Been-there-forever rural general store; dry goods, bakery, deli, and knick-knackery. On the main street through Pakenham.

Pakenham General Store
Pakenham General Store
Foods from Pakenham General Store

2009 Feb 9
I love this place!! The date squares are amazing! They have the most bad as# meat slicer around as well. The cinnamon buns are great too.

2007 May 22
I'm now living within walking distance of this place, so am pretty biased, but. It's well worth a stop for day-tripping foodies.


Bakery goodies. Apart from some good breads, there're sticky buns, cookies (chewy and large), butter tarts, etc, etc; all highly recommended.

A little deli. The cheese, from a little Ontario producer whose name escapes me right now, is excellent. The deli-salad-standards are surprisingly good.

Eggs. Oddly enough. See separate entry. Get the eggs.

Plus local goodies; jarred what-nots, and some frozen entrées from -- have tried veg lasagna; good, very rich and creamy. My 2nd-last visit found ramps, aka wild leeks, for sale.

(Apologies for the blah stolen pic.)


2007 May 22
Eggs here are from the Bekings Poultry Farm
(Oxford Station, Ont)-- "All hens roam free. Wholesome all natural eggs from healthy grain fed chickens. Eggs the way they're supposed to taste."

Much better than a city supermarket egg, but without the hassle of tracking down a faded "Eggs for sale" sign at the end of a dusty gravel road. They're so stunningly fresh and tasty that poaching them is an entirely different thing from poaching the more easily found sort of egg. I am no egg expert, but these really do stand out.

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2015 Jul 19
I tried the famous sticky (cinnamon) buns from here and they were really quite good. The sticky part is almost toffee-like in consistency. I also picked up some butter tarts: pecan butter tarts and maple butter tarts. Both were of excellent quality, but the maple ones stood out for me. I'll make a point of picking some up whenever I pass through Pakenham!