Foods from Willy's

2012 Feb 10
had a large veggie at st laurent location today ,, man its possibly the best pizza in the city ,, i wanted to eat the box .. the cook that made are pizza was a real friendly guy ,, i will be back here often 20 / 10

2011 Oct 20
A new location is coming at 912 St.Laurent Blvd for those of us in the East end. (doesn't say when) I've never tried Willy's but heard good things about it in the past.

2008 Nov 28
I dropped in to the Kanata location on the way home from work today to pick up a pie. Opted for a large Willy's Special (bacon, mushrooms, green peppers, green olives, onions) but with tomatoes substituted for the green peppers. Waited 15 minutes and walked out with a heavy, steaming pizza box. On a friday night in this diminutive pizza shop there were 2 girls handling phones and cash, maybe 5 delivery guys popping in and out, a steady stream of pickup orders, and 4 guys cooking pizze non stop. The guy closest to the counter may have been the owner as he greeted several customers by name. He also made an entertaining show of sniffing my pizza after cutting it and proclaiming it to be delicious. Good attitude!

I noticed a few mix-ups, even in the 15 minutes I was there, so it might be a good idea to double-check your order if you are picking it up there. I witnessed two pick up customers almost get each other's orders and then saw a lady returning to the store because her mother-in-law had picked up the pizza but it was the wrong one (she must have lived nearby as she was still in a good mood about it).



2011 Oct 21
I'm not a fan of so much cheese, but if you like that sort of thing this is your place to go.

The toppings are always cooked well, the pizzas are always piping hot.

I've eaten "Willy's special" on several occasions, which has pretty much everything on it - recommend it if you're not a finicky eater :)

2011 Oct 18
We get Willy's from the Stittsville location. The guys there are quick and the pizza is always piping hot. It is our go-to joint.

I always order thin crust, toppings on top. This seems to limit the dilution of the sauce and "floating cheese island" that is so prevalent in Ottawa.

2011 Oct 18
Usually, when we drive over there for pick up, we park in the McEwen's gas station next door - they don't seem to mind.

We ordered from here on Sunday, as our go to place (Pizza Shop on Carling) was bought out by Gabriels. Sigh.

Anyway, we ordered a combination, a mediterranean, and a "bacon cheeseburger" special, which had ground beef, bacon and onion.

I like that they use red onion, instead of white, and that the bacon comes in stripes. I've found from time to time that their cheese is a bit thick, but overall, it's a solid Ottawa pizza. (Though, I agree with Bacon IV that it's worth asking for the thin crust.)

2011 Oct 18
McEwen location off Richmond near Lincoln Fields.

Popped in friday evening, for the 3-topping large special at $16.95. First impression, not so great: the owner asked me if I would like a combination for a special price. He made it by mistake. I ask what's a combination? He flips the box lid, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers. His 'special' price was the 3-topping special as advertised ('normal price $24, I give it to you for $16.95'.)

I didn't feel like arguing that a real 'special' price would be $10 (ie. lower than the advertised special I'm already entitled to), nor did I care to mention that his offer was clearly disingenuous, so I politely declined cause I hate green peppers and besides I wanted bacon.

Good news: the 3-topping special allows for 2 meat toppings, so I ordered the Canadian (bacon, pep, mushrooms).

Pros: strip bacon, cooked perfectly, ie. soft, a little crisp. Fresh dough and other toppings. generous pizza.

Cons: cheese too melty, not much body or fat. Minimal, if any, browning (next time I will ask for well done). Crust too thick. Way too thick. It makes the pizza dry and heavy to eat. Especially with the bland sauce they have. If it was a nice American-style thick, sweet tomato sauce, this crust would work.

Parking was tricky there (bus stop), and the place was very busy. Gold mine.

Conclusion: I'd go back, but to order thin crust and well done. One of my top 3-4 pizzas in Ottawa.

2008 Nov 28
This is the super thick ooey-gooey kind of pizza, which may or may not be to your liking. A slice of it is 2 to 3 times more filling than a correspondingly sized slice of, say, Pizza Pizza pizza. The $21 + tax price tag seems high but the density of the pizza makes for a lot of eating! This pizza would be hard to eat without a knife and fork.

Cheese and toppings are generous and the sauce is tasty. The crust is thinnish in the middle but nice and thick on the edges. Cheese is strategically sprinkled on the outer crust to achieve that nice toasted cheese flavour.

One caveat: if you are picking this pizza up yourself please ensure that the box remains perfectly flat in your vehicle and you resist any urge to drive in a spirited manner. I got home to find a good third of the ooey-gooey toppings had oozed over the rim of the crust and filled one corner of the square box. Some careful rearrangement with a spatula corrected this to a reasonable extent, but please don't let this happen to you!

My very picky four-year-olds absolutely loved this pizza! They kept saying that we have to get this one again and they were still talking about it as they went to bed.

2007 Nov 24
Since I used to live about a block away from Willy's, I have eaten countless pizzas from Willy's and I have always been happy with the service and food.
At the Maclaren Ave. location near Lincoln Fields they have a walk-in special deal for a large three-topping pizza that is great. They will let you call ahead to order it and then come pick it up and it is only $16 with tax.
These pizzas have an incredible sauce and always come with plenty of toppings and cheese.

2006 Nov 20
For those cheese lovers out there, Willy's is the place to be. Lots of cheese, good selection of toppings. Their price is decent but delivery can be slow, ie cold pizza :(