Foods from Acorn Creek Garden Farm

2011 Aug 12
Reliably some of the best veg in town. Still drooling over some multicoloured carrots we got here last summer...

Preserves are highly recommended -- the peach jam never made it to bread; I think I ate it entirely with a spoon.

The "MelonFest & Pepper Pow. Wow!" is surprisingly busy -- if that is your only trip to Acorn Creek, do know that it is normally nothing like it is on the melon/pepper day. Do be aware that there may be quite a jump in pepper heat from one to the next when pepper-sampling...

I did not make it to Acorn Creek this year for plants, and my garden is much worse off for it. They have wonderful varieties of veg, and everything I took home thrived.

Owners are _very_ knowledgeable about what they're selling, and definitely have a good selection of things you won't find elsewhere. Well worth the drive, especially if also stopping at "The Sweet Potato."

2010 Jun 11
An FYI for all you folks using Twitter. Acorn Creek Garden Farm is now Tweeting updates from the Farm @AcornCreek. Regular updates will include what produce is currently available.

Disclosure: I know Andy and Cindy personally.


2011 Jul 10
The bagged greens here at Acorn Creek Farm(available at the farm, The Carp Farmers Market and Lansdowne Farmers Market) are really good. They contain many lettuce types and sometimes edible flowers, they are triple washed. A bag makes several salads for 2 and it seems to last the whole week until I can buy another one. Not cheap at $9.75, but well worth the money.