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Visited this new stall in the ByWard Market two days in a row last Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday I tried the Fresh Falafel Sandwich ($9) and it was amazing! The word fresh is truly meaningful here in that the falafel are fried on-site and the absolutely delightful saj wrap is baked to order on the convex Syrian oven. Two falafel are smashed onto the saj, dressed with shredded lettuce, pickled cucumbers, pickled turnips, and a light sauce, and then the whole thing is rolled up, wrapped, and placed in a convenient half-height bag.

My only complaint is that one of these isn't nearly enough for a meal. And $18 for two of them seems pretty pricey for a stand-up lunch. Value is all relative though—this is still way more appealing than the $9 hot dogs at Tavern on the Hill!

My Friday visit was less exciting. The Syrian Pizza ($7 + $2 for cheese) was good but even less satisfying than the sandwich for the same price. If you're used to paying maximum $3 for a zaatar Mankoushe at a Lebanese bakery, the price of this will burn. Saj is wonderful stuff but it's less filling than pita so it's hard to justify charging twice the price. The optional cheese is added with a light touch and didn't seem worth it to me.

After the Syrian Pizza, I picked up a Maverick's Donut to fill my belly. That worked!

All in all, this is a nice option but I'm not sure they'll get much repeat business unless they drop their prices a little. $7 for the sandwich and $5 for the pizza would seem far more sensible. The taste is good though, so check it out!

Tried the new location on Richmond. Nice to have another fast food option in the area other than metro, the super store and juice bars. Got the smoked meat poutine. Smoked meat was cold and not very good. Gravy was awful. Cheese had no squeak. Fries were actually pretty good. Wouldn’t get this again.

I had the pleasure of trying their chicken and cheese empanadas. They were a treat. They were delicious and they also gave me some chimichurri sauce. It was simply delicious. I've tried their beef empanadas but I fell in love with the chicken empanadas.

They also had pupusas but I didn't try them. If you're ever in the mood for empanadas, give them a try.

Just over 2 months later from my first visit I went here to get take-out. To be honest I wanted to order at Koreana across the street but every table was full and the only waitress didn't even have time to blink at me for over 12 minutes and I was starving.

I headed across the street, and I wish I had waited it out. There was only one table at TFOOM occupied other than me. I ordered the bulgogi to go. It was ready in about 3 minutes which was surprising. I didn't take a picture of what I received because it was very underwhelming - it was really bland and watery and the green onions in the dish were dried and decaying. I only ate about a third, and the accompanying rice was cold after the 3 minute walk back to my home.

Perhaps this is a one time experience because otherwise the overflowing restaurant across the street vs. only one table at dinner time doesn't bode well for them. The restaurant is already in bad need of upkeep since little was changed when it switched from Honey Town.

The floors up at the front of house were very unclean and in bad need of sweeping. It's clear that furniture hasn't been moved or little effort because of the dust and food food particles behind and under multiple fixtures. The back counter also appears to be a plywood shelf that is falling apart and causes me to question its food safeness.

I think next time I will pass.

UPDATE: I emailed the location this morning to tell them that I was disappointed by my visit and that cleanliness was the main issue and management did reply promptly that they would be reviewing cleaning with staff... Hopefully they will remedy the issues.

The Savoury French Toast ($16.25) here is made for Instagram! Two thick slabs of brioche-based French toast layered with fried eggs, cheddar cheese, and criss-crossed cuts of crispy bacon, all surrounded by a moat of Hollandaise. Pushing it all over the top is a pitcher of maple syrup in case you want to turn the bottom slab of brioche into dessert.

This is an epic dish in terms of both variety and volume. I'd probably get something a little lighter next time.

For Mother's Day, they were giving out nice little seed breads along with a condiment container of what appears to be jam. My wife got one even though we had left the kids at home. Nice touch!

Visited again and had the same dish as before. This time our server asked if I wanted it mild or spicy so of course I chose spicy. It was spicy in a nice flavourful way without being too intense. The Medium ($13.99) is really pretty huge and I made a mental note to try the Small ($10.99) next time.

I still put the overall deliciousness of broth and noodle a notch below that of La Noodle, but the atmosphere and location are both superior here.

The Seoul Sista ($8.99) was okay. This was an unremarkable bun and wiener made more interesting with a topping of pulled pork, kimchi, and crunchy fried shallots.

For the price I was expecting a gourmet hot dog sausage of similar caliber to Vancouver's Japadog ( Alas, this seemed to be just a regular ballpark type hot dog.

The price is high for the quality and quantity of food but it's clear that the draw here is the cool location. Where else can you sit on a patio high above the Ottawa River with a nice view of Parliament Hill? The Canadian Museum of History cafeteria you say? Oh right!

A pint of beer will set you back $10. Then again, the opportunity to sip an adult beverage in this location is the only real draw here. If you're not drinking alcohol you'll get more pleasure and value by enjoying a La Bottega Nicastro sandwich on a bench in Major's Hill Park.

Thanks to pasta lover for adding this business, I've been meaning to but hadn't gotten around to it.

Carrots Buffet Boutique is a pretty good spot competing in the same space as Olly's and Marcello's.

The buffet is, I believe, $1.89 per 100g, which makes it a bit cheaper than the Marcello's I've been to (I think Marcello's is like... $2.09 or $2.19 per 100g?

But if you are a snacker or eat lunch late, at 2pm, the buffet becomes half price. The fish is dried out at that time but the chicken and pork are still good. And you can splurge on those heavy expensive carbs like Mac and Cheese or pierogi.

Where Carrots really shines is the breakfast. They have a breakfast buffet, which is pricey if you like carbs but if you are on a keto diet, bacon at $1.89 per 100g cooked and ready for you is not bad.

As Pasta lover mentioned, they also have a counter and they do sandwiches, bagels and breakfast platters there. For $5.25 (less than $6 all-in), you can get 2 eggs your way, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, homefries (soft kind, not deep fried) and beans. Sooooo good.

Note that for my image, I asked for the beans to be placed in a separate cup. Their usual method is to put the beans in the styrofoam beside the potatos and everything ends up mixing with that bean sauce.

Anyway, this place is one of my go-tos for afternoon snacks and breakfasts.

The grilled beef, grilled chicken and grilled shrimp with rice was fresh and tasty. The grilled chicken was my least favourite. It was a little too marinated. The side of marinated cabbage and shredded cucumbers was a nice touch.

My daughter had the wonton soup. Nice “homemade” style wontons with a bit of vegetables in a hot, flavourful broth.

Went for a nice takeout lunch yesterday! opted for the special rice paper pork spring rolls (I love these wrappers vs. the crispy ones) and was luckily enough to come in the afternoon dead zone and get the chance to watch them roll spring rolls for dinner service - It's truly an art!

The rice plate featuring grilled chicken and beef was fresh and delicious. The pickled onions and carrots really balanced the flavours offishsauce and lemongrass. Even the rice was perfectly cooked and deliciously flavoured by meat residue.

The food here is fresh and delicious. It's extremely dangerous that it is so close to my house - yum!

Went for a romantic dinner date and I must say I was impressed. Food was on point, Service was attentive, friendly, but not over the top!

We had the Pasta Special which basically blew my mind. It was so very good. It was also beautifully plated. The fresh pasta had just the right chew/texture to it - someones Nona would be darned proud. The toasted pecans, cheese (pecorino?) beet puree, mushrooms, spinach, and glorious short rib filling were just a harmonius match for each other.

The foie gras burger was also quite nice. It featured a high quality beef burger cooked to order (medium rare here), with a slice of foie gras and garnished with house pickles cheddar slice lettuce and a lightly flavoured mayo. The fries and mayo dip were a total hit for me - just the right amount of seasoning and hot & fresh cut. The only slight issue with all of this is that the burger was no quite as hot as everything else but the fries were super hot so maybe there was a hold up for fries before plating. It was still delicious.

Wine list was also very acceptable with a wide selection, and the dessert offerings looked very tasty as well. This cute spot has certainly matured and grown into its own!

I went to the Carrots Buffet Boutique for lunch with a friend yesterday. My friend has been there for lunch a few times and highly recommended it for their nutritious yet tasty food. The resto has two buffets set up – one for hot foods and the other one for salads. They have some refrigerators going around the perimeter of the restaurant for fruit salads, yogurts, beverages, premade sandwiches, etc. They also have a counter at the back where you can order soups and custom made wraps. They also have a small eating area at the front of the resto.

I headed over to the hot buffet and took a couple of pieces of roast chicken, salmon, rice, and grilled vegetables. The salads and soups looked good too. The chicken was delicious and the rice was also very good. The grilled vegetables tasted more like they had been steamed since they were moist and didn’t have that tell-tale crispiness that grilled veggies usually have. The salmon was on the dry side but fish doesn’t keep well under heat lamps so I will keep in mind to pass over the salmon on my next visit. I found it a little pricey though since everything is sold by weight so you have to take smaller portions to keep the price affordable. I will probably go back since I enjoyed my first meal and I would like to try the salads next time but future visits will probably be not so frequent due to the price.

I happened to notice the Metro on Beechwood sold Panzerotti, they have a dedicated fresh made pizza area, and the Panzerotti they made looked very good.

I think that's the daikon.

Looks pretty yum. What's the translucent circular veg looking thing on the bottom left?

Unfortunately this great spot recently closed:(

Tried the afternoon tea at the Wesboro location. The decor is great, staff friendly and presentations beautiful. For all items the ingredients seemed high quality. Personal preference-wise, while I adore the look and texture of the macaron and beautiful array of colours, I would like see more fruit or jam/jelly style fillings like the raspberry macaron cake they have. The scones were very yummy but the croissant a bit over cooked the day I went. The sandwich selection was nice: cucumber, smoked salmon, prosciutto and caprese. The cucumber sandwich seemed to have more cream cheese, for my taste I prefer less cream cheese and more cucumber per sandwich. My favourite was the caprese sandwich (gruyere, arugula and tomato). The tea selection was good and again pretty presentation and friendly staff. The mini deserts were also cute and the bakery also sells local Michael dolce jams.

This place is definitely a throwback style diner. Food was great, and for $5.25 for what's shown in the photo there is nothing to complain about. Eggs were perfectly cooked, sausages were the classic deep fried greasy sausages and potatoes appeared to be boiled and then pan fried. Not greasy and allows you to adjust the salt and pepper levels based on your preference.

I hate waiting in lines and paying 20 dollars for breakfast. I love places like this.

I went for the Traditional Hand-pulled Noodle with Beef (Medium, $13.99). I chose the smaller flat noodle "Joye." When we ordered, they warned us that it was spicy but when they brought the food there was no spice at all — our server told us to add chili oil to our own taste.

The broth was mild and clear with a light beef flavour. Lean and tender slices of beef were lovely with the cilantro garnish. Generous slices of daikon added some vegetal crunch to the dish. The noodles themselves were wonderful, chewy and satisfying.

Compared to La Noodle (their obvious competition) the restaurant is nicer but the food isn't quite as great. Worthy of note: it was the first day open and they made me add the chili oil so my food likely ended up underseasoned.