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Here is a link to their weekly specials. This way I can check when Parmigiana Reggiano is on sale. Specials change every Monday.

Got the fried rice+plantain+chicken+salad combo, and chatted with the very friendly owner as it was cooked up. Said she keeps the same menu but might cook things a little differently each time to switch it up and give new flavours with each visit.

This place has been open for about 8 months and has a few small two-seater tables as well as a counter with stools along the window.

My food was pretty good. The fried rice was standard, and the plantains were up to snuff. The chicken itself (that day, fried) was a pretty generous portion and lasted me two meals (though maybe just one for others). It was subtly seasoned, though I wouldn't have minded something a little more powerful. I want to go back to try the more popular kebab and beef items (chicken seemed low on the list of what would be considered one of the more worthwhile things to order), and maybe work up to the goat..

I got the sandwich at the Westboro Farmers Market ($9 -- a buck off Lansdowne!) and will agree with Stewtine that it could have used a little more flavour. Not that I want it to knock me over the head with salt and spices, but I want to get a bit more of a taste of what's inside than just texture (which is fantastic). Though we were offered some falafel to sample while in line, and the flavour on that came through just fine .. excellent texture and well-seasoned.

The made-to-order pita was the real highlight of the sandwich. Flattened dough puck put on the stone and baked before our eyes. I could eat about 10 of those alone..

Good sandwich on the whole.

Went on one of the first recommendations from the forum thread about poutine, was not disappointed. Fries were good and crispy, true to the truck's name, gravy was standard, and this may have been the first poutine about which I've ever wondered, "is there such a thing as too many cheese curds?"

After getting a taste, no mystery why the lineup was consistently 10 deep throughout lunchtime on a Friday. Wait time on a medium poutine, from lineup to first bite, was probably 20 minutes.. not sure if this is standard for any lunch rush there, but was worth the wait

Table 85 Jul 16
They're back:

Posted July 9:

"Table 85 start open in regular business hour
12:00 to 9 PM Tue to Friday,
12:00 to 5 Saturday.
Sunday and Monday offf.
From tomorrow July 9th
We also start serving Icy Korean Style Cold Noodle.."

The saj and falafel are both excellent texturally. Unfortunately the sandwich really was tasteless and lacked seasoning. Even the pickled elements were hardly noticable. Just a bit of salt would really change this sandwich. Also $10 at the landsdowne market.

Momos at The Momo SpotJul 15
Pork momos with spicy sauce - $10 at the landsdowne market. Eat in one bite if possible to avoid losing any of the delicious, fatty salty momo juice. These are worth the hype but maybe could be slightly cheaper for what they are. But hey, considering garlic scapes are priced at 5 scapes for $3 this was a fine deal.

I just stopped into the Westboro location for a quick beer and a snack, and left wondering what it is that makes this place so popular.

My first impression is that it is really dark inside - is that really an atmosphere they are trying to achieve?

And it was warm. So warm that a family of 4 came in after me and was seated at the next table, and 3 minutes later they left and told the waitress it was just too warm. Around the same time a customer on the other side opened the big front window on his side. Too warm.

And yet they had air conditioning teazing us gently. I felt it just before the family arrived - I was right under a vent and suddenly there was a wonderful blast of cold air coming out. But evidently they are keeping costs down by regulating it carefully. So carefully they are driving customers away - the place was about 1/3 full which seems pretty bad for Westboro at 8pm on Saturday.

And in hindsight they are adding insult to injury with what little lighting they had - the lights were tiny halogen not LED. Halogens are extremely hot unlike LEDs which are quite the opposite.

So I dunno. It seems to me that on a muggy night like tonight they'd be packed if they cranked up that AC and gave people a bit of relief from the sweltering heat.

AhoraJul 14
I have a hard time convincing my coworkers to come here because they like burritos more than side dishes. My Veg Enchiladas were fine but for me the meals here aren't about the enchiladas/burritos/tacos. It's all about the condiment bar!

For this meal I was able to choose two of: rice, beans, salad. I went for the beans and salad. These beans are perfect! Well seasoned and addictive. The salad is good enough but less spectacular. Really all I want is a pile of beans and the salsa bar. Their salty pico de gallo and salsa verde are two of my favourite foods anywhere.

Recently on Tuesdays they've been offering their Tacos for $2.50 each. Given that tacos in our city typically go for $5 or more this is a great price!

However, these are tiny little tacos. I ordered 4 and found it to be a reasonable light lunch. The crispy fish ones are delightful! Unfortunately, the others are not that interesting and require dousing with loads of salsa verde.

The drinks look good here. I see it as a great place to hang out with friends and have a few bites while you enjoy a drink or two.

Il VicoloJul 14
The Margherita here is still very good but the wonderful dough flavour seems to be missing now. This is an elusive quality for me and I haven't found it anywhere consistently. It likely has to do with how fresh the dough is prior to baking (age equals flavour).

Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent Margherita. I used to say it was head and shoulders above the rest but I'm starting to see pizza in Ottawa as a tie between the top restaurants due to variability from visit to visit.

It still takes a good 30 minutes for our order to arrive so my experience almost a year ago was not a ramping up thing. No worries, it's a very pleasant place to sit and wait. Especially with a drink. :-)

This new menu item (actually off menu, as I had to ask about it) Icy Noodle is perfect on a hot day. A pile of chewy noodles sitting in a lake of salty cold broth with chunks of slushy ice. A dollop of gochujang adds a little spicy-sweetness to the experience, julienned cucumber and sliced radish give fresh crunch, and half a boiled egg supplies protein.

At ~$12.95+tax, I found it to be on the small side for something served in a disposable bowl but it turned out to be satisfying enough and I paid almost that much for a fast food combo (A&W Beyond burger with rings) this week so I should just shut up. :-)

They offered me a little condiment cup with a tiny bit of mustard oil in it, along with a verbal warning to take only a tiny amount. Man that stuff tastes weaponized! It's like wasabi concentrate, adding a fun sinusal assault to each sip.

I'm a huge fan of a good Paris-Brest pastry but this was not such a thing. The filling was the best part and had a nice praliney flavour, but the mouth feel was strangely oily. The choux pastry was hard and dry and stale tasting.

My big beef with this place is that it has a massive selection of visually appealing but disappointing products. The huge selection means that things sit around. The doors are often wide open and flies visit the products frequently. Ordering a pastry here is a gamble that usually results in something that doesn't taste fresh. This is grocery store quality at premium bakery prices.

I typically shy away from negative reviews because I believe businesses selling poor products will die out naturally and taking the time to write comments is a waste of effort. However, Le Moulin de Provence exists in the alternate reality of the ByWard Market, where repeat customers are not always the objective and a fresh population of tourists is all but guaranteed. See my original comment from 12 years ago below. Not much has changed! :(

It breaks my heart that people are visiting Ottawa and judging our food by what is available in the ByWard Market building. I've been working right across from it for a year and a half now and the only place we visit on a regular basis is the lovely Corazón de Maíz. Come on Ottawa, we can do much better!

Pizza at Ten of CupsJul 14
The most perfectly balanced Margherita Pizza ($11) I've ever encountered. Acidic-sweet tomato, salty-tangy-stretchy cheese, pungent freshly picked basil, and a beautifully light chewy-crisp crust with a pleasant bitterness from the char.

If you loved Chef Mike Frank's magic at the former Mellos Restaurant and also more recently on Mondays at citizen then you'll be happy to know that this venture is a shared one between him and his business partner, Bernie Limoges.

There are three fuel burning pizza ovens at work here, each at a different temperature. As ordered, each crust is formed by hand, topped, then carefully cooked by passing it between the ovens as needed. My Margherita was topped with basil (plucked after the pizza was cooked!) and then briefly reinserted into an oven to lightly wilt it.

There was nobody ahead of us and we waited a little over 5 minutes for two pies. With a larger lineup the wait could be quite a while but the nice thing is they tell you how long it will be and you can go do something else.

Highly recommended!

Late night indulging on a bacon and onion poutine at ESD. I understand there is controversy but I personally enjoy their poutine. Sure, it's not an every day poutine but they have great fries and they really don't skimp on the portion and toppings. This was $12.99 and easily satisfied two very hungry people

Bánh Mě at My HangJul 14
Tried the assorted and the chicken bánh mě. What a steal at $3.50! Great bread and, despite the picture, toppings were generous. Chicken was delicious and the hoisin was scant compared to other versions in town, which I appreciate. Only gripe is that there was no cucumber and minimal chili.

The Cronut from Rideau Bakery was so good. It tasted super fresh and airy. It had a creamy delicious custard on the inside and just the right amount of glaze and chocolate drizzle. Tasted like heaven. Did I mention it was good?

They also have consistently fresh and tasty donuts (Way better prices then the fluffy hipster donut shops that I also have enjoyed). Not to mention their Challah (Egg Bread) makes amazing french toast! It's also the same bread the Sherwood Deli uses for their sandwiches.

Tried the new location on Carling where the Shawarma House used to be. Had the Marrakech wrap with fries and a drink which came to just over 10 dollars. The beef in the wrap was a broken up hamburger patty and cheese was processed. Fries were incredibly salty and great if you like McDonalds fries which are not to my taste. I wasn’t very intrigued by the menu and will likely never go back. Hard sell when Shawarma Palace and Do Good Food are nearby and are a healthier and less expensive option. My colleague tried the “oriental” which is chicken tandoori with cheese and other toppings and was not impressed.

I was here a few weeks ago with my girlfriend on a Friday. It was surprisingly quite slow, though we did go a bit late (8pm).

All and all the menu was fairly typical for a higher end restaurant. I enjoyed steak, she scallops. Both were great. The real star though was the vegetarian pie. It was a main, but they were nice enough to serve as a shared app. It was amazing. Some pureed sweet potato, a jelly of some sort. It was fantastic.

All and all a nice meal and wouldn't be in a rush to return, but can't go wrong here. Attentive service and a dynamite dark and stormy.

The Hand Pressed Hamburger ($17) is a good option here. Garnishes are clearly inspired by the Big Mac: lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, pickles, red onion. Cheese, mushrooms, and bacon are offered for a surcharge.

Even the light and thin fries are reminiscent of the golden arches. But my comparison to McDonald's is superficial: this flavourful and beefy sandwich is miles ahead of an actual Big Mac.