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2016 Jun 20
They now have a store in the Bayshore Shopping Centre.

2014 May 8
Just visited the Manotick Location for the first time.

What a great store, in addition to my Death Chips, large bottles of Garlic and Habenero Tabasco, I got some Jolokia Ketchup, Some Great Piri Piri, and a great little sauce made out of Blood Oranges and Scorpion Peppers.

The owner has a tasting fridge filled with every kind of hot sauce imaginable.

He had a limited release bottle of a sauce made by the Inventor? (Probably the incorrect term) of the Carolina Reaper pepper. Got it at an event in Manhattan, it's not even FDA approved.

Anyways, great store and any lovers of heat should make the trip out to Manotick to check him out.

2012 Aug 21
On Sunday I stopped in at Chilly Chiles in Manotick. The new owner told me he purchased the entire business including contact lists, inventory etc. The store is much larger than was the one in Navan and, I think, will appeal to more people due to a greater variety of items. Not everything is scorching hot. One thing I did not see were the dried peppers that the shop in Navan carried, but then, I wasn't specifically looking for them so maybe I just didn't see them.

2012 Jul 8
Chilly Chiles Manotick, although not officially open yet, is letting customers in to browse and purchase their favorites....yes!!! I was there yesterday and picked up my favorite Toad Sweat dessert Sauce....needed to add some heat to my ice cream;) Great new spot! Excited to have you back!!

2012 Jun 17
Just noticed yesterday: a "Coming soon: Chilly Chiles" sign on Manotick Main St. Looks like they are moving in next to La Piazza.

2012 Apr 29
HOWEVER! ... the website says that they are changing management and location, so look forward to that!

They are not closing for good, just for the changeover.


2012 Apr 27
As i am sure most of you know, Chili Chiles is closed. I went by and saw it for myself.

2011 Aug 14
Thanks Happy Mouth, seems to be working now, I guess I was trying to access, and also I didn't notice link under (website) :)

2011 Aug 13
This link works as far as I know the location in Navan is open.

2011 Aug 13
Hello all,

I hope someone could answer this for me...Are they still in business?

I stumbled upon their Sussex St location years ago when I lived here, and then I moved away, but now that I'm back in town, I went by there and saw that they were no longer there, I see that they moved to a location in Navan, but every time I try to access their website, I get an error.

So if someone could please help me out & point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.