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Eggnog 7:27am
Make your own? I have some aging in the closet for at least a month now.

I did half of this recipe my friend gave me:

Recipe for about 10 - 12 L:
-48 egg yolks
-4 L milk
-1 L heavy cream
-6 cups of sugar
-enough booze to get it around 16 - 20% ABV, usually 4 - 5 L of decent
proof booze (selection changes year to year, but mostly consists of the
partial bottles of rum, whiskey, brandy, etc that I'm looking to clear out
each year)
-light spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc)

Let it rest for at least a month so the alcohol can sterilize any possible bacteria like salmonella, etc.

An experiment showing how the alcohol kills salmonella over time:

I went to Gabriel's on Metcalfe for a retirement luncheon yesterday. The guest of honour asked for a send-off lunch at Gabriel's so off we went. This location has a seating area for those who would like to dine-in however it is not as spacious as I had originally thought so our group of 15 took up a whole section of the resto. The inside of the resto looked nice with exposed brick walls and the pizza oven was in full view of the diners so we could watch the pizzas being made.

Most of my colleagues ordered pizzas for lunch and they loved their pizzas. The three coworkers sitting immediately to my left ordered the Gabriel Deluxe and it got rave reviews. One of my coworkers ordered a quinoa burger and really enjoyed it although she said the sweet potato fries were awfully spicy. While I was perusing the menu I noticed they had a lasagna lunch available which consisted of an individual sized lasagna and came with garlic bread and a soup or salad. The option to substitute the lasagna with a mac 'n cheese at no extra charge was available so that's what I ordered. My mac 'n cheese consisted of penne with white sauce and a little bit of grated orange cheddar on top. Using more flavourful cheeses would have been nice but I guess Gabriel's specializes in pizza so maybe the other dishes are an afterthought. The garlic bread and caesar certainly smelled of garlic when they arrived at the table but I was't tasting much garlic as I was eating them. My dish was mediocre at best so next time I go to Gabriel's I will stick to pizza.

EggnogDec 11
Not sure what qualifies as real but Whole Foods is selling Harmony Organic and it’s pretty clucking good.

EggnogDec 11
Yes Cochran's still delivers, but they stopped producing any product a few years ago. Last time I checked (a few years ago) they were distributing Hewitt's milk from Hagersville near Hamilton. We stopped home delivery, as the cost and environmental impact of hauling glass bottles 1000 km up and back down the 401 did not make sense. I understand that now Hewitt's and Brum's (Pembroke) are now part of the Gay Lea family, and non-dairy additives are now part of the products.

Still in search for real egg nog.

Did the price of the 1991 $3.00 two breakfast rise at the same rate as inflation (consumer price index) over the years ?

According to The Bank of Canada InFlation Calulator Website (, $3.00 in 1991 is worth $4.85 in 2018.

So, if you use $6.95 as the 2018 price, the cost has risen 43% higher than the inflation rate.

Weird experience reported to me by a family member who went to get some beans from the Laurel (original roastery) location today.

They went in and found it was cash only because their machines were down and was directed to the ATM (this is fine, it happens). But upon return, they were told that they only had large bags of beans and when asked when they were roasted, they told them that they are over a month old?! So they directed them to another retailer for small bags of more freshly roasted beans from their own company.

Sorry, I'm just posting this because I am kind of dumbfouned at the logistics here. The only logical explanation I have is that these days the cafés aren't doing much whole bean sales compared to retailers and they are more for display?

I guess they don't have freshly roasted beans in buckets anymore. The days are long gone where I could walk in and the previous owner would make me a fresh bag of any bean of my choice :(

When I moved to Ottawa in 1991 two egg breakfasts cost on average about $3.00 at the various diners and family restaurants around town. Fast forward 27 years and the cost, due to inflation as well as the oil-is-expensive-now-so-everything-else-is economy, seems to range from 6 to 15 dollars. Fontenelle’s version is good enough, especially considering the $6.95 price. What really sets this place apart is the old school diner atmosphere. I’ve eaten breakfast here half a dozen times this year between 10:00-11:00 am on Saturdays, and each time the kind servers as well as the kitchen had been slightly overwhelmed by the volume of business they had to deal with.

Tried the Portuguese egg tarts at this little bakery/sandwich/grocery shop last month. The egg tarts were not on display, but the lady went to the back to get them when I asked for them. Best Portuguese egg tarts in Ottawa! Admittedly, they are the only Portuguese egg tarts I've had in Ottawa, but I have had Portuguese egg tarts from Macau (former Portuguese territory) to serve as reference. Try them out! Flakey, good texture in the egg, and right level of sweetness.

I see no one has posted here for a while. I myself haven’t been here in a while. I came here with friends after work last Friday for a drink.

The place is lively as it normally is on a Friday there was a daily pint special. We ordered a couple of appies: the spinach cheese dip and a vegetarian nachos. The cheese dip was very good. The nachos were ok but a good portion.

Still a good place to grab a pint!

EggnogDec 2
Clarification. Cochrane’s is still in business and delivering to me weekly. Not sure about egg nog still but I hate the stuff.

EggnogDec 1
Cochrane's hasn't been in business for years. Stop looking for it.

AtelierDec 1
10 years of Atelier - what an accomplishment for Marc and his team! Had an enjoyable meal here for our own anniversary and the menu was put together by alumni of the restaurant from over the years. Way to go Atelier!

Gongfu BaoDec 1
Delicious bao! Super popular place, very busy! Great brick and mortar location open now on Bank Street. We had the brisket, tvp and fried chicken bao - all were excellent, but I think the brisket bao was my favorite. Delicious and generous portion of slaw - we split an order between two people. I wish they had the turducken siu mai dumplings but they were already sold out! Next time! Definitely recommend - lots of thought and care put into the food here!

EggnogNov 29
There is nothing like kicking off the season with a little lait de poule :) If you are looking for some, Cochrane's eggnog has been popular on this site as well as Harmony Organics. I haven't checked the stores yet but if it isn't available yet it should be soon.

Sula WokNov 28
Did takeaway from the Main St location this past weekend (mind Nov 2018). Beef, thai basil chicken, and potato masala momos (doz each), beef noodles, spring rolls.

The Sula Wok taco cart used to tease me with the reference to momos and i am SO HAPPY to now be able to get them. All three momos were great little bundles of flavour-loaded happiness with a generous portion of daikon and kimchi on top. If your usual momo is the massive (glorious) Momo Spot version this is smaller - one tasty bite more or less - and packs a bit more flavour into the package. I can't even point at a favorite among the three we ordered, they were all tasty and now i need to try all the others they offer.

Their usual peanut sauce is good but the spicy peanut sauce i could guzzle directly from the little plastic takeaway thingy.

Noodles were delicious. Tasty, firm, loaded with veg and beef. Huge portion.

The veg spring rolls were good. Given the level of awesome they nailed with the momos and noodles these were more or less sidelined but enjoyed even so.

Sufficient takeaway food for six adults, tax and tip in, was approx $70.

Utterly worth the money. Will be back. Will send like everyone i know.

EggnogNov 28
Chickens have nipples????

And yah, Farmboy.

Pork bifana sandwich is the signature dish of Bistro L’Alambic. The sandwich contains pork chops with a spicy sauce and roasted vegetables. It comes with fresh cut fries and coleslaw.

They also have a couple of daily specials that are also usually very good. Today’s was Chinese Macaroni and Pork tenderloin served on roasted zucchini, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. My friend had the latter and said it was excellent.

EggnogNov 27
Farm Boy has their house brand in the glass bottles. I picked some up at the McRae store.

EggnogNov 27
Anyone happen to see chicken milk on shelves anywhere yet?

Just heard second hand that Wong's is closing and their last day is this Friday, November 30th. The owners are retiring.