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Hi there,

I'm the current general manager at Zolas Restaurant and I'm reaching out to the administrator of this website because I would like the name updated. Changed from Zola's to Zolas Restaurant. This helps us with SEO because Google likes things to be consistent.

Thank you

Another amazing sandwich. It always makes going to the ByWard Market enjoyable.

I think so but would call to be sure.

@Osolomeal; was the BC pizza made with white meat? Asking for a friend. No really.

Huh... so i checked Skip too and no it's not there and to ensure i didn't imagine it (is imaginary pizza a thing? ...yes, yes it is, especially since legalization...) i scrolled thru my old orders and yep, there it is back in Oct. Now on a mission, I see it's still on the FB page and the Uber-Eats menu AND Doordash.

So... um... yeah.

I didn’t see the BC ax on the Skip menu...

Yes. Thought it was good, but I prefer the butter chicken za.

Anyone tried the southern vindaloo pizza?

While I do love tea, I had hesitated to try this place because I sensed an air of overpriced luxury. However, after enjoying the smell of a sample tin at Grace in the Kitchen recently I decided I had to explore more. I should mention that Grace was charging several dollars *more* than the Kusmi boutique so be aware of that.

There are several teas I'd like to try from here, especially their twists on Earl Grey. Black tea is easy to make delicious though, so I first focused on their caffeine-free options. My previous experiences with herbal teas other than straight mint or chamomile have been terribly disappointing. After listening to my criteria, the salesperson suggested this Be Cool tea, consisting of apple, rosehip, verbena, peppermint, anise, and liquorice. Paying $26 for a 100g tin confirmed this as a luxury item and meant my expectations were pretty high.

But this was superb! I can say with certainty that it was the most perfectly balanced cup of mint tea I've encountered. The mint is the prominent flavour, with the apple adding sweetness and the other ingredients serving to mellow the mint. Beautiful!

As for the price, you can purchase "refill" bags at $18 for 100g, which is a little more reasonable. I mean, this is a beautiful tin but $8 is a little much for that. Prices vary for different teas.

In the Rideau Centre, this place competes directly with DAVIDsTEA. However, I'd say there's really no competition. The quality of the blends is uniformly high (no sweet Birthday Cake sprinkles tea here), prices are at or below DAVIDsTEA premium teas, and best of all the brewing instructions use clear weights rather than relying on a nebulously defined "Perfect Spoon."

@OSM Thank you. I need to go there.

@ffan - as far as i know. Skip The Dishes lets you pre-order but from experience even if you aim for like 415 delivery, the driver may have to wait a bit for the food. ...which hasn't impacted my enjoyment at all.

@OSoloMeal I am sitting salivating after reading your review. Are they open only after 4:00 PM?

Roost & Grills pizza is all good. Their butter chicken 'za, is, in fact, VERY good. But that's not what i'm here to post about. I'm here about the chicken.

Y'know those family meals you can get from various Middle-Eastern restaurants... whole bird, sides, etc?
Early this week i had my third go at delivery of Roost n Grill's 'Emirati meal' and am driven to rave here about it.

The chicken is pretty much perfect. Grilled through, flattened, seasoned over and under the skin to within a perfect inch of its short happy chicken life, it is delicious. Even the white meat is tender and tasty. The skin... i try to eat healthy but this is one of those times i want to leave the skin on the bird, and then steal it from the plates of my more strong-willed dining companions.

The roasted potatoes - irregular bite sized chunks of roasted happy joy in your head - are green. Yes. Green. It's the seasoning, you see. I do not know what they put in it, possibly unicorns and crystal meth, but they are, again, delicious, kind of addictive.

The rice - you know that really tasty style of rice that is yellow and has peas and carrots and raisins and other herb and spice things that someone more culinarily inclined than i could identify? The kind you want to just shovel into your face while you're unpacking the meal from the bag? Well, it's that.

The salad is a romaine and cabbage and carrots and red onion combo, with a vinegar dressing, and is good. It fulfills the necessary veg component nicely so you feel less guilty about all the bird and carbs you will also consume.

Houses sauces are a green tasty thing and a red just slightly spicy thing. I keep forgetting to unpack them in my rush to get to the food but they're really good w the leftovers.

Total meal is ample for 2 adults. Probably enough for a family of 4 if no one is a huge eater. If feeding more than 3 hungry adults (or one teenager) i think i would get an additional half or the 2 bird version of the meal. Or a side pizza.

Also tried their wings... all good. Not as rave-worthy as the chicken, but the honey garlic sauce and the spicy sauce tasted house made, not bottled, and the wings themselves were good sized and nicely crispy.

All three orders have been consistent and delicious. Leftovers (if any) don't suffer. Worth the money. Will order again.

Ola CocinaJan 14
Ola Cocina is a very colourful building in the Vanier neighbourhood, behind the Metro grocery store. The interior is cute, welcoming, and colourful as well.

I tried the 3 tacos and 2 side special for $19. You can choose any of a dozen of choices. I went with shrimp, pork el pastor and duck confit. The shrimp was fresh and juicy. The el pastor was quite spicy but tender. The duck confit was a bit grilled and a bit sweet. Each with different toppings. The beans and rice were really good. I wasn’t able to finish them because I was pretty full after the tacos!

I will be back to try many of the other tacos! The waitress was lovely.

Another visit, another delicious pork burrito. I never order large of anything these days but for some reason this time I did so. And I ate the whole damn thing. It was massive and I could not stop. Very good. Great service too and the hot sauces rock.

Irene's PubJan 11
I stopped in for dinner last Thursday on my way to the Mayfair. I love their burgers but I decided to stray from my usual order and had the mac 'n cheese with bacon and it came with caesar salad and garlic bread. The mac 'n cheese had lots of bacon in it and had a nice cheese/breadcrumb crust. The salad and bread were nice but could have used way more garlic. The Beau's I ordered went well with the meal. Service was polite yet attentive.

The General Tso chicken is a fusion dish here. It is not very spicy but it was a pleasant dish with steamed rice and a fried rice chip. I shared it with my family and everyone enjoyed it.

The general Tso chicken is always on the menu and is fairly popular. It is on the sweeter side.

Wow no comments on this place since my last one in 2018? Anyway, I went to the bank st location the other night before a movie with my oldest 3 kids. Overall the experience was very positive. Burgers were fantastic as one might expect from a burger joint. Onion rings are legendary as always. The offspring all enjoyed their meals greatly.

I do have a few qualms though.

Those ridiculous 500ml Anchor Hocking measuring cups for the found pop drinks need to go an never come back. I should have asked for a beer glass for mine. It was just stupid.

On a related note, I definitely give the server points for being on top of things and making sure we were taken care of - clearly they train the staff well to keep their eye on the tables. However not sure if this part is standard policy or not but our drinks were being whisked away to be refilled before they were even empty, and without asking first! Zoom, zoom and the stupid measuring cups are gone and zoom, zoom they are back and full. That's not cool because people don't always want a refill, but people like me also don't like wasting food. And if I had been asked I'd have asked for a different flavour of pop than the one I started out with.

Anyway, I'll recap that overall very positive. But those couple of things really irked me.

I guess I should also mention that food was delivered in a timely fashion too. Another on the positive side.

Oh yeah one more quibble - it would be nice to have a healthy option on the menu. I wanted good burgers for my kids but would have preferred a healthier wrap or something for myself.

This place is great.
I've eaten there twice in the past several months, and both times had delicious chicken schniztel (don't remember the specific flavours I chose), generous servings, and excellent spaztle.

There's also tempting desserts on display lining the wall (the first time I visited I bought some studel and rum balls to take home, the second time I acknowledged that I was too stuffed from my meal)

Being a lunch place and closed Sundays I can't often get there, but it's well worth it when I can.