Foods from Double Happiness BBQ

2009 May 1
My mistake, this place is not closed.
They must have been on some sort of vacation. Unfortunatly, as I orginally noted, the note on the door was in Chinese. Being a white girl from rural Manitoba, my Cantonese is a little rusty...

I picked up some BBQ pork today. Very good, a little more garlicky(sp?)than what I have got from Kowloon or UNI market. She was a little sloppy with the cutting- slices a little on the thick side.

Regardless, not dry. It sells for $6.99/lb.

I couldn't bring myself to order the half fried pig head in the BBQ case though.

2009 Apr 14
This place appears to be closed. I was walking by last week hoping to take some BBQ home. The place was empty (as in stripped) and a there was Chinese note on the door.

2008 Feb 9
This is mainly a take out place. The roast pork is good. The char sui (BBQ pork) is below average IMHO.

2007 Jun 30
Not really impressed by the roast pork and especially their advertised roast suckling pig at some $20 a pound. A BIG rip off. Better to buy the regular roast pork at $6.50 a pound at Jo Moon Ting... or for that matter anywhere else on Somerset...

2006 Nov 19
This place offers a wide selection of BBQ meats including duck. I seem to remember pig ears as well but never tried them. They have a couple of tables where you can enjoy a quick meal but most customers are buying food to take home and cook with.


2006 Nov 19
One pound of BBQ pork is about $7. They'll chop it for you if you like and the delicious smell on the way home will drive you crazy! Best char siu in Ottawa.