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.... and here is the new sign.

"Robz is now open at 1696 carling Avenue"

Place is called 'Pocketz'.

I stopped by and had the tandoori chicken sandwich. Great flavours and tasty, chewy bread. One minor quibble is that for $12 I need a bigger sandwich.

Just heard from a friend that Subito is run by the young generation of the Dirienzo family! Hence why the similar product line :)

There's always room for more delicious sandwiches!!!

I think this place is quite underrated (as in based on the negative reviews it has received around the web, not on here). I went today for the second time and the food came out steaming hot, fresh and in a reasonable time (for made to order food). Service is friendly and prices are good.

Some items have been more hit than the others, but there haven't been any true misses and everything has been quite tasty. Plus they have quite a large menu with lots of selection and have rice pots like their predecessors (which I have yet to try).

I was quite impressed with the Fish and Chips ($15) here. A large hunk of succulent cod with a nice crunchy-tangy beer batter on a pile of good fries. One could get a second piece of cod for a very reasonable $5 extra if one were so inclined.

The pint of Kilkenny rounded out the whole experience, as it would my waistline were I to seek out such a glorious feast with greater frequency.

Pizza prices have risen to $14, but that's a pretty good deal considering the amount of prosciutto on the Pietro Pizza! This was topped off with a delightful “salad” of arugula and shaved parmigiano dressed with a drizzle of olive oil.

It's tricky to eat as the serving plate is a little too small for cutting on and the prosciutto is a little too chewy for biting through. Yet somehow we still managed to eat every crumb!

This is the Korean Style Katsu ($9.95), consisting of a pork cutlet wrapped around stringy mozzarella cheese all breaded and fried to a crisp. It is accompanied by a rice ball (you can choose spicy or not).

This was pretty awesome. Tender pork, gooey cheese, crunchy coating, addictive and toothsome rice ball. My only complaint is that it lacks a veggie component. Next time I'll ask for a side order of kimchi to make it a meal.

Dropped into this brand new place on Dalhousie (just south of Murray) with coworkers for lunch. They had just opened this past week and were missing a few of the vegetarian options on the menu.

Being somewhat of a lover of spicy noodles, I selected Chongqing Noodles ($12) from the well illustrated menu. These were tasty, toothsome, and tingly with the numbing zing of Sichuan peppercorns!

I thought the dish was overall quite nice, although I generally would prefer a soup. In this case, the spicy dressing was on the salty side and clearly not meant to be drained orally.

It's great to see new places opening that add to the variety of regional Chinese dishes available in Ottawa. I'm looking forward to exploring this one more.

I saw a sign for the future site of Robz Sandwiches at 1696 Carling Ave. (former 1000 Sushi Islands location). It looked like it was going to be a pool hall with Robz Sandwiches running a kitchen.

I phoned them and on their recorded message they said they were moving but did not say to where. I then assumed that the inspections referred to their new premises?

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Please be Kanata i don't want to die of meat overdose.

ETA website says renos, not moving. Just waiting for inspection.

Sula WokOct 13
Sula Wok are having a very soft opening at their 'bricks & mortar' location at 184 Main St in Old Ottawa East.

Clearly the renovations are taking longer than expected so they've made a makeshift 'wood & nails' kitchen out front, and currently just doing limited hours around lunch & dinner.

I went for lunch yesterday & today, since I happened to be off work. 3 items on the menu at the moment, I expect they will expand & change, but right now they are:
Vietnamese BBQ Pork Sub
Vietnamese BBQ Pork vermicelli bowl
Pork & mushroom dumpling bowl.

I had the sub yesterday, and the pork was quite delicious, I'm just not sure if the whole sub experience justified the $10 price tag.

Today I had the dumplings (which I was eyeing up yesterday while waiting for my sub). These are pan fried and crispy on one side. These we also delicious and more substantial. Although they were $12 they seemed like a better nom-nom to dollar ratio.

Clearly still working things out, and they were more organized today.

Nice addition of a bit of life to Main Street. Hope the renos finish soon though because it's going to be cold in that little shack real soon.

They are closed right now as apparently they are moving. Does anyone know where they are going?

The KFC offerings here are either crispy wings or boneless Crispy Crunchy Chicken chunks ($8.85 plus extra for sauce, either sweet-spicy or honey-soy). This time, I went with the boneless chunks. As I don't love the sweetness of the sauces I went for the unsauced option, which works out to $10 even after tax.

This is effectively a premium popcorn chicken. The price is pretty high but the quality matches. Succulent, savoury, and impossibly crispy. I had just this for lunch and while it wasn't a lot of food it kept me going for the afternoon.

The BrigOct 9
Wow! The Crispy Fish Sandwich ($15) was an excellent lunch indeed. Two hunks of panko breaded cod on a generous slab of the iconic Art-Is-In Dynamite White baguette dressed with a really nice coleslaw, house made aïoli dressing, and jalapeño relish. Choice of fries or salad, and the fries were some of the best I've had in a pub.

The Amsterdam Downtown Brown Ale went well with my meal, although it was a little steep at $6.64 for a 16 oz "sleeve” (why can't we get proper 20 oz pints of beer anymore).

Two thumbs up and I'll definitely be back for lunch!

I walked by Red Pepper Thai-Viet II (on Queen where Green Papaya was) and there was a sign advertising a take-out only lunch deal: $8.99 for chicken Pad Thai and a Vietnamese Tom Yum soup. It was ready in less than 5 mins and both were really good! I hope they expand this deal!

Chez AnhOct 3
Had a banh mi yesterday and was sad to say quality seems to have gone down. It just had the pork (no Vietnamese sausage or other meats) and three or four times I couldn't even eat the meat from the bites of the sandwich as it was the nasty chewy fat that should be removed. There wasn't as much meat or vegetables as there used to be and the poorly trimmed meat ruined the sandwich. They were also out of to-go cups for coffee. They used to be amazing so I'll give them another chance and report back. Maybe my experience was a one-off and they are just adjusting to increased demand with students back in town.

Nice thin crust, not too much cheese and generous application of fresh basil makes the margherita pie at TW a real winner!

I was there a couple nights ago; saw the new signage from the bus stop across the street and headed over to check it out. I had warby's cabbage dish but instead of tofu I opted for the pork belly. It was YUMMY! They will be adding more items to their menu once they get established.
I also ordered their rice balls - they too were yummy. They were a decent size. The stuffing this time was the tofu.