It's a nice Asian restaurant. They don't only specialize in one Asian culture - They serve Vietnamese, Japanese and even Thai.

Zen d'Asie
Foods from Zen d'Asie

2009 Nov 18
I went there for my dad's birthday and we were all pretty disapointed. The servers were a bit clueless it seemed. Our table was never cleaned of our plates, we never got water. Another things was that the menu was complicated and they didn't take the time to explain it to us. The fotomaki were exellente, the sushi was good, not enough soya sauce though.

All and all good sushi but poor service. And because of Jaylene, and the bathrooms i'm not too shure if the kitchen is that clean.

2009 Apr 6
I'm pretty sure the food is good, the ambiance was good-- but the server was a bit mean and cranky.
We went there for lunch, and I ordered the vietnamese meal with rice, vietnamese spring roll, pork and salad.
My boyfriend ordered vietnamese summer rolls, and I
found them good.

All meals came with a soup.

I thought my dish was good, the salad had peanuts in it for some reason.
My boyfriend didn't find his good, because they were all laced with PEANUTS.

*Beware for those who are allergic to peanuts, because most dishes are laced with peanuts!

They were nice enough to get him something else to eat, I believe it was spring rolls and rice. It was better than nothing, but my boyfriend still had a nasty allergy attack.

Okay food, but I won't be coming again because I'm not sure if the food could be trusted. :( We asked if there was peanuts and they mention it AFTER we got the food... (when he got his allergy attack) and it doesn't even state it on the menu. :/

2007 Nov 5
Went back about two weeks ago and had the opportunity to try the sushi – sooo delicious!!! Everything was so fresh it would melt in your mouth! Had two kinds of sashimi: tuna and salmon and two kinds of futomaki: lobster and something called “spider” which featured soft-shelled crab tempura. Yum! Tried a bit of a friend’s lobster shooter – delightful! Presentation was spectacular, service slow (as usual) but if you’ve got lots of time it doesn’t matter and is well worth it. One piece of advice – get there early!!! We went after work on a Friday; got there right as they opened at 5 and by the time we left at 6:30 the whole place was totally packed.

Can’t wait to go back, expensive treat but well worth it!

Next time I must remember to bring my camera!!!

2007 Sep 17
Dined here spring/summer of 2007 with two friends, husband and brother-in-law (BIL). Overall, food was delicious, service somewhat slow and ambience good if somewhat dingy.

Friends and BIL ordered sushi, I ordered an appetizer of pork dumplings and an entrée of veggy fried noodles, hubby ordered the sizzling beef teriyaki which was served with a salad. Hubby found his teriyaki to be good but nothing spectacular (though it was definitely sizzling!). I enjoyed my dumplings but was greatly disappointed with my noodles (which I could not even finish). But the sushi, oh the sushi!!! *drool* I had some of my friends salmon... divine! I don't remember everything everyone ordered but I know there was (amongst others) salmon, tuna, and lobster shooters. Presentation was beautiful and fish was extremely fresh! It would literally melt in your mouth!

I really look forward to going back and really trying the sushi for myself!

2007 Jun 22
In the spring/summer of 2005, we dined here almost on a weekly basis. Zen is very fusion-y. The food is good enough, presentation is lovely, and the service is hit or miss.

Overall, good value for your meal, especially at lunch time. I couldn't get enough of their salad - so yummy with all those shredded carrots. Not sure what their dressing was (fish sauce mixture?), but it was very good!

I fell in love with their lobster shooters (lots of meat) and the 'pizzas' were good too. Not stuff you'd find everywhere.

2007 Jun 19
I've been to this restaurant twice now, the second time being this past sunday. Before going for the first time, all the reviews i had heard were the same: food is good, service is slow.

I waited after the second time to post a review in order to confirm what was my experience the first time.

The food was indeed good. Not spectacular, but good. The ambiance is quite good also. Some people got to wear nice chinese hats, i figure it was their birthday or something. :) I wanted one. :)

The service, contrary to what i had heard, was fine. We did not have to wait long to get served, the waiter was good and we didn't even have to wait long to get the bill after the meal (which is too often a problem).

Last sunday i had an imperial roll with a fish sauce as the appetizer. It was very good.. i found myself wishing i had ordered 2. The main course was a sizzlin' teriyaki steak. When you say sizzlin', it's sizzlin'. The waiter had to waive it left and right, up and down near our table to try and calm the sizzlin' :) As i expected with a teriyaki dish, it was good.
The first time around i had the "grillo" main course, which is shrimp, chicken and pork all grilled. That too was very good.

So as i said earlier, nothing spectacular, but good food. I was there with a friend, and for 2 appetizers, 2 soft drinks and 2 main course, tip included, it was about 53$, pretty decent.


2007 Sep 17
Very fresh! Melts in your mouth.