their bread lasting for about a week.

2009 Aug 29
This sourdough miche is quite fantastic! An excellent chewy dark crust and a hearty, moist crumb. Very reminiscent of the dark loaves I enjoyed as a kid in Switzerland (albeit more tangy, since it's sourdough).

The entire giant loaf goes for $12, but they're happy to cut it in half ($6) or quarters ($3). The half loaf I purchased was already a day old, so the price was $5. The baker/cashier assured me that she keeps it for a whole week at home. I had the last bit just yesterday and I can safely say that it really does keep for a week!

I'm really keen to try more bread products from this excellent bakery! There was a steady stream of customers while I was there, but even so I think this is one of Ottawa's undiscovered gems.