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My son liked his 43. Guay Teau Lad Na with pork ($15.95). I tried a little and even though I love the spicy hit of pad kee mao I'm reeeally tempted to get this next time.

The gravy is heavy on black pepper and wok flavour. Scrumpdillyicious!

They seem to use this vegetable mix for many of their dishes, which might be disappointing if you're expecting Chinese broccoli (aka gai lan) with your Pad See Ew. That said, it's a nice mix so I'm not going to hold it against them.

Chicken Pad Kee Mao ($14.95) was delicious and pleasantly filling. This place is my current go-to for Thai foodpartly because it's tasty and partly because it's not far from where I live.

It had been more than two years, so I figured it was time to have the Northern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($19) again. Aside from the $3 price jump, I found the waffle soft, chewy, and unremarkable. Maple syrup might have made it better (especially given the "Northern" branding of the dish) but alas this was cheap tasteless syrup. The coleslaw was miserable but the fries were fine. Bonus points for supplying gravy!

So really, you're far better off just getting a 3-piece side order of chicken for $10 and maybe a salad or fries and gravy. Pro tip!

Shared a Mixed Grill Plate ($22) and it was quite good. The meats here are mostly just okay. Potatoes, toum, and hummus all hit the spot. The star of the show is always the made-to-order pita here.

I also recommend the falafel, the cheese manakeesh, and the lentil soup!

Pastries at FarinellaNov 10
I tried one of Farinella's maritozzi at La Bottega Nicastro recently and it was really nice. Perfectly chewy rich bread, glazed with sugar, sliced open, and filled with vanilla cream. This was delicious in that wonderful homemade way where the ingredients taste clean and unprocessed.

Next time you think you want a doughnut, try a maritozzo instead! I enjoyed it much more than any doughnut. That said, I do still need to try Farinella's doughnuts...

Go Gi YaNov 9
Yesterday I finally made it back to Go Gi Ya to try some fried chicken. I got a generous portion of moist, crispy chicken served over a bed of styrofoam noodles and a coleslaw on the side and I ordered a garlic soy sauce on the side. The soy sauce was garlicky without being overpowering and, as James C. mentioned, the coleslaw was a nice palate cleanser. I had a taste of the styrofoam noodles but there was nothing to taste so I didn't eat them. I wish they would serve the chicken with real noodles or rice instead but that's just a minor complaint. This place is a real gem on Bank and I look forward to going back.

Doughnuts at SidedoorOct 31
Soft cinnamon sugar doughnuts.

Tacos at SidedoorOct 31
The beef tacos are really good.

I like their burger so much it doesn't affect my patronage, but I'm also casting a vote for slow/inconsistent service.

I recall one instance where a lunch companion ordered the whole earth salad with no nuts (allergies).

Took close to an hour, and we were sitting close enough to the kitchen we could hear the chef yell out "Whole Earth salad! Hold the nuts!" at least four times, getting louder and angrier each time.

I have to agree with jazz. I popped in on my birthday earlier this year just to have a simple diner breakfast before doing some other things. They got it wrong twice. I don't know how. I was there for 90 minutes to eat a 2-egg breakfast. The coffee was some of the weakest I've ever had. I gave it back to the waitron the first time she came back and wasn't asked if I wanted anything else. I settled for the water.

They aren't cheap, either.
I will not be returning.

I went to the King Eddy on Saturday with out-of-town friends. It was not bad, but the service was really disorganized and this is the second time I have experienced this here.
We were sat immediately and were given water and glasses but we had to ask to order as did the two tables on either side of us. Food came out in a reasonable amount of time, although the table check wasn't done until food was almost finished, so it seems that it was the front of the house that was in disarray.
As a former restaurant manager and waitress, I am always very cognizant of the rhythm and pace of service and today they got a failing grade.
The other day, I went in for breakfast with my daughter and the waitress took over 5 minutes to come and see me. This was on a Monday morning and there was only one other table in the place.

Have been to the new location in the old Wong's Palace building 3 or 4 times and can definitely say that the quality and quantity has taken a turn for the worse. I'm not sure if it's under new ownership but the portions are much smaller and chicken isn't as well seasoned as it was before. I've eaten lots of shawarma and used to love the shawarmas at the old place and I wish I had a photo of the truly sad shawarma I got last time. Barely any chicken in it and wasn't crisped up on the charcoal how I like it, was only on a couple of seconds.



178 McArthur Ave., Vanier, ON K1L 6P9

It seems from google this place has been open two years, but I just discovered it today looking for lunch.

Run by two women from Yunan ?

I had some spicy tofu noodle dish. It was amazingly flavorful.

I'll be back. I'm dreaming about this food.

I've never had Yunan Cuisine before.

I dropped by the new Chickpeas in the Glebe on Saturday. It was quite busy in the afternoon.

Being my first time at any Chickpeas, I got the Original sandwich.

The falafels were nice and light and still warm. While all the veggies and sauce was cooler. I like biting into the crispy bits of the falafel.

I dislike the places that mash up the microwaved falafels with their thumb.

It was absolutely fresh and I was able to taste the distinct hummus and tahini among the crispy and tasty veggies. Ill definitely go back to try the other sandwiches. Im intrigued by the non traditional hummus.

I have been coming to the 10th line location despite 2 other new locations because the quality is consistent and service has only improved over time. We came here for my dads birthday and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food. We caught the end of the moon festival specials: roast duck, mooncakes, and a few other special items.

Panda Garden has now shut down after Mandarin Buffet opened in Kanata. Much like Hong Chow buffet shut down when Panda Garden showed up. Thanks for the memories!

Buster's Bar and Grill has moved into this location, as Lincoln Heights mall is about to be rebuilt from the ground up in a similar timeline to Stage 2 LRT.


I never miss a chance to grab a chicken-bacon-avocado when I am over there.

CrabOct 12
Some Costcos have real Russian/Alaskan king crab by Toppits. Most others have AquaStar Argentine "Red" crab that is not as good. AquaStar also used to sell Gulf of Cortez shrimp which were excellent but I have not been able to find it lately.

This is the best filet mignon I have had in a long time. It was done as requested (medium rare) and a bit toasty at the tips. Simply nice piece of beef. It came with a started salad with their lovely house dressing. My kids were fighting for my salad! Can you believe? The steak came with a choice of side. I went with the garlic rice which was a flavourful pilaf. Warms buns are served right after drinks arrived. Honestly, I think this is the best value for money for a steakhouse compared to many others, not counting the very fancy spots, but it is comparing the same thing. Service was pretty good. Our waitress had many big tables!