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Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice
Foods from Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice

2015 Nov 1
I have a hard time ordering just one item when I am here!

2014 Mar 9

Oh, dear God! Another patisserie to try!

2014 Mar 9
This is a great bakery. I love their apple turnovers which are very crunchy and soft at the same time. A close call between theirs and Pain d'Alain's, also on St-Joseph boulevard.

Pictured is the raisin bread. It's perfect!

I also bought some millefeuilles. The custard is fresh and creamy while the layers of pastry are really crispy!

I have had their cakes which are really well made.

I personally prefer their croissants to any other because I find then crisp yet has something to chew on.

2011 Jul 1
I love this bakery. They have wonderful cakes, baguettes and local condiments and such. I tried their croissant today. Although I thought it was very good, it doesn’t compare to Bread and Sons, Art-is-in, or Bridgehead.

It was soft, moist and buttery, but the crunch to the crust was missing.

2009 Oct 28
living just three blocks from here is both a blessing and a curse (hello, willpower?). i'm pretty sure i've never tasted such delicious eclairs or chocolatines, not to mention the to-die-for chocolate-almond croissants, so decadent that one could feed three people! i give their beautiful handmade chocolates/truffles as gifts all the time, to rave reviews. i have a couple of friends who only serve fidelice cakes/logs at special occasions.

in related news: i've tried a lot of sugar-free desserts in my day and fidelice's selection of diatetic products measure up well. i've not tried their gluten-free options, though notice they sell out mighty fast.

2008 Mar 10
I recently tried a cake from this bakery, and it was very good indeed. It was for a work function so we buy a cake once a month. I never usually buy desserts but this one passed with flying colours. Chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and covered in a very rich ganache. Wonderful. If I couldn't bake for my own event for some reason, I would certainly serve this to my guests.

2008 Mar 9
They make great desserts! Also, you can find chocolate truffles and other interesting products like spices, olive oils, duck meat, bread and more.

2007 Oct 3
Any one knows what this apple bread is called? My friend loves this bread so much that she went to Pâtisserie Fine Fidélice to buy more next day after the "rendez vous des saveurs" event. Unfortunately, all the cakes that you can try at the event can't be found at the store. But my friend bought a baguette and few sweets and she told me they were also good.

2007 Sep 30
This is the chocolate mousse cake I tried during the Rendez-vous des saveurs 2007 event. They were okay and not that special.

2007 Sep 30
The creme brulée my friend tried during the Rendez-vous des saveurs evnet.




2007 Sep 8
Their croissants are really good, both the traditional and chocolate. Probably only second to the French Baker in my opinion.

2012 Sep 30
One of their many standard cake lineups that is Saint Delice made without sugar and sweetened with fruits and juice.


Lots of other substitution possible for people with allergies. Love the fact that on their website they give full list of ingredients and nutritional information as well as a lovely picture and you can order online.

So if you are not so restricted but want to keep it low sugar or whatever, you can check the list of cakes and find one that is more suitable for your diet restrictions or requirements.

Order 2 days in advance if there is something specific you want but may try your luck calling one day in advance.