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The chicken is quite large, the bbq sauce is nice and tangy. Good deals on pick-up on Tuesdays.

Locations in Hull on St-Joseph, on Greber in Gatineau and one on Maloney in Gatineau that has a drive through.

Foods from Au Coq

2011 Jul 3
I often visit Au Coq (on St-Joseph), they are my default choice if I need to get a take-out dinner fast after work. If you go with the "Choix du Chef" (times however many people you are), you will walk out of the restaurant with your food less than 5 minutes later, and it's cheaper than most fast food "burger combos".

"Choix du Chef" usually ends up being a leg (with fries, bread, sauce and coleslaw), but is cheaper than a leg. And sometimes you get a breast.

The chicken is good, the fries are pretty tasteless but useful to eat the sauce ;-)

2011 Jul 2
Spot on review.

The chicken is very good but the sauce is better.

Everything else at Au Coq (curly fries included) is weak.

If only one could mix and match Au Coq Chicken and Sauce with Swiss Chalet fries.

2011 Jul 2
I had to try this place as I keep seeing their cute little delivery cars all over Alymer everytime I'm there.

My boyfriend said "it sucks" when I asked about it, but I had to try for myself.

I didn't think it sucked at all. I tried the St Joseph location. I got a breast/wing cut with fries, bun, sauce, coleslaw and a drink (coke products). The chicken, I thought, was amazing and far better than what I'd received from Swiss Chalet on my last trip. I was amazed at how much meat I got.

The sauce was actually good. I hate the Swiss Chalet sauce. I think it tastes like some sort of watered down ketchup/gravy concoction. This sauce actually had some flavor.

The fries definately "sucked." Crinkle fries. I don't know why, maybe because they are guarenteed to be frozen but crinkle fries always seem to suck.

I thought the coleslaw was very good.

The bun was a half grilled hamburger bun. Uninspired.

I was happy had coke products- just my personal preference.

Overall, not bad for $9 +chanage (after taxes).