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2009 Jan 20
Hipfunkyfun, I certainly I was not trying to use the message board as a place for name-calling, I don't even know you. I was simply stating my opinion, which I still think is valid even if you don't.
I believe I already gave my review of the moonroom. Maybe it should have been more specific. The thing is, I have been there about 8 times now. I have never once had a bad time, nor have I thought there was anything wrong with the food. Personally I have never shared a plate at the MR, and would not be surprised if a $5 plate was not big enough for 2 people.
As Kay said, the staff always remember you, are on a first name basis with you, and think that's just great.
As for the food, I had the tuna sashimi last saturday and it was awesome. Albacore tuna supplied by whalesbone. Other dishes I have had are the pate, the sausage pot, the moonboard,the beef tartare and various cheeses.
And Hipfunkyfun, please dont take this personally, but just so people who do not live in your area know; The rochester pub is a falling down dump. If your pints are cheaper there, you know why.

2009 Jan 20
I was at the Moonroom for the first time last Friday with a group of friends. They went for eats and drinks after work, I joined them later in the evening.

As has been stated previously, this is a lounge with some very yummy nibbly foods. No big portions. Everything is made off-site at Trio and warmed up on-site in a hot-water bath, so hot dishes are often served in low mason jars. It's not a restaurant. Manage your expectations.

It's got a good vibe. Great music. It's small and narrow, which means it doesn't take many patrons for it to feel busy. The decor is casual / funky / eclectic. Nice selection of regional beer on tap (including Beau's). Didn't try any wine on this trip.

I got the peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding - judging by how I got busted running my finger around the inside of the jar to get the last little bits, It was good.

The Moonroom is very reminiscent of Trio - the owner's other location. I'm looking forward to the summer when the windows can be open. I hope they are able to use the back area as a courtyard/patio...

2009 Jan 20
thank you itchy feet. i feel it is just as valid as when a husband or wife posts a review based on their SO experience, when they weren't there themselves. i do not think the message board should be used to personally name-call one another.

jane-buck, i would love to read a review of the restaurant from your experience. capturing the nuances of your experience are what will drive people to try a new place.

2009 Jan 19
next morning edit: since no-one's posted over my earlier reply, i've deleted what was a somewhat irrelevant (and fueled by a basmatti rice glow) digression on my main point, namely that it seems perfectly valid to draw on other people's experiences (negative or positive). But, this is just an opinion, and as such, not necessarily more or less valid than Jane-Buck's own perspective ... just different.

anyhoo, looking forward to more Moonroom reviews and hopefully trying it myself in the not distant future.

2009 Jan 19
i agree with Jane-Buck...the moon room rocks! I've been twice and each time i've always had great food and service. The girls who work there always remember who we are. Last week I had the Organic Pork tourtier..it was so good. It was served on the plank with molasses and grainy dijon and my dining partner, had the moon board and the sausage hot pot. We both really enjoyed the food and wine. We also had the chocolate bread pudding with salted caramel on top..i can't wait to go back.

2009 Jan 19
I just don't find it appropriate. A review should be of one own experiences.
Saying negative things about a place, when you yourself did not experience it just doesn't seem right to me.
Just my opinion.

2009 Jan 19
just curious, Jane-Buck, what's strange or tacky about drawing on friend's opinions / experiences? doesn't that help expand on / temper one's own perceptions?

2009 Jan 19
I LOVE the moonroom. The decor is funky, the service is awesome, and the food is yummy. What some people dont seem to understand though, and that the Moonroom is not a "restaurant", it is a bar/lounge with food. There are no apps or mains, just a handful of yummy small plates. Its a great place hang out with friends, drink and eat good food (instead of the usual pub fare).

I find it kinda strange that Hipfunkyfun has posted a review based on her friends experiences. If her friend want to review the moonroom she can join ottawafoodies and post it herself.
I find it pretty tacky to post a mostly negetive review that is based on hearsay.

2009 Jan 19
on my recommendation a friend went to the moonroom last week after work. she was on a date and they had decided they would share a bottle of wine and sample some cheeses. they were very disappointed with the food. the lower price range wines were sold out, so they were stuck with more expensive options (which started at $55 and a lot more than they felt comfortable spending at the time). they ordered a few types of cheese and the portions were extremely small. the moonroom board they shared had only 4 pickles, a tiny chunk of cheese and a few salami pieces, definitely not enough on the board for sharing. neither one of them wants to return.

it is a much different experience than i had. i do not know if the portion size of the food depends on who is behind the bar and serving it up. i will return to see if a second visit lives up to the first.

2009 Jan 7
my husband and i went here last night for our anniversary. we were the only people when we arrived, but by the time we had left it was fairly busy.

the restaurant is nice, though the seating was not entirely comfortable. the lighting was dim, which i didn't mind. the music was too loud - we were sitting in the front at the table closest to the bar and there was a speaker aimed right at us. my seat was against the wall and i found this comfortable, but the stool seating was not the best for a long evening. the seats are high, which i don't mind as i am tall. there is a jukebox, which is free and has a great selection of music. even though it was loud where we were sitting, we enjoyed all the songs.

the wine and beer list is really good. there are around 15 white and 15 red choices in 3oz, 5oz, 1/2 litre and bottles. we had a bottle of a red chilean wine. my husband picked it and it was $35. we were trying to decide between that a french syrah, so the waitress bought us a sample, which was very thoughtful. my first choice in red was a pino noir from new zealand, but it is no longer available. there is a beer list with around 6 microbrews on tap, plus another 6 available by bottle. pints of beer were $6.09 which is more than we pay for the same beer at our pub (rochester pub, microbrew pints are $4.91).

the food is tapas style and each serving was perfect for sharing between 2 people. we were very hungry when we arrived, so we tried a lot of plates. we were stuffed by the time we left and had definitely over-eated. there were around 8 offerings, plus a nice selection of individual cheeses and two dessert offerings. here is what we had:

cheese - served on a wooden board with carmelized onions, stonefruit compote and crustinis. the stonefruit was far too sweet, the onions fantastic:

sauvagine (quebec), soft cheese (30g) $5.
- delicious

le cendre (quebec), (30g) $6 - this is a hard cheese, described by the waitstaff as a layered cheese with the bottom layer the morning milk, layer vegetable ash, layer of evening milk. it was a nice mild cheese.
- lovely, though much improved with the onion topping, a little boring on its own.

moonroom board $8 - hard cheddar, two types of salami, cornichons, dijon, crustinis -> delicious and a good number of salami slices. the smaller salami was the favourite

warm roasted beet salad $9 - fantastic. wonderful. delicious. it was in a small mason jar with warm beets in a light dressing, topped with capriny chevre and peppery rocket. on the side were candied hazelnuts. i would go back just for a glass of wine and this salad.

olives $4 - a mason jar of herbed olives. good and salty, but we couldn't finish them.

sausage pot $5 - a small mason jar of sausage, topped with apple slices and cheese, warmed up and then the cheese was toasted. my husband had this and really enjoyed it.

my husband had a 1/2 pint of st.ambroise oatmeal stout $4.25

smores for grown ups $6 - this was rich and decadent. a graham crust, with a chocolate mousse, covered in warm melted chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallow fluff. i was so full, that i couldn't finish it. the waitress offered to take it away and bring it back in 10 minutes, which was really cute.

total with 15% tip was around $115

the only thing i wish there had been, was some fresh bread. the only option was crustinis, which were tasty, but i wanted soft bread to sop up the wonderful sauces and dressings. maybe that is just my bad habit though?

there were two waitstaff working and both served us. they were very helpful and answered all our questions, and made good recommendations.

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