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2009 Jun 14
F.Y.I. - They no longer serve anything from the L section on the menu (i.e. Vietnamese Pho).


2009 May 16
not bad
not bad at all
and they deliver

bun was good, would prefer more herbs
spring rolls were better than average says my better half
pho's pretty good

definitely a spot to go after a night of imbibing and not having to stick to dreadful pub food

2009 Feb 26
After Mr. Pho Fusion, we were expecting another flash-in-the-pan type of place. We were very pleasantly surprised by Lemon Grass!

Had dinner here not long ago with another couple. The decor is really nice on the inside, despite the tacky signage on the outside. It appeared very much to be a "date restaurant" with dim lighting and pleasant music to boot.

We split two order of spring rolls which, while they were good but not great, came piping hot and with a very yummy dipping sauce.

BF and I had the vegetarian pad thai and beef in green curry with bamboo shoots. Both were delicious, (although I cringe at baby corn in the pad thai...because I cring at baby corn!) but the beef in green curry was really wonderful. I ending up eating some of the leftover sauce with a spoon.

Our friends also had pad thai with a dish of pork and eggplant and sweet basil, which they assured us was great.

We finished off with lemongrass tea and banana tempura that was dusted in cinnamon sugar - yum!!

Ignore the signage and try it!

2009 Feb 4
i walk by this place twice daily (due to the OCtranspo thingie) and everytime I see it I wonder how long it will last

2009 Feb 4
Mr Pho Fusion has changed its name to Lemon Grass. They seem to have removed the Lebanese food from their menu but the phone number is still the same.

2008 Apr 15
This restaurant replaces the Shawarma King that used to be located on Elgin.

I started with the vegetable spring rolls, and bf had the vietnamese hot and sour shrimp soup. Both were quite tasty. Following this, I had the stir-fried with cashew nuts, carrot, shredded bamboo shoots, baby corn and water chestnuts and tofu for my protein choice. It was good, but nothing special. Bf had grilled marinated boof, spring roll grilled plate. He said that it was skimpy on the herbs and the meat wasn't the greatest quality. Better to go to chinatown for this kind of food.

Overall, it is a welcome option for late night food, but not the highest quality around.

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