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I like Lagoon, but my visits tend to reflect the below review. As an aside, just my $0.02, but I think Ceylonta gets each of those things right... bigger portions, more reasonable prices for what you’re getting, genuinely great service.

With its many rave reviews in news outlets and social media, Coconut Lagoon has long been on my list of must-try restaurants in the city. However, I found myself underwhelmed after my first visit.

While the food was decent (we ordered Naddan Kohzi Curry and Butter Chicken), the flavours seemed almost identical to those found at other Indian restaurants. I will concede that perhaps I don't understand the nuances of Indian food; however, that, coupled with the relatively small quantities and steep prices, makes it hard to justify going back again. The things they do differently, like serving Porathas over naan bread, are interesting but aren't enough to entice me to return (I prefer my porathas more buttery).

The one dish we were impressed by was the Tandoori Lamb Chops (regrettably, I forgot to take a picture). Although they were delicious - well-seasoned, juicy, and tender - it doesn't seem worth the price ($14 for literally 2 RIBS of lamb or $7 per rib).

Located in Vanier, the restaurant is modest in size but more modern in design than its counterparts. While the ambience was that of a fine-dining restaurant, our interactions with the waiters left something to be desired. The waiter who took our orders seemed impersonal and distracted, seeming to barely care. That is, until he began to pressure us to order more - first, an appetizer, then, drinks. While this interaction didn't make a big impact on our experience, it certainly didn't add to it.

All things considered, I think Coconut Lagoon will be a one-time thing for me.

KFCFeb 12
I haven’t been to KFC in ages. Their Toonie Tuesday is now $3.49. And I’m happy to report that they don’t use growth hormones as those are the two smallest piece of chicken ever. I had a drumstick and thigh. The whole meal fit into the snack size box. The other thing I noticed is that the skin was very light and crispy (which was good). Oh well. At least, I have space for dessert...elsewhere.

I met up with a friend for dinner at Dolsot Café last week and it was the perfect spot for a blustery winter evening. The restaurant is cosy and once I entered it looked much bigger that I had imagined. The waitress brought us some tea right away so we could sip on it while perusing the menu. She kept topping up our tea throughout the meal which was much appreciated since I was cold ;) I ordered a Dolsot bibimbap which came in a stone (I think) bowl and it came to the table piping hot. The rice on the bottom got nice and crispy and everything was quite tasty. The waitress brought me a bottle of hot sauce to add to taste. My friend got a rice dish with squid and mixed vegetables. She said it was spicier than expected but she enjoyed it.

Dropped in for breakfast on Sunday. Exceptionally good poached eggs with potatoes and fresh fruit salad on the side. Coffee was also good but I would have liked a bigger mug.

They also have fantastic little brazilian cheese breads which are perfect warmed up while cradling a hot coffee in your freezing mitts.

Yakiniku OneJan 29
Went here for Lunch during the Christmas Break, and went back last night for dinner.

Both times, I found it incredibly delicious, and fun.

Like any AYCE place, you can order as much as you want. Meat-wise, we ran the gamut.

Personally recommend: Beef:
Eye of Round, Ribeye, Shortrib, Brisket
Vegetables: White Mushrooms, Sweet potato, Buttercup squash
Sides: Edamame, Cold Noodles, Sesame Ramen, Pork Ramen
Ice Cream: All of them.

All these choices were good.

The chicken, and the pork belly wasn't that great, so I wouldn't recommend.

It is cold in there until the grill is lighted, so keep your jacket on til then.

Meatings doesn't deliver to our neck of the woods, so I braved the snowy drive out to Orleans last week to pick up a family platter (we opted for pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, garlic bread, cornbread, mashed potatoes, tater tots, baked beans).

Everything was amazing. Although they say it's for four people, it fed us for three days straight. I think I enjoyed the pork ribs the most; my wife loved the chicken (quite possibly her first real BBQ, as opposed to grilled, chicken?).

I would have appreciated some sort of green vegetable option for sides, like spinach/collard greens, green beans, peas, etc. It did seem like quite a lot of heavy things.

We will definitely go back.

Had dinner here tonight, a week or so after the grand opening. Place was hopping, we were seated at the last deuce in the house. They've really made the most of the space, it doesn't feel cramped but has room for more people than you'd expect.

Cocktails first, a serviceable Manhattan rocks and a very good basil grapefruit vodka martini.

I ordered the steak & sushi, which consisted of a perfect medium-rare (to preference) steak, sliced and served on top of some 'wok fired vegetables' -- snow peas, bok choy, carrot, mainly, with a lightly-applied sesame-ginger ponzu sauce that I dragged some of the steak slices through -- alongside a maki roll (choice of dynamite or spicy tuna, I chose dynamite). The steak was boldly, but not overly, seasoned and mated well to the veg underneath and the sauce, and the shrimp tempura in the dynamite roll was quite good.

My co-eater had the Cali Burger, which was a nice looking burger with more of a smashed type patty than the half-inchers common to this kind of place, looked lovely and got a very (VERY) positive review. Fries were on the light side, think a golden Belgian frite with the skin on. She sprung for the 'Alaska Highway gravy,' which at $2.75 seemed a bit much but turned out to be worth every penny, with a depth I wasn't expecting (fish sauce, in Alaska? whatever it was, something brought a hint of welcome funk). It wasn't thick or gloppy, which is smart because too much of it on a french fry would be...too much.

Service was excellent, especially considering all the staff is new. Our server was friendly without being overly familiar, but also a little conspiratorial; we had questions about a couple of the dishes (spice level, for instance) and were told that everything on the menu was designed to be accessible, minimise complaints or send-backs. While they weren't wrong, don't take it as a negative. This place is going to do very well, I imagine. I'll go back.

I too was sad to see the baked goods disappear. I popped into Greens Fresh a couple of weeks ago intending to get some take-out from their hot food buffet to have while watching the Golden Globes and to get an egg tart for dessert. When I arrived I was sad to see that whole section had disappeared. The renos are in fact nice but I will really miss that bakery ;(

Yes, got caught on that during a bun run a few weekends ago. Green Fresh however has done some nice renos since the last time I visited.

Awww, man :( Guess I will keep going to Kowloon for my standard bun fix...

This business is no longer at Green Fresh; I don't think it exists anymore.

Went to the Noodle House a little while ago and enjoyed my time eating the delicious food there!

From the rice paper wraps, to Vietnamese slaw with shredded chicken, soup, tofu, and vegetarian spring rolls with vermicelli, there is a wide variety of items on the menu. The Noodle House is a great place to visit if you want Vietnamese food and are feeling hungry, or maybe want leftovers to bring home, since the portion sizes are quite generous.

Another thing to mention is the attention to detail that goes into the presentation of each dish, allowing the ingredients to complement one another visually as well as in flavour.

Overall, there was wonderful service, satiating food, and aesthetically-pleasing presentation that, combined, made for a super fun meal :)

We had our Christmas lunch at the Pelican Grill, and it was my first time there. It was great.

The menu is solid and varied, and I was pleased to see oysters on the menu. The selection of wines and beers were also quite interesting.

I was also really pleased to see how busy it was, even up until 2:00 when we left. It reminds me of the sort of local crowd that comes to other Fish Market Stalwart Restaurants™ that I've been to and enjoyed, like Lapointe and the Merivale Seafood Grill.

I'm really looking forward to heading here again with the family, so that we can try out other things on the menu. (To say nothing of the shopping that you can do on your way out the door!)

Well I am not sure if you can find a bigger, juicier wing in Ottawa. I have had them a few times and they are always well smoked. If you like heat, the hot wings can be hit or miss spice wise. Great brisket too. All good.

Crispy'sJan 8
I stopped by last week and had the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. All in all not a bad offering but it was not a traditional cheese steak. Sure it had shaved beef and sautéed veggies,but it was topped of with a white garlic sauce. A little bit sweet with maybe sesame, it was not what I wanted. Good but misnamed IMHO.

Not my pic but the reviews are rave. 2 Piece Haddock and chips for $16.25, comes with 1 tartar sauce per piece. This is my next stop on my way through Arnprior. Brian's Spuds is open year round.

Christmas dinner this year involved a trip to The Shore Club for a thoroughly memorable meal. I was part of a group of 16 and we were all looking forward to a leisurely meal. Most of us started off with glasses of wine while we perused the menu. I started off with a Rosenhall Run Pixie sparkling rosé and it is perhaps one of the best sparkling wines I've ever had. While studying the menu the waiter informed us that the resto was serving a turkey dinner in addition to their regular menu so that's what I ordered. The meal came with turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, and stuffing. One of my dining companions chose the arctic char with a side of spinach and she enjoyed it immensely. I was also hoping to order a glass of white to pair with dinner but I was overwhelmed by the selections of wine on offer. I asked the waiter if he could recommend a wine and he suggested I try the Peter Yealands sauvignon blanc and it was fabulous.

The food and drink was spot on and the waiter was courteous and knowledgeable. The only beef I had was with the 90 minute wait for dinner to arrive. The restaurant was packed on Christmas day and I was with a large group so I expected a wait but it was longer than anticipated. Complimentary bread or appetizers would have been great but we were out of luck. The waiter did in fact bring bread but with dinner. I still enjoyed my meal though and hope to go back sometime.

EggnogJan 2
The recipe from the salmonella experiment can be found here:

or just search for Dr. Rebecca Lancefield egg nog recipe

I will try a half batch for the 2019 season. Will report back. I like the idea of it being refrigerated rather than being in the closet.

Chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich on challah. Great value for 6.75 with non-processed cheese and chicken salad. Could benefit from banana peppers or spicy eggplant as it is creamy and delicious but a bit on the bland side. Would still highly recommend.