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Satay Soup at Fuschian Vietnamese
Lemongrass Beef at Fuschian Vietnamese
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Fuschian Vietnamese
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Fuschian Vietnamese
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2010 Oct 27
They're open again! Went today and it was wonderful - as usual.

2010 Sep 7
i'm so happy to hear nobody was hurt, i hope ann and her husband are able to open up again soon..both for them and for the people who go there all the time. i love this place, it's my favorite in the neighborhood and can't recommend it enough. the hot and sour soups, bun, coconut cream daily dessert, and so many other dishes are delicious, generous, and cheap.
don't miss out on the lemongrass chicken or the peanutty grilled shrimp that's served on the bun.

2010 Sep 6
Fuschian may be closed for a while as a result of the fire that broke out in their kitchen yesterday:

2010 Jun 3
We have been coming here almost weekly since it opened. We especially like the Thai hot and sour soups although we like everything that we have tried here. I think the Pad Thai is the best I've ever had anywhere. The ingredients are always super fresh and the food comes to your table steaming hot. I'm sorry to read that a couple of people had negative experiences. Maybe you should give them another try?

2010 Mar 16
I've been there once, tempted by the delicious-looking sample platter picture posted here. While the pricing was decent, the food was bland and monotone. Definitely will not be back.

2010 Jan 17

I took my spouse out for some nice soup and as it was our 5th anniversary and we have a habit of trying a new place each year, we crossed Fuschian (my wife had wanted to get a nice soup at Ben Ben but i convinced her to try this place).

We walked in (where Mee Fung used to be) and found it odd that the place was empty at 12:30 on a saturday. My wife asked if i was sure about this and said that i wanted to give it a try.

It was not a big place but the decor was nice and we liked the newpaper reviews inside.

The server seated us and brought us tea.

There were menus posted but when i asked to give a bit more detail, the young lady just read back what was written (spoke very good english).

My wife opted for a pork wonton egg noodle soup as her meal and asked if she could get extra veggies in there, we got a very puzzled look, to which she explained that she liked a lot of veggies and would gladly pay extra for it.

I chose the entree soup of wonton and a pad thai for main.

I got my soup (entree) about 20 minutes later at the same time as my spouses meal.

The soup broth was more like hot water that they had mixed with some animal fat. It was bland and greasy.

Comparing with the other places in chinatown that serves soup, the portions were ridiculously small and quite expensive for what we got.

The extra portion of veggies was a joke and the chinese greens in the soup were far from fresh (black spots all over). The wontons were hard and tasted the frozen crappy ones you may find in the frozen section of your grocery store.

The sauce for my Pad Thai tasted like ketchup, thats right, i said ketchup. The Pad Thai itself was passable but nothing that you cant get at the Asiatic fast food places you find in the malls.

There were 2 others couples that came in while we were eating (non-asian)and when they sampled the food, we overheard the comments disgusting, lack of taste and a few others. I think we were the only ones to finish our plates (mainly because we were hungry and were going to see Avatar after).

We were happy just to get out of there.

Please, do your self a favor and dont eat there and always, always listen to your wifes intuition.

2009 Nov 26
I ate here for the first time last week, bringing a friend who doesn't typically eat Vietnamese food.

I got one of the vermicelli bowls with chicken, springrolls, AND shrimp paste on sugarcane. Mmm mmm! Nice big hearty portion and I paid just $10 for it. The chicken was FANTASTIC. I find a lot of places advertise meats with lemongrass, but I hardly ever taste it. This was just the regular chicken and the lemongrass flavour really shone through. The springrolls were great (not too greasy and delicious filling) and the shrimp on sugarcane was nicely flavoured.

Service was friendly and fast and there were quite a few tables on a rainy Sunday night.

This is definitely going to become my new go-to place!

Next time I'll go with a bigger appetite and destroy that delicious looking sampler platter!

2009 Oct 22
This is by far my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Ottawa. The entire experience from start to finish leaves me completely satisfied. Their dishes have tons of flavour, the price is more than right and the service, exceptional. I feel like I'm at a friends place for dinner they are so happy to have us there.

Of course I went with my usual, rice paper shrimp wraps with peanut sauce. Always fresh, always perfectly done. And Vermicelli with tasty meatballs and crispy spring rolls.

Tonight my husband went for the pho. Also a great choice.

It took me a while to warm up to this place after the loss of Cam Kong. But this past year they've officially become my second home again. I'm really not sure how else to describe this place except that it is perfect.

2009 Aug 22
if you think vietnamese MSG pho soup is the real shizzle, you'll be trumped by the home sampler platter @ fuschian. 16 bones cheap. me love you long time.

2008 May 16
was a frequent diner at Cam Kong and tried the new place - the menu is smaller (not a bad thing).
The food is FRESH and very good. The fish sauce had the chili pepper flakes in it (that is the part that I think makes the sauce so good). I had the salad shirmp rolls and they were very good as was the peanut sauce. I ordered a bun - excellent. Quick service and very friendly. The prices were on par to CamK. I will go back!

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2011 Oct 9
These were quite small, tasty, and satisfyingly oily in that great Vietnamese way!

2011 Oct 9
After Anne DesBrisay raved about the Satay Noodle Soup last month ( I knew what I was ordering here! However, after asking the server/owner for her opinion, I opted for the beef rather than the chicken.

This is a rich and delicious soup! Not quite as rich or spicy as the Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro, but I found the Fuschian Vietnamese version to be easier to enjoy. This is very peanutty and stocked with a generous amount of beef and noodles.

2011 Oct 9
Very fresh (made to order) and containing a generous amount of shrimp. The peanut sauce is more peanutty and less hoisin-y than usual -- not a bad thing!

2011 Oct 9
My wife found the beef to be a little sweeter than what you get at other restaurants. I tasted it and agreed, but I didn't mind it at all. Very nice salady components in this dish!