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This is what happens when a pizza place tries to do tacos.

Qualifier: tho if they tried to do 'pizza tacos' i might give them a pass.

Over all I was pretty unimpressed with the Tacos. I ordered both the pork and fish. It was 2 tacos for $14 with no sides included. Way over priced for what you get.

Pork was just ok flavour wise. A touch of heat (spice) to them which was preferred. Fish was much better but was only one small piece of battered fish. It was listed as "crispy fish" which it was not. Veggies loaded on both were fresh and sauces they put on both tacos was good.

Both taco orders came out luke warm at best. We were a large group but timing was way off and affected the meal.

would not return.

New location. Open and spacious. Good patio design with a good number of tables and coverage to provide shade on a hot day.

Staff were very good. Attentive and helpful. Went with a fairly large group but it did not affect the service too much. Main waiter enlisted help in order to keep consistency with service to everyone in our party. Kudos to him

Would hate to be there during a busy night and have to use the facilities. Don't know about the woman's bathroom but the men's room was like a closest and can only accommodate 2 people at a time.

Another Aahar hot tip - half price Tuesdays (dot) ca

$100 in gift certs for $50.

My brother and his wife took us to the Churchill location for a nice Saturday dinner. Like the Alta Vista location, the dishes here are full of flavour and a little less over-the-top rich and creamy compared to other restaurants. We've heard this described as being more like real home cooking than anywhere else. In any case, Aahar is quickly becoming our favourite place for Indian food.

The restaurant on Alta Vista is newer and nicer and better smelling than the one on Churchill and I seem to remember the naan was more nicely charred there than what we had here, but everything else was at the same high level of deliciousness.

The Onion Bhaji (top left in picture) is always worth getting. An appetizer dish new to me was the street food (chaat) Aloo Tikki, a delightfully spicy potato dish involving chick peas, tamarind, mint, coriander, and yoghurt. This flavour combination was through the roof. One to add to the list for next time!

My all time favourite south Asian dish, Dal Makhni was beautifully done here. This dark and saucy lentil dish was pure delight when scooped up with naan. This is a food that makes me forget that meat even exists..

My kids like Butter Chicken (or more accurately, the sauce eaten with rice). Aahar's version is tasty and rich, to the point where I'm sure it would make anyone very happy.

The Saag Paneer was loaded with paneer and had a nice rich spinach flavour. It isn't something I normally go for but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. :-)

A big thumbs up all around!

Pizza at Il VicoloAug 19
We dropped by for lunch on Friday during their first week in business and things look promising! This is an open-air pizzeria, meaning you are exposed to the elements. Some tables are shielded from potential rain while others are open to the sky above. Service was friendly and conversational. Water was offered right away but I was happy to see that they also carry Kichesippi Beer, which is certainly one of Ottawa's best brews.

My Margherita Pizza ($14) was the best pizza I've had in a long time. The basil and mozzarella were as good as any but what really shone were the crust and the tomato sauce. The crust could have used a little more char on top but OMG was it delicious. The dough flavour was right up there with the best I've ever had. To top it off, the tomato sauce had the glorious flavour and pinkish colour that I've only ever encountered when making from-scratch sauce from in-season tomatoes at home! I enjoyed every bite of this and was kind of dreaming about it all afternoon.

Even though there were only a handful of customers our food took a good half hour or more to arrive. I attribute this to the expected teething pains of opening a new business. Similarly, they only had the pizza part of the menu available and our pies arrived cooked to differing levels. Two were very thin and a bit black on top, another was a bit pale and undercooked, and mine was a little light on top but featured a beautiful naan-like char on the bottom. I look forward to returning over and over again to see if the consistency improves! 😉

We do Churchill regularly, but stick to our favourites-- dal makhni and aloo matar-- so can't offer any recent feedback on the rest of the menu, though I can say we've rarely been disappointed when trying something else. Those two are just the real standouts for us.

Pure KitchenAug 19
The Margarita was good and didn't totally disguise the tequila. It was sweeter than I like to make them at home and I'm sure the addition of blue majik ( did nothing to help this drink's flavour. That said, I'm quite convinced it will add months to my lifespan. 😄

As you can see from the photo, the blue majik also changes the hue of the drink to an ironically toxic-chemical looking turquoise. Neato!

Pure KitchenAug 19
Visited the Elgin Street location with coworkers for a nice dinner. Service was great. The atmosphere is very loud, making shouting mandatory.

The menu features comically prominent adjectives and relatively small nouns. I opted for the only verb-oriented dish, the IGNITE bibimbap ($18). This was a tasty and engagingly spicy bowl featuring addictively crunchy fried tofu, tasty kimchi, and an ice cream scoop dollop of gochujang. I could have done without the baby spinach leaves, which added nothing of culinary merit. These should at least have been wilted as they would be in a more authentic bibimbap.

Worthy of mention are the RADICAL cauliflower wings ($13). These appetizer plates are available in either Korean BBQ or Buffalo flavours, and both are really awesome. I preferred the Buffalo ones because they were spicy and less sweet than the BBQ. I can see vegans swooning over this stuff because it triggers many of the same yum-receptors as meat. Nice!

Mad RadishAug 19
This new restaurant by the creator of David's Tea has been the target of much hype. After trying it, I'd say it's pretty much the same thing as Green Rebel. High quality ingredients, really nutritious stuff (probably the most nutritious meal you can get out there), and perfect for people who don't really care about flavourful food.

My Coconut Greens ($15) was like a mishmash of groceries thrown in a bowl. There was no discernible coconut taste, leading me to think that maybe it had been left out by accident. The sherry dressing was okay but sweeter than I like, and the green beans were strangely raw.

A pescetarian coworker who had the Roast Salmon Kimchi bowl (the other one that appealed to me) didn't like it at all and left almost all of it untouched.

So... if you love Green Rebel you'll love Mad Radish! 😝

The lunch Haddock and Chips ($15) was good! The tartar sauce and fries are excellent. The coleslaw is made interesting by the use of what tasted like celeriac.

The fish itself was cooked a little more than necessary but didn't suffer much from that. The batter was light and crispy (yay) with some addition of herbs (oh no). I'm a bit of a purist and nothing beats a good crunchy beer batter in my books but I could see how this batter might be more appealing to some people.

Also, great patio! 👍

The BowlAug 19
Very simple dcor and menu. I have visited twice now and enjoy the one dish they serve very much.

Both times I had everything which includes the base of brown rice and beans and then toppings of salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, kalamata olives, avocado, roasted chickpeas and topped with fresh cilantro. Their "secret" dressing/sauce does make the dish.

There is only one size, so you might think it might not fill you up but I have been there for dinner both times and been more than satisfied.

There are a few tables/stools both inside and out if you want to eat at their location on Holland just south of Wellington.

Friendly service.

Not a purists fish and chips but nonetheless delightful. Note the batter on this fish is vaguely similar to KFC in dryness and thickness but hey it works, this fish is delish! The beet/sweet potato/potato chip mix was a nice light option as well. I really enjoyed this and for $12 all in it was well worth it.

Agave GrillAug 18
Best margaritas in Ottawa, I'm sure of that.

Order some guac and chips while you decide on your order, and enjoy delicious Mexican/Southwestern food. I've been coming here for a while now, and it always delivers.

Local produce and cuisine, served by friendly locals who know their stuff... I love this place!

I come for the finest local produce they sell, and stay for a delicious snack from the ever-changing menu. The take-home dinners are also really delicious and a time-saving option for busy Ottawans.

This place is a long-standing favourite of mine. From the diner-style seating right through to the delicious cream cheeses, it's just excellent.

My top tip is to try and get bagels that are fresh out of the oven... your best bet is the sesame ones, as they're baked very frequently.

If you're looking for Montreal bagels in Ottawa, your search needn't go any further!

Yum! I love this place, it really does feel like an authentic Parisian Cafe in the heart of Ottawa. I especially appreciate the attention-to-detail in the ornaments and table dressing, which means there's always something interesting to notice.

I never leave empty-handed, either; the preserves and other produce make great gifts for friends and family.

You can't beat the proper French croissants, either... highly recommend.

Yay! Got to try their soft serve at the new location. It was excellent - and nice to see their new storefront. Next time we'll try the hard serve, which others at the picnic table were enjoying.

Shared a Margherita and the macaroni, cheese and mushrooms. The pizza was good for Ottawa - I especially loved the crust. The sauce was strangely spicy, which was fine with me, but not so fine with my SO. Cheese good, lots of basil, which is very appreciated (I hate it when you get two little leaves for a whole pizza).

Macaroni and cheese was very rich and good. Not at all your typical version, but loved the mushrooms. Maybe a bit too greasy for me.

Overall, not sure how often we'll go back because we make excellent thin crust pizza at home....

I may have started something dangerous. I tried Uji's Japanese cheesecake yesterday. It was exactly my kind of dessert - not too sweet, fluffy, cheesy. I have never had Japanese cheesecake before, so I cannot gauge if it was better than others, but it was excellent. Note - there seemed to be two cakes that looked like cheesecake - one looked more typically North American. I got the smaller, more cake-like type.

We also got a slice of the mango mille crepe cake, which, while sweeter, was also good.