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Meat PressSep 7
I hate you butwhoami and if we ever cross paths at Meat Press i may stab you with one of those sticks.

...after i finish my smoked meat n pickle pogo, of course.

I can’t wait for the one on Bank Street to open. It’s just next door of Wolf Down.

Thanks! That's a great price for that many.

Thank you. I will be getting some of these. Sorry to be a pain, but how many are in an order?


Regular prices. These are really fresh. Two ladies were frantically making them in the kitchen.

I think it is take out only for now.

What do they charge for dumplings? I can't find a menu.

A little restaurant tucked in a small mall on Centrepointe, south of Baseline. They make handmade dumplings on site.

They have pork, beef and chicken dumplings with choices of chives, cabbage, curry and shrimp, among others. They also have a variety of small eats such as marinated cucumbers, soy sauce pork hocks, etc. And a selection of bubble tea and iced tea.

My take out order of pork and chives and pork and shrimp dumplings were steaming hot and very juicy. They come with black vinegar and hot sauce.

These are as good as Dumpling Bowl, if not better. Will definitely be back.

His Peach Vidalia is to die for, wonderful as the base hot sauce in a BBQ sauce for wings or ribs. Btw, he no longer is at Carp market. He's at the Ottawa Market now, Westboro on Saturday and Lansdowne on Sundays

Do Good FoodAug 27
Just discovered this place last week and I've been back 3 times! The oxtail is to-die-for, as is the BBQ chicken. The curry chicken is delightful as well.
The food here has shot to the top of my cravings list; super affordable, hearty and special. Can't recommend enough.

Pizza at FarinellaAug 23
Their pizza is currently available for take out only in 1m or 1/2m portions. This is 1m "Tony" ($39) which easily fed 6 hungry adults. This is some really great pizza and its evident they are using high quality ingredients. The tomato sauce was particularly delicious and I also appreciated the whipped ricotta. The pizza could have been cooked slightly more for my liking but otherwise a stellar pie!

Meat PressAug 21

I haven't found better sausages in town. This is the obligatory to go sausage ($5) I get when picking up a dozen or so to grill. Ironically, I think their spicy Italian sausage is their best.

Hung SumAug 17
Ordered take out. That is the way to go. I also get a little frustrated by the long wait in the restaurant and I am still not comfortable with indoor restaurant settings. There were surprisingly quite a few people in the restaurant.

Anyways, happy to have had my order to take away and went to eat it In the park by Rideau Falls with the kids. They were super happy with the shrimp har gao and shrimp shiu mai I had to fight them for a little piece!

Meat PressAug 16
"...the smoked meat pogo, which am not sure how regularly it pops up on their menu. It was basically a smoked meat sandwich on a stick, pickle in the middle, wrapped in pogo batter. ...."




Meat PressAug 13
Been here twice in pandemic times. They have a walk up 'window' for you to order, distanced, and when it's ready they call your name and place it on a table for you to pick up. They put out their menu daily on instagram when they open.

The headline here though is the philly cheese steak sandwich, which is available most days. My goodness. Top 5 sandwich I've ever had, if not the best. I have low expectations for anything 'philly cheese steak' as it's usually just standard bread/steak/cheese, but took a swing on it being the most appealing thing to me on the menu that day. The steak was top notch quality and seasoning, and the steamed cheese curds melted into a patty of their own on top of it, and really what more is there to say. It's also massive and I regretted eating it all in one go, but a rare case where I couldn't be disciplined enough to stop myself because of how good it was. Next time, I'll share one with someone else and will still feel plenty satisfied.

I also had the smoked meat pogo, which am not sure how regularly it pops up on their menu. It was basically a smoked meat sandwich on a stick, pickle in the middle, wrapped in pogo batter. I just needed to see a picture of it to want to head over and try one. It was also delicious and a fun novelty, though I'd want the pogo part to be crispier if I had it again.

They're doing great things over here. Hot tip: if you're ordering anywhere near lunch time, call ahead about 20 minutes before you want it. It'll save you the same amount of time waiting in a slice of shade across the street on a 30 degree day (while glaring at the folks idling their cars for 15 minutes right in front of the window).

Ok, I will just throw it out there; the sandwich I had was better than Dirienzo’s. The Spicy Italian sandwich came with capicolo, spicy salami and ham. I added mustard, pickled onions, lettuce, tomato and spicy oil. It was great. And big!. The bread was soft and delicious.

BrassicaJul 24
Had a stellar experience here with the takeout dinner for 2 for my wife's birthday. You choose a specific time to pick up your order and they have it all bagged up and ready to go so you spend literally 20 seconds in the restaurant. Well, unless you go back twice like an idiot (story to follow).

The menu (see photo) was interesting and portions were really generous. There were 4 pesto mozzarella arancini to start with a nice basil marinara. The German potato salad was so beautifully balanced and delicious, I could have eaten just that for dinner and I'd have been happy. The mac and cheese was also well balanced and ideal for takeout, with its perfect pasta to broccoli ratio and a cheesy blanket on top to keep the macaroni all snuggly and moist inside. The two big hunks of braised shortrib were tender and tasty, and the chocolate parfait made for a nice and not-too-sweet finale.

Now for my idiot story. Over the phone, I accepted the banoffee pie upsell as it had been a while since I had tasted it. So they handed me the bag of food and even verbally confirmed that it contained the banoffee pie. When I got to my car, I did a quick check of the items and started driving. On the way home I suddenly realized that I'd seen everything except for the chocolate parfait dessert! So I pulled over and checked again. Still nothing. So, this being my wife's birthday meal, I drove back and went into the restaurant to point out the omission. They were so apologetic and they quickly handed me two chocolate parfaits, apologizing again for the error. When I returned to my car, went to add them to the bag of condiments where they were supposed to be and... of course I saw that I already did have the same cups in my bag. Silly me thought they were sour cream or dressing or something because they were in the same bag as the marinara and I only saw them from the top where they were pure white and not in the least bit chocolatey looking. I ran back to the restaurant and sheepishly explained my error. They said I should keep the extra ones for my trouble and it occurred to me that they might not be able to accept them for hygiene reasons. So long story short, my kids (who were having pizza for dinner) got a nice chocolate parfait and ¼ of a banoffee pie each for dessert.

So five thumbs up to Brassica for such grace in a situation where the customer was clearly a buffoon! 😄

BottargaJul 20
Has anyone seen this sold in Ottawa recently?

AD_2, I used these dried curry leaves to make aloo masala and their flavour carried through very well.

I noticed Vaishali's also had fresh curry leaves in the fridge but I opted for the dried ones for practicality. Interesting to know that you can freeze the fresh ones successfully. Thanks!