Chocolate Truffles at Louise's Belgian Chocolates
Foods from Louise's Belgian Chocolates

2008 Dec 19
I manage to get to this store a couple of times a year when I need to get a special gift for somone. It is always a delight. The staff does a wonderful job making up baskets that are beautiful (as well as delicious!)

I have never been disappointed.

Thank you Louise's!!


2006 Sep 28
This place is great - I usually buy lots from here around Christmas for gifts but I make sure that I always get a few extra boxes to stash for myself!

Note - they also have a selection of sugar free chocolates that aren't too bad for anyone watching their blood sugar or caloric intake





2006 Sep 23
Yes they are good here! In the photo you can see what I handed out at work in lieu of cigars when my kids were born. Of course, these little boxes are typically used for wedding favours and the like. Anyways, the chocolates were fantastic!

One thing that might not be obvious when you visit the stores -- the chocolates are not made in-house.

2006 Sep 23
I received some chocolates from this place for Valentine's Day this year. They were delicious. If you like Belgian chocolates (especially truffles), it's worth checking out.


2007 May 9
For my birthday this year, since there's only myself and my husband, I didn't want a whole birthday cake so we stopped at Louise's to take a look. They have beautiful cakes that are made in Montreal, and they come in the regular size for a group, or as individual servings. We each chose a different one (sorry, I can't remember the exact names) - mine was a passion fruit mousse concoction, and my husband's was chocolate cake and mousse. Both were wonderful and less than $4 each!