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Satay Soup at Fuschian Vietnamese
Lemongrass Beef at Fuschian Vietnamese
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Fuschian Vietnamese
Spring Rolls at Fuschian Vietnamese
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Fuschian Vietnamese
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2014 Feb 23
For those of you who are interested, I spoke with An tonight. Tom is working in a non-Asian restaurant right now and while they would like to open another restaurant, they are just in the "talking it over" stage. She will let me know if they decide to do so.

2013 Oct 24
I was wondering the same thing. I called them and left a message for An to call me. I'm not sure if they are even in Canada right now as they were planning a big trip to Asia after closing the restaurant. However, if and when I hear from them I will post here.

2013 Oct 23
Has anyone heard if they have opened a new restaurant?? I'm missing their delicious dishes...

2013 Apr 21
They closed last night. We had to go one last time for their satay noodle soup. Hopefully they will be back soon and so will that soup.

2013 Apr 18
Note to all Fuscian fans - they will be closing at the end of the week. Tom an An have sold the business and he plans on taking a couple of months off and then will be looking to possibly open another restaurant.

2011 Oct 9
We visited with the kids for an impromptu early supper today. The server/owner is wonderfully gracious, with a sincerity to her manner that is a pleasure to behold. The menu covers a wide range of tastes without having too many choices. Food value was excellent -- kudos for having $2 bowls of pork wonton and vegetable soup up on the specials board!

My kids each had a small bowl of Shrimp Dumpling Soup ($3.95), which consisted of a flavourful mild broth, 5 high quality shrimp dumplings, and some shredded Nappa cabbage. Along with some spring rolls, these were perfect for 7 year-old appetites.

They are very attentive here! Knowing that our kids would be eating some of the spring rolls, they skipped the chilis in the dipping sauce. They also asked if the usual shake of black pepper in the middle of their shrimp dumpling soups would be a problem.

I'm looking forward to my next visit already. :-)

2011 Sep 3
Just went there today for lunch. We tried their seasonal specials Mango Salad and Watermellon Shake. The salad was garnished withn pieces of grilled chicken, slices of mangoes, cucumber, lettuce etc. topped with a tangy sauce - a very refreshing dish. The watermellon shake was made from mellon so sweet! As usual, the quality of is excellent and consistent - their stir fired seafood egg noodles are our favorites. Highly recommended to fellow foodies.

2011 Feb 9
Fuschian is a lovely place with a unique atmosphere. The food is fresh and always comes to the table hot. Personal favourites include the spring rolls, grilled skewers and pad thai! It's unfortunate to hear that there have been some negative experiences, however it's been a year-- and as a previous commenter mentioned.. maybe give them another try?

2011 Feb 2
Wonderful friendly service given by this
lovely couple. Rated as one of the top
oriental places in Ottawa by the Ottawa
Citizen, well deserved. Try the shrimpballs
in your soup/ best in the city. Plenty of great tea included free with your meal. The
desserts are unique and great for only $2.50.
The chef will prepare meals to your taste.
Great service and great value/ closed mondays
but open 6 days a week

2010 Oct 27
They're open again! Went today and it was wonderful - as usual.


2011 Oct 9
These were quite small, tasty, and satisfyingly oily in that great Vietnamese way!

2011 Oct 9
After Anne DesBrisay raved about the Satay Noodle Soup last month ( I knew what I was ordering here! However, after asking the server/owner for her opinion, I opted for the beef rather than the chicken.

This is a rich and delicious soup! Not quite as rich or spicy as the Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro, but I found the Fuschian Vietnamese version to be easier to enjoy. This is very peanutty and stocked with a generous amount of beef and noodles.

2011 Oct 9
Very fresh (made to order) and containing a generous amount of shrimp. The peanut sauce is more peanutty and less hoisin-y than usual -- not a bad thing!

2011 Oct 9
My wife found the beef to be a little sweeter than what you get at other restaurants. I tasted it and agreed, but I didn't mind it at all. Very nice salady components in this dish!