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Haven’t been here since Rideau Bakery switched to farm boy but had my first chicken sandwich here in 2007 and never found a bone before. Sauce is mayo mustard and black pepper. One thing that I will say is deceiving is it is advertised as bbq chicken but should be rotisserie chicken. Regardless its non processed meat. Will report back *triggered* by this negative but fair review.

CrabOct 12
Some Costcos have real Russian/Alaskan king crab by Toppits. Most others have AquaStar Argentine "Red" crab that is not as good. AquaStar also used to sell Gulf of Cortez shrimp which were excellent but I have not been able to find it lately.

This is the best filet mignon I have had in a long time. It was done as requested (medium rare) and a bit toasty at the tips. Simply nice piece of beef. It came with a started salad with their lovely house dressing. My kids were fighting for my salad! Can you believe? The steak came with a choice of side. I went with the garlic rice which was a flavourful pilaf. Warms buns are served right after drinks arrived. Honestly, I think this is the best value for money for a steakhouse compared to many others, not counting the very fancy spots, but it is comparing the same thing. Service was pretty good. Our waitress had many big tables!

I thought these were tasty and fresh old school sandwiches.

If I had seen these pictures instead of the photos on their website I might have saved $10.

Where do I begin? The ice cold tasteless flaked chicken replete with bones. Ice cold lettuce tomato. I could not taste any avocado in this horrid sandwich. The sauce was a yellow mustard base. Rock hard bacon. The bread, some decent tasting brioche was untoasted. This may be the worst sandwich I ever had.

I had hope for the carrot cake cause they don't make it but those hopes were dashed on the first and only oily raisiny bite.

This store uses stock photos for sure cause website shows nice cake wedge slices but reality is a Saran wrapped square bought elsewhere.

Nothing exemplifies the vast gulf between a nice professional website and the dodgy, depressing brick and mortar reality than this establishment. Plain awful!

This burger is simply named “champignons” :)

Curry beef stew with thin rice noodles. Lovely stew in a spicy curry soup.

Extremely crispy rice wrap and pork spring rolls.

Bien PhoSep 29
"You feel quite safe eating here as forty percent of his customers are armed".....

Yeah.......that....that's not the case for me then.

Bien PhoSep 29
I am new at posting here but my wife and I have been going to Bien Pho for almost ten years. It is still open and thriving and we are glad about that because we enjoy the food.
We have met the main cook and she is Vietnamese, not Chinese. You feel quite safe eating here as forty percent of his customers are armed, as in RCMP.
Our favorite dishes are Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio and Bun Bo Hue. We have tried these at other restaurants and prefer the Bien Pho versions.
The owner has brightened up the place but it is still a hole in the wall in a strip mall so the ambiance is nothing special, but we will keep going back because of the food.

Ox HeadSep 26
I did not have a very good experiences at #2 the last few times I visited, quality was down. Have not been back to #1 for a while, so can't comment.

Kanata Noodle house is certainly doing a booming business.

Have always liked their beer. Stopped by one sunny afternoon, and discovered they now have this outdoor dining area they call a treehouse. The brewery is in an industrial area off Canotek, but they have this copse of pines in the parking lot, and they have enclosed it to make a patio/terrasse. Despite the locale it worked, and kind of evoked a Canadian Shield vibe. Recognize we are heading out of patio season, but thought I would mention. Here is a page from their site announcing it:

Photos don't do it justice.

Beer excellent as always, and we had a nice charcuterie plate and some delicious soft pretzels. Will definitely do it again if I am out there.

Sorry the photo below is the spicy soup from my second visit. Here are pictures from my first visit. Coconut soup.

I have been to YunShang Rice Noodle twice now and have thoroughly enjoyed my meal both times. As schtickyrice mentioned the meal is served hotpot style. A bowl of broth is brought to the table piping hot and still boiling. A tray of condiments and add ins is given to the diner. Add ins include tofu skins, Chinese sausage, and thinly sliced fondue meat among others. A bowl of noodles is also provided and free refills are available but one serving was enough for me. The first time I went I ordered curry coconut soup with beef which was supposedly spicy but it wasn't. I ordered a lemon strawberry soda was was more like a flavored sparling water on a hot summer day. The second time I went I ordered the spicy soup with seafood and it did have a bit of heat to it. I ordered the passionfruit soda and I enjoyed it very much. I really enjoyed both of my meals and will gladly go back but I hope they make the spicy broths a bit spicier.

Pictures is the coconut soup from my first visit.

Here's what the soup looks like. The price includes a steaming hot bowl of broth and the tray of ingredients, including the frozen rolls of sliced meat. I opted for the spicy soup, which had a restrained kick of chilis and good flavour.

I paid extra for fish, mostly because I didn't realize that the sliced meat would be included. The rice noodles are unlimited but I had no need for more than the initial serving.

The crispy fried chicken wasn't super flavourful and the coating felt weirdly powdery on my tongue. Let me know if you try it and have better luck!

Service was super friendly and helpful. Worth checking out if it sounds interesting to you.

Checked out this place for lunch on Saturday.

Clean, nicely furnished space with young attentive staff fluent in English.

Yunnan style rice noodles are the specialty here. Unlike its Vietnamese pho cousin across the border, Yunnan style rice noodles are round, not flat, and are served in a heartier pork or chicken broth that is cloudy, not clear.

Every order comes with standard bento box of assorted condiments,vegetables, tofu, and three slices of beef (hotpot style). You pick your own broth (included in set price), and additional beef, lamb, chicken or fish toppings, which are extra. We payed $3.99 for sliced lamb, and $4.99 for fresh fish fillets.

Very impressed by the freshness of everything served. The bone broth is the key feature here, good to the last drop. Overall prices are slightly more than Vietnamese pho, but a refreshing change of pace in a more upscale environment.

RivieraSep 21
High ceilings and marble furnishing, deriving from a past life as a financial institution in a different era, give Riviera an air of grandeur and classical posh-ness while its more retro, fun additions rejuvenates the space. This exceptionally-executed juxtaposition of classical and contemporary plays out, not only in the ambiance, but also in the dishes that are served there.

The food Riviera serves up feel like elevated versions of beloved brasserie classics, such as mushrooms on toast, seafood chowder, and steak frites. Their menu is a little on the pricey side (around $20 for the mushrooms on toast or the seafood chowder and $50 for the steak frites) but well worth the price, in my opinion. I ordered the "Mushrooms on Toast w Shaved Black Truffle & An Egg" for dinner and it was divine; I nearly licked the plate clean. I had a bite of my colleague's "Striploin Steak Frites w Bordelaise Sauce" and it was executed very well, although the portion size would have been a bit much for me. Not that I'm complaining - that is definitely $50 worth of steak.

Service was friendly and professional too, coming by occasionally to check up on us and make sure we had everything we needed. The ambiance, like I'd mentioned previously, is a mix of classical and contemporary, making it an ideal place for either a casual or fancy occasion. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Riviera and am excited to go again and bring others with me.