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2018 Jun 2
Came here for lunch on Tuesday with my only coworker who was interested in risking it. Our expectations were very low and the food pretty much met them.

The price was lower than expected ($15 for lunch buffet) and the selection was impressive. Unfortunately, most of the offerings tasted like airplane food or worse.

The taco bar was particularly unenjoyable, with cold stuck-together tortillas that you could top with sloppy-Joe meat from a crockpot, pale jarred salsa, sour cream, and very bright orange grated cheese.

High points for me were the plain roasted chicken—which tasted like pretty good reheated leftovers from a roast chicken dinner—and the carrot bundt cake at the dessert counter, which had good flavour even if the texture was on the dry side.

The number of choices is huge for the price but I found it hard to find something I wanted more of. It was quite busy at lunch on a Tuesday so it would seem that others have more success than I did.

2018 Apr 2
I was here today for the buffet dinner and enjoyed it, and I usually run from buffets. The food was fresh and it was hot. A nice touch were the stir fries made on the spot. The weak spot was the desserts, except for the ice cream which was very good. I'd happily go again.

2018 Apr 2
I think I was last there about 20 years ago. I'd be very curious to hear how your experience was and if anything turned out to be good or decent!

There are very few 1980's style buffet restaurants around anymore and that's mostly a blessing. :P

2018 Mar 29
I'm supposed to eat here Sunday.
What dishes are good or decent on the buffet?

Have not eaten here in years,hopefully some stuff is fresh and decent.

2008 Nov 13
I LOVE tucker's, what an awesome place to go with my family! Nice atmosphere and friendly staff! five stars!

2008 Mar 31
I used to like TM but the last two times I was there I left with an upset stomach that lasted until the next day. Come to think of it, the last time I was there, I thought the meat tasted "off" and there was a fruit fly on the cheesecake. Won't be returning.

2008 Mar 31
I was at TM's a few weeks ago for a friend's b'day dinner. No à la carte option - buffet only. For the price ($18.95 I think), I was not too impressed. It was just regular buffet fare but it did seem clean enough. Still, whatever I had eaten didn't settle very well and more than one person in my party had a wonky tummy the remainder of the night.


2010 Jul 31
Tucker's is pure rubbish, this place has got to be one of the worst lunch buffets I've ever been to. The food is tasteless and pure garbage. I even returned recently just to see if perhaps I was a bit too harsh on my opinion of their food. No I wasn't. Don't bother, especially on your birthday even though it's free. You deserve better.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2007 Feb 1
$10 for all-you-can-eat requires horrible food for it to be a bad deal.

This isn't horrible food.

It's pretty bland fare, but. Mr Kmennie is a meat-and-potatoes sort, a fan of N American stodge; there're lots of people like that, and I like it once in a while, and it fits the bill quite well for that.

The vegetarian's review:

-- pasta bar is a good idea. Mine needed more sauce, but it was good pasta.
-- some of the little cold salads are quite good. Potato salad was surprisingly tasty, for one.
-- hard to dislike a baked potato 'bar'
-- veg crisp and fresh; it's so busy that nothing sticks around for long
-- ratatouille a little too cooked, though
-- blah corn chowder
-- fruit: fresh

Really, the only problem is blandness. But it's quite easy to assemble a tasty meal, and a large tasty meal to boot. I went back twice for the cold salad-y stuff.

It does make me think of a 'New Yorker' cartoon of a 'bar bar' -- a buffet of vats labelled 'gin,' 'rum,' etc. Would that they had such a thing...



2007 May 18
It sounds crazy with all the food available at Tucker's lunchtime buffet - but the burgers are what we go for.

If you don't want to wait for it, you have to get there early. It's a homestyle burger, real meat, thick as my palm and you get to add your own toppings. They use non-healthy fresh white buns, which makes them even more delicious. I use fresh stuff from all the other counters in the buffet to make it special. I use jalapenos from the french fry station, lettuce from the salad buffet, mayo and you can have them add bacon and or cheese as well. With the exception that they will not serve a burger "before it's time", which is where the wait comes in, they are very accomodating - if it's not terribly busy you can grab two at once.

No use going at supper time though, no burgers.