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Foods from Westboro Bakery


2007 Jun 7
Sadly it appears that the bakery lost their battle and they're going to be closing.

From the Westboro Community Association blog:

"Diane had a final meeting with John Doran from Domicile recently, and the verdict is in. Westboro bakery will be closing at the end of June."

Edit: Apparently they're looking for a new location, and may have temporary digs on Hinton Ave in Hintonburg.

2007 May 6
Here's a link to the article Mousseline is talking about:

2007 May 6
Almost missed it because it was in the City section and not the Food section this Wednesday, but according to an article in the Citizen this week Westboro Bakery will have to close if they can't find a more affordable location. Apparently their rent has gone from $700 a month to $1500 and now it will be increasing to $3500 a month and they have had that location for a mere 5 years.

Sorry I couldn't find the article to link to it, but it appeared on the front page of the City section on Wednesday, May 2.

2007 May 5
I'm not sure if this is still owned by the folks that run the Harvest Loaf, but it's in the Harvest Loaf's old location on Richmond in the middle of Westboro Village.