On March Rd in Kanata. The Carling location closed January 2018.

Shawarma House
Shawarma at Shawarma House
Fried Chicken at Shawarma House
Fried Chicken at Shawarma House
Shawarma House
Shawarma at Shawarma House
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2017 Jan 18
Tried Shawarma House on Carling for the first time in years. I arrived to two men working there arguing in Arabic behind the cash and wasn't acknowledged for a few minutes. Got a small mixed sandwich (chicken and beef) and was handed it after paying without any kind of salutation. The poor service seems pretty consistent with the reviews on zomato. It's a solid backup if the lines are big at Shawarma Palace, but otherwise there is no reason to go here for a Shawarma.

2014 Jan 29
Finally tried it today (March Rd location). The portions are huge. I had the chicken shawarma platter and the chicken was succulent and tender. Their garlic sauce could be fluffier though. LIked the fact that there were 2 different kinds of rice. The salad was good as well with grated carrots. I still had enough leftovers for the next day. Initially I felt it was a little pricey at 14.95 including tax but the portion size more than makes it great value.
In all I would recommend the place.

2012 Aug 18
echoes of Fresh Foodie's shot from 4-some yrs ago, my photo speaks to the size of the portions SH (Kanata location) continues to dole out - in my case, $11 for a veg platter piled too high in its container to properly close the lid on. (for reference, photo is post-drive; i actually strip-mined a considerable number of cauliflower, pickles and other top-of-pile veggies on the drive home.)

Not a Lebanese-cuisine expert, i can't debate where SH sits in the city's constellation of middle-eastern eateries. Shawarma Palace (Carling) has been and remains my usual and trusted destination for Lebanese veg. platters, and while i wouldn't bypass it for the longer drive to Kanata, I did find S. House's version similarly ample, but also lighter, almost "cleaner" on the palette - in a good way. The salad was crisp and topped w/ fresh carrots, the usual pickles, etc. The grilled veggies retained their texture and distinct flavors (none were overly saturated in oil). The plate came w/ 2 types of rice, falafels, etc. All-in-all, even with its heft, the platter felt moderately healthy. (I probably didn't need to eat it all. note to self - go walk dog or something...)

Other notables: friendly service, there's ample seating and parking, and the washrooms are clean, inc. one that's wheelchair accessible.

2011 Nov 17
This place has either moved or expanded. There is a location with the same name in the Sobey's plaza on March Road. When I went at lunch there was a long line up. I just tried the small chicken shawarma and it was very good. The platters looked huge, similar to the photo from FF below. I'd recommend a visit for the Kanata crowd. They also had shredded beets on the shawarma which I don't see everywhere - very tasty.

2009 Apr 11
This place i advise everyone to not eat here , i had took my sister , and baby cusions to eat here
I had ordered for the kids burgers and fries first and formost the burgers were red and uncooked ! we had to ask them to recook it and the order was very slow lots of things were wrong with are food at the ending we all got very sick , One thing that aslo got me very angry was how slow the order was , Also another thing that got me angry was once a girl i know came in to the store and requested her order to be really quick being she was a diabetic and was about to pass out cause she had a low blood sugar the man there said he would be quick but he spoke with his friends and doubt with them first she was so angry and left to Shawarma palace across the street there food is so much better and they take in to consideration people health before anything else .

2008 May 13
Just grabbed some quick food for dinner here tonight, they no longer offer Lebanese pies (boo!), but they still offer rotisserie chicken & shawarma beef & chicken & falafel, etc. I had a beef shawarma sandwich, and my partner had falafel sandwich. I had the garlic potatoes and my SO had the fattoush. All of it was rather... unremarkable, unfortunately. The falafel had a very distinct, strong (cumin? cinnamon?), spice to it, which did not lend well to the overall flavour of the falafel. It was very unusual, as I've eaten a lot of falafel and none of them tasted this strongly spiced. My beef shawarma was very standard. They applied a lot of tahini to the sandwiches, which I appreciated. The fattoush was very bland, and the dressing had a very strong, almost artificial citrus/lemon flavour to it (!), the garlic potatoes were standard.


2013 Jul 31
This time the chicken had a thicker batter. It is quite reminiscent of the KFC "Extra Crispy" batter, only this one is crunchier, saltier, and has some spice to it. These chicken pieces are absolutely huge. I'm full with two and begging for mercy with three. (KFC I eat five pieces without any trouble.)

I called in my order this time. They said 20 minutes. I showed up after 25 and received my food at 35. I saw that to ensure freshness they didn't start cooking my fries until I showed up, so expect a 10 minute wait (this is a good thing!).

Massive fried chicken feast for under $10 including tax. Life is beautiful.

2013 Jun 3
That's right, fried chicken from a shawarma joint! While not broasted like the stuff at Zaki, this is excellent fried chicken.

The natural skin of the chicken provides a large part of the crunchy exterior. It crisps up like a sort of halal chicharrón. ;-) The seasoning is mostly salt. It is awesome but it will make you thirsty. The flesh inside is moist and flavourful. These are good chickens!

The nice, thin fries come with your choice of gravy or garlic sauce.

They suggest calling your order in ahead, but be warned they are running on Lebanese time. When I ordered my food I was told it would be ready in about 15 minutes. It ended up being 45. :D

Can't wait to go back and try their shawarma platter!


2013 Jul 31
Tried the "Mixed Plate" shawarma platter from here. It was very good, with most of the expected components. Like some other places, they use pickled red cabbage instead of pickled turnips. It's a little cheaper than Shawarma Palace on the next block, but I would also say it isn't quite as excellent.

A nice thing is that there is no extra charge to get half chicken and half beef. Recommended, but I will continue to come here mostly for the fried chicken!

2012 Apr 6
I ordered at 11.29 am . They told me that the food will be at your house 1pm BUT the food come at 2.03 pm with the chicken's box is opened. You can put your hand to touch the food. The chicken is cold. Not even warm even the fried. And i ask delivery guy. He said just cook it. I Ask him to touch if it hot I will take it if not I won't take it. He said ok you u do need it I take it back. He afraid to touch cause of he knew that it's cold and box stay opened. Finally no apologize and he take his cold food back.

2007 Nov 8
This was one of the better shawarma platters I've had. This was half beef and half chicken. Carefully assembled and easily sharable by two people.

Looking forward to trying more foods from this new restaurant. It's actually quite nicely set up for eat-in dining as well.