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2012 Mar 25
I went to Thai coconut on Friday night pretty late (around 9pm). The owner was very sweet and did not seem at all put off at having us there so late in the evening.

We ordered green curry tofu, beef panang curry, pad thai with shrimp and chicken with pepper and garlic.

All of the dishes were quite tasty. I do have a couple of complaints. First, the green curry was chinese style, with cauliflower, broccoli and those mini corns in it. I am a more simple person and prefer to have my green curry with just the traditional eggplant, but that might be just me. I will say that none of the dishes had any sort of heat, most disappointing was the panang curry. It had good flavour, but no neat.. next time I will just ask for extra chili.

I am commenting mostly because I saw the previous post with the picture of the pad thai. Our pad thai, although delicious, was really red and super saucy, very different from the pad thai pictured. That makes me worry, as my number one pet peeve in a thai restaurant is that it is not consistent, but I will be definitely going again to see!

2012 Mar 24
For my mom's birthday we treated her (and ourselves) to a delightful variety from Thai Coconut. I also had a chance to try the buffet not long ago and I definitely ate my money's worth! Every dish here is flavourful and delicious, I've come to learn. Just wish it was closer to my office! Pictured, clockwise from top left, are: #17 - Pad Pak Ruam Mit (mixed veg in special sauce); #41 - PaNang (red curry chicken); #50 - Nuea Ta-Krai (lemongrass beef); #27 - Pad Preow Warn Goong (sweet and sour shrimp with veg); #33 Chicken Pad Thai.

2011 Jun 7
we had takeout from here. it was really yummy.

The veggie spring rolls came with a very tangy sweet sauce. The serving comes with 5 (odd number to share hehe) long and heavy springrolls. Delicious!

We had the lemongrass beef: crispy, spicy, dressed with fresh coriander, very edible.

I ordered some fried rice noodles, which in my head were supposed to be crispy noodles, but they were very tasty; with a fresh citrus and herbal flavour.

The tom yum soup was just ok, but we could've done without it. We ordered one just to try it and split it between the two of us.

Overall the taste was great, the food was piping hot even when we got home (a car ride away) and everything was neatly separated into containers. I ordered two orders of steamed rice which could have fed 4 starving university students.
did I mention the portions were huge? lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

The place is tucked away behind a residential building on prince of wales, just north of medowlands. You might think you're entering the back alley of the building but you're not!

2009 Dec 6
Great service, great food, and decent prices! I've ordered takeout and ate in a handful of times now - and I haven't been disappointed yet.
The curry chicken with shredded coconut has to be my favourite dish - and the portions are always more than enough. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if your in the area and love thai food

2009 Jan 8
Obi - They're located at 1390 Prince of Wales Drive on the bottom floor of Chateau Royale Professional Building. It's kind of an off-beat location. It used to be a Chinese restaurant called Oriental Palace and I suspect the same owners run Thai Coconut.

2009 Jan 8
where are they located?

2009 Jan 7
I have had take-out from this newish restaurant several times now, and it has been consistently very good. The lemongrass beef is very tasty and shredded into small bits which I like - makes each chew juicy and flavourful. The red curry chicken dish is quite good as well, though not very spicy, so now I always ask for extra heat (though they do not use that one-two-three chilis system like some places). The Tom Yum Goong was nice, lots of good stuff in it, though again not too spicy. What really sets Thai Coconut apart though, in my opinion is the portion size! The take out containers are full to the top with lots of meat and a hefty amount of sauce. Two dishes and two rice can easily make 3 heavy plates, for $30 taxes in on pick-up.