Just opened June 21, 2007 at 49 Beechwood Ave! Fresh homeade pasta and sauces, deli style sandwiches, homeade pizzas, take-home meals, bread, bottled and dried goods. I could list off what they have with the take home menu but the website is exactly the same at www.arturosmarket.com.

Fresh Pasta at Arturo's Market
Sandwiches at Arturo's Market
Foods from Arturo's Market

2012 Oct 15
Have visited here a few times for lunch and have always left very satisfied. It is a smallish restaurant with an open kitchen and seating for about 30. In addition to the eat-in menu, they have a small take-out counter where you can get pasta and sauces. The last time I visited I noticed their blackboard indicates they also do some catering.

They offer quite a large range of pizzas but we selected from the hot sandwich, panni and “special” sections of the menu. Except for the special you had your choice of soup, garden or caesar salad with each meal:
- meatball hot sandwich which had several meatballs covered with tomato sauce loaded onto a bun with mozzarella cheese grated on top. Although I would have preferred pasta instead of the bun, the dish was still very good. The garden side salad was a decent size
- grilled veggie panni ordered with soup – included roasted zucchini, eggplant, red peppers, goat cheese & olive tapnade – the person who had this was still talking about how delicious it was the next day
- one the specials – spaghetti bolognaise which was described as fresh and flavourful

With its casual atmosphere, this place is perfect for a laid-back, great tasting meal.

2008 Mar 19
This place is a gem. Small, plucky business that deserves to be supported.

Fresh pasta and sauces--excellent pizza (not typical greasy/soggy you get at these prices). Small gourmet grocery selection.

Prepared meals that are very good. Always a whole wheat fresh pasta available--VERY well done.

We get takeout from here once a week now and have had them cater a large party.

Prices are excellent, and the enthusiasm is winning. We need more places like this in our little community and across the area. Worth a trip out of your way to visit.

2007 Jun 29
I just visited this little Italian market for the first time today and was very impressed! Had one of their deli sandwiches to go - the staff were very friendly and accommodating - asked for no tomatoes and they made sure! I took a look around - there are some chairs and tables to sit and enjoy your fresh lunch - I like the look of it very much and will be returning! They do custom catering - and the prices are decent...nothing too expensive! The gourmet pizza sounded delicious! I hope they do well - I will certainly be telling people about Arturo's Market.

2007 Jun 22
I was happy to see today that this place has finally opened....well, maybe finally is the wrong word since it only took him 6 1/2 weeks to renovate a clothing store to this! He just opened yesterday and it seems a little bare yet. In house fresh pasta with the pasta machine behind the counter and a pizza oven too. Can't wait to see it in full swing, which I am confident he will have no problem getting busy in this area.


2007 Sep 1
Fresh (bought frozen) ravioli from Arturo's. Wow, this was really, really good! Stuffed with cheese and had a nice peppery bite to it. I cooked it right from frozen for about 5 min. but could've used maybe one min. more. Just checked the bag and it said 10-15 min. but I would think that would've been too long. 1 kg bag for $9.99. Can't wait to have the rest!

2007 Jul 3
Picked up some fresh spaghetti here last week. It was more in the shape of linguine but no matter. Choice of either whole wheat or white....we got the whole wheat and it was really, really yummy. I got enough for 4 people and it came to only $4.36!! I couldn't believe how cheap it was....but then again, I've never bought any fresh pasta before. We are definitely buying pasta from here again the next time we want to eat pasta!



2007 Jul 28
This is the veggie sandwich I had for lunch today. Roasted red pepper, artichoke, spicy eggplant, choice of cheese (havarti, mozzarella...that's as far as he got before I blurted HAVARTI), lettuce, mayo, mustard, salt & pepper, tomato, and choice of white or whole wheat bun.
Ummmm....too much bottled items in one sandwich for me, red pepper, artichoke, and spicy eggplant, which sort of made it soggy. The bun was fresh and soft. I guess no sandwich, as of yet for me, will live up to Dirienzo's! :(