This vendor no longer exists!


South of W. Hunt Club Road, corner of Slack Road. Opened July 2007.

Phở at Lee Chee Viet Thai
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Lee Chee Viet Thai
Lee Chee Viet Thai
Foods from Lee Chee Viet Thai

2008 May 4
That's too bad. Nice people but everytime I did takeout there, the restaurant was completely empty.

Another restaurant victim of poor location I guess...

2008 May 2
I took a group of four to Lee Chee tonight to try it out after seeing it recommended here. Unfortunately it has been foreclosed for non payment of rent.

2008 Feb 15
Ordered some takeout from here tonight after seeing the recent reviews as it's only a 10 min drive from my place. The restaurant is small and unassuming, tucked away in a strip mall on Merivale at Slack just south of Hunt Club. Like the name suggests the menu offers a nice mix of both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

I played it safe by ordering spring rolls, summer rolls, and some pad thai. After anxiously waiting I drove to pickup my order to find a restaurant completely devoid of life. A friendly young boy greeted me and rang up my order which was just shy of $20 for all the above noted dishes.

Spring rolls were typical Viet style, small and crispy with pork and shrimp filling. I really liked the summer rolls which were extremely fresh - some places wrap them up in advance and it shows. Noticeably absent however, was lots of cilantro and mint. You cilantro haters would have loved these (haha see my 'Foods You Don't Like' thread in the forum). The peanut to hoisin ratio was much higher than in Fresh Foodie's pic too.

The main course of pad thai was great. Not too sweet, and not a hint of spiciness (which I like to be able to control with a little sriracha anyways). Nothing like the abomination they call Pad Thai at 'Hot Peppers'!

I'll be back to sample some more of their menu, for sure.

2007 Aug 20
I popped in for lunch here last week. I didn't try the Thai options, but opted for my Vietnamese favourites instead. Quality was very decent for this part of town but not really up to the flavours on Somerset.

LUVGoodFOOD, the distinction between rolls is that the "Spring" rolls are deep fried and are served with Nuoc Cham (fish/lime/chili/carrot sauce). The other rolls are named somewhat ambiguously "Shrimp Rolls" and "Chicken Rolls" but are actually Summer rolls (Goi Cuon). These are served with Nuoc Leo (hoisin/peanut sauce).

Service was very friendly, most of it done by a youth could have been the son of the owners. Nice airy dining room, cleaner than most other similar restaurants. I'm keen to go back and try the Thai menu.

2007 Jul 20
Ordered again tonight, and wanted to note that although on the menu there is no clear distinction between the rolls whether they are like the ones I pictured below with the clear wrappers, the ones we got today are deep fried. They were equally as tasty but you may need to enquire upon ordering because the menu doesn't state which ones are fried and which ones are not, and the first time they came with peanut satay dipping sauce and this time the fried ones came with what looked like a homemade (very good) dipping sauce kind of the sweet/sour clear with the carrot strips in.....

2007 Jul 15
This place seems to have replaced Berk's Lounge Berks Lounge -- too bad, I had been meaning to try it! Oh well, now I have a new place to try. :-)

2007 Jul 13
We ordered take-out from this new place tonight. We had the Pad Thai which was very very delicious. I've never really had thai food before so not sure how it should taste, but this sure tasted good. There was tiny bits of peanuts which made a nice crunch and wasn't too spicy.

We also had the pork rolls, I was niave I thought it would be the typical deep fried egg roll type, but it was the rice wrapper type, and you get a peanut dipping sauce which was very great tasting, a bit of heat but not too much. A nice balance of flavours in the rolls.

Last thing was Marinated chicken sateed in satay sauce, it was a bit hot not too bad. with the sticky rice (jasmine) on the side and vegies. Very tasty. I liked the pad thai a bit better and would get that next time instead of this one.

We were happy cause we worry about trying new places...because we hate having our 'treat' nights ruined by bad food, so we were very happy.

2007 Aug 20
I had the Pho (one size fits all), P7 Special Combo: Beef Rare, Well Done and Beef Balls.

Broth was good but very mild. Meat was fine. Noodles slightly overdone. It was a decent bowl of soup and I'd have it again, especially because this place is pretty close to my work.


2008 Feb 15
The summer rolls here were extremely fresh - some places wrap them up in advance and it shows.

I think FF's comment of 'not full of flavour' can be attributed to the noticeably absent mint and/or cilantro (which some people may like)

Note my peanut sauce was much higher on the peanut:hoisin ratio as well

2007 Aug 20
Extremely fresh (made to order for sure), a good amount of shrimp, but somehow not full of flavour. The sauce was heavy on hoisin and low on peanut. Recommended? Sure, but I'm not raving about them. :)


2008 Feb 15
Not too sweet, and not a hint of spiciness (which I like to be able to control with a little sriracha anyways). Definitely recommended.

2008 Feb 15
The pad thai is very tasty (you need to add a little chili sauce). Our server, presumably the owner, warned us that his pad thai is not sweet "like in other restaurants." I was quite happy about that and enjoyed it very much. The egg was unusually tasty, which was reminiscent of some of the dishes at Sweet Basil.

He tried to push us to try a different menu item "T6. Lee Chee's NOODLE" simply because *everybody* orders Pad Thai and he wants people to try something else. Since I hadn't tried the Pad Thai here yet I held firm. Highly recommended, especially if you prefer your Pad Thai without ketchup.


2008 Feb 15
Typical Viet style, very small and crispy with pork and shrimp filling. Good flavour...

2008 Feb 15
Very good shrimp spring rolls! A tad on the small side but hey, quality over quantity. ;-)