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This place is no longer at Green Fresh; I don't think it exists anymore.

Went to the Noodle House a little while ago and enjoyed my time eating the delicious food there!

From the rice paper wraps, to Vietnamese slaw with shredded chicken, soup, tofu, and vegetarian spring rolls with vermicelli, there is a wide variety of items on the menu. The Noodle House is a great place to visit if you want Vietnamese food and are feeling hungry, or maybe want leftovers to bring home, since the portion sizes are quite generous.

Another thing to mention is the attention to detail that goes into the presentation of each dish, allowing the ingredients to complement one another visually as well as in flavour.

Overall, there was wonderful service, satiating food, and aesthetically-pleasing presentation that, combined, made for a super fun meal :)

We had our Christmas lunch at the Pelican Grill, and it was my first time there. It was great.

The menu is solid and varied, and I was pleased to see oysters on the menu. The selection of wines and beers were also quite interesting.

I was also really pleased to see how busy it was, even up until 2:00 when we left. It reminds me of the sort of local crowd that comes to other Fish Market Stalwart Restaurants™ that I've been to and enjoyed, like Lapointe and the Merivale Seafood Grill.

I'm really looking forward to heading here again with the family, so that we can try out other things on the menu. (To say nothing of the shopping that you can do on your way out the door!)

Well I am not sure if you can find a bigger, juicier wing in Ottawa. I have had them a few times and they are always well smoked. If you like heat, the hot wings can be hit or miss spice wise. Great brisket too. All good.

Crispy'sJan 8
I stopped by last week and had the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. All in all not a bad offering but it was not a traditional cheese steak. Sure it had shaved beef and sautéed veggies,but it was topped of with a white garlic sauce. A little bit sweet with maybe sesame, it was not what I wanted. Good but misnamed IMHO.

Not my pic but the reviews are rave. 2 Piece Haddock and chips for $16.25, comes with 1 tartar sauce per piece. This is my next stop on my way through Arnprior. Brian's Spuds is open year round.

Christmas dinner this year involved a trip to The Shore Club for a thoroughly memorable meal. I was part of a group of 16 and we were all looking forward to a leisurely meal. Most of us started off with glasses of wine while we perused the menu. I started off with a Rosenhall Run Pixie sparkling rosé and it is perhaps one of the best sparkling wines I've ever had. While studying the menu the waiter informed us that the resto was serving a turkey dinner in addition to their regular menu so that's what I ordered. The meal came with turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, and stuffing. One of my dining companions chose the arctic char with a side of spinach and she enjoyed it immensely. I was also hoping to order a glass of white to pair with dinner but I was overwhelmed by the selections of wine on offer. I asked the waiter if he could recommend a wine and he suggested I try the Peter Yealands sauvignon blanc and it was fabulous.

The food and drink was spot on and the waiter was courteous and knowledgeable. The only beef I had was with the 90 minute wait for dinner to arrive. The restaurant was packed on Christmas day and I was with a large group so I expected a wait but it was longer than anticipated. Complimentary bread or appetizers would have been great but we were out of luck. The waiter did in fact bring bread but with dinner. I still enjoyed my meal though and hope to go back sometime.

EggnogJan 2
The recipe from the salmonella experiment can be found here:

or just search for Dr. Rebecca Lancefield egg nog recipe

I will try a half batch for the 2019 season. Will report back. I like the idea of it being refrigerated rather than being in the closet.

Chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich on challah. Great value for 6.75 with non-processed cheese and chicken salad. Could benefit from banana peppers or spicy eggplant as it is creamy and delicious but a bit on the bland side. Would still highly recommend.

EggnogDec 22
Thanks G-Lo for the recipe. Are you storing that at room temperature?? Are you using a water trap or anything to seal the vessel? The image in my head is of a 5 gallon food safe bucket from Home Depot sitting in a clothes closet. I also assume you start with homogenized milk, and use whipping cream. Bringing the average milk fat level to about 9% before adding alcohol.

I went to Rainbow foods on Richmond - same mall as Farmboy. The bottle cap of Harmony organics at $8.99 looks the same as the bottle cap of Farm Boy at $6.99. Both add a $2 deposit. Bought the Farm Boy - it is good, but is missing the thicker creamy texture that I seek.

Stopped in to have a coffee and toasted bagel at the Bank/Sunnyside location. The brewed coffees were a dark something and a medium roasted Guatemalan and I went with the medium. It was fruity and bright, just like my home-roasted. Yummy! And the buttered bagel was excellent. 👍

I would guess it’s still one of the cheaper breakies around.

Chicken parmigiana with tomato sauce penne at the St Joseph location in Hull, Quebec.

It’s nothing fancy but a fun place to go with kids. They love the kids menu which is decently priced. Adults can choose between many classic pasta dishes. It’s a chain so it’s predictable. Again, perfect for bringing kids because you can be loud.

EggnogDec 13
That's just science!

Regarding the topic of egg nog, the Farm Boy Organic is very good.

Cochrane's is now delivering milk from Laiterie de l'Outaouais. We get it in plastic jugs and it tastes the same as in bottles. It tastes the same as Cochrane's before this. There is no listing on the price sheet for egg nog.

EggnogDec 13
Make your own? I have some aging in the closet for at least a month now.

I did half of this recipe my friend gave me:

Recipe for about 10 - 12 L:
-48 egg yolks
-4 L milk
-1 L heavy cream
-6 cups of sugar
-enough booze to get it around 16 - 20% ABV, usually 4 - 5 L of decent
proof booze (selection changes year to year, but mostly consists of the
partial bottles of rum, whiskey, brandy, etc that I'm looking to clear out
each year)
-light spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc)

Let it rest for at least a month so the alcohol can sterilize any possible bacteria like salmonella, etc.

An experiment showing how the alcohol kills salmonella over time:

I went to Gabriel's on Metcalfe for a retirement luncheon yesterday. The guest of honour asked for a send-off lunch at Gabriel's so off we went. This location has a seating area for those who would like to dine-in however it is not as spacious as I had originally thought so our group of 15 took up a whole section of the resto. The inside of the resto looked nice with exposed brick walls and the pizza oven was in full view of the diners so we could watch the pizzas being made.

Most of my colleagues ordered pizzas for lunch and they loved their pizzas. The three coworkers sitting immediately to my left ordered the Gabriel Deluxe and it got rave reviews. One of my coworkers ordered a quinoa burger and really enjoyed it although she said the sweet potato fries were awfully spicy. While I was perusing the menu I noticed they had a lasagna lunch available which consisted of an individual sized lasagna and came with garlic bread and a soup or salad. The option to substitute the lasagna with a mac 'n cheese at no extra charge was available so that's what I ordered. My mac 'n cheese consisted of penne with white sauce and a little bit of grated orange cheddar on top. Using more flavourful cheeses would have been nice but I guess Gabriel's specializes in pizza so maybe the other dishes are an afterthought. The garlic bread and caesar certainly smelled of garlic when they arrived at the table but I was't tasting much garlic as I was eating them. My dish was mediocre at best so next time I go to Gabriel's I will stick to pizza.

EggnogDec 11
Not sure what qualifies as real but Whole Foods is selling Harmony Organic and it’s pretty clucking good.

EggnogDec 11
Yes Cochran's still delivers, but they stopped producing any product a few years ago. Last time I checked (a few years ago) they were distributing Hewitt's milk from Hagersville near Hamilton. We stopped home delivery, as the cost and environmental impact of hauling glass bottles 1000 km up and back down the 401 did not make sense. I understand that now Hewitt's and Brum's (Pembroke) are now part of the Gay Lea family, and non-dairy additives are now part of the products.

Still in search for real egg nog.

Did the price of the 1991 $3.00 two breakfast rise at the same rate as inflation (consumer price index) over the years ?

According to The Bank of Canada InFlation Calulator Website (, $3.00 in 1991 is worth $4.85 in 2018.

So, if you use $6.95 as the 2018 price, the cost has risen 43% higher than the inflation rate.

Weird experience reported to me by a family member who went to get some beans from the Laurel (original roastery) location today.

They went in and found it was cash only because their machines were down and was directed to the ATM (this is fine, it happens). But upon return, they were told that they only had large bags of beans and when asked when they were roasted, they told them that they are over a month old?! So they directed them to another retailer for small bags of more freshly roasted beans from their own company.

Sorry, I'm just posting this because I am kind of dumbfouned at the logistics here. The only logical explanation I have is that these days the cafés aren't doing much whole bean sales compared to retailers and they are more for display?

I guess they don't have freshly roasted beans in buckets anymore. The days are long gone where I could walk in and the previous owner would make me a fresh bag of any bean of my choice :(