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1542 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z4
Telephone : 613-523-9595

"NAPO Farm to Table Italian Cuisine is the first Italian restaurant with a focus on seasonal, local organic ingredients. An advocate for the Slow Food Movement and a commitment to the environment combined with an unparalleled passion for food and wine, with an owner in the store philosophy."

Foods from NAPO Farm to Table Italian Cuisine

2012 Jul 15
I agree it was a horrible location. Too bad the recession took it toll on a pretty good concept, i think some people confuse management and cash flow as one in the same you can be the best manager in the world but if you lack the funds to keep going it isn't going to work. I remember waiting at the bar for an hour for a table on more then one occasion and sitting down for a great meal with the owner serving me (you don't get better then that). i returned a few times before it closed and the food and service had actually gotten better but was empty

2010 Nov 19
This location is brutal - three different attempts (Ethiopian, Lebanese, slo-Italian) in six years? More?

I give people credit for trying but ouch!

2010 Aug 19
Don't think it would matter. Although I would imagine a supplier wouldn't be so upset about wasting hard work. The vision for the restaurant was good.. just very poorly managed and the closure, for that reason, very much deserved.

2010 Jun 25
So... are you a supplier or an employee? :)

2010 Jun 25
Napo closed because the owner didn't pay suppliers or employees. So it's not so unfortunate as there are already plenty of people out of a lot of money and there would be more if it didn't close down. Good riddance to bad rubbish if you ask me.. I'll likely never see my hard work translate into a dime!

2010 May 25
Unfortunately Napo closed. Too bad!

2009 Mar 28
I love this restaurant. The food is amazing. The gnocchi is perfect! I find the price to be very reasonable for the quality of the food. That said the decor needs work. They could really use a bit of a makeover. However the ugly decor will not keep me away because the food is great.

2009 Feb 24
Went here for romantic dinner. Food was top notch, chef made a puttanesca for my husband (was on menu of web site but had been taken off) and I had a pasta with pork cheeks that was really lovely. The amuse bouche at the beginning was delightful. Service was fine but overextended (surprisingly full on a blustery Tuesday night). Atmosphere doesn't do the food justice, missing a level of attention (fiddling with lighting, cheap decor) that I assume is all spent on the food. Price reasonable for this kind of place.

This is a place for foodies, not people looking for a bargain (or appetizers that serve two!)

2009 Jan 17
I went here two Fridays ago after making a reservation on line 45 minutes before arriving.
I'v heard the ads on Live 88.5 for this restaurant so I gave it a go. Other tast bud challenged reviewers from Ottawa give this place rave reviews. I had the elk ravioli. It tasted like stewed beef with no flavor with carrots mixed in. It was one large ravioli more like a Jamacain roti than ravioli but had no real flavor. Did the chef forget about Italian herbs? We had the prosciutto appatizer. I'm used to an appatizer being for two people but this was for a child more of like a peice of art work. I left this restaurant hungy after spending $90 on dinner for two. I don't mind expensive eats but I expect to be full and not just a plate worthy of a picture. Service was also bad having to wait an hour for our meal. I can leave this place for the rolex mercedes crowd.

2008 Dec 11
Hello All,

Just got back from lunch today. After reading all those great posts and the review from the Citizen I had high expectations. But I found it disappointing. The service was very slow and the waitress seemed very hurried and harried. I am willing to overlook so-so service if the food is great but...

I had a minestrone soup which was not much better than something out of a can. For the main I had the pasta with sun dried tomatoes, chicken and goats cheese. The pasta was overcooked and they were very skimpy with the chicken and sun dried tomatoes.

I don't know if they were just having an off day or if I ordered the wrong dishes but it was nothing special. However since the concept is great, I will try again and hope that today was really just an off day.




2009 Jun 12
Hot home made Focaccia with two types of organic olive oils....YUM!