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We went there yesterday intending to buy a few things. We went in wearing masks and disposable gloves. I was surprised to see so many people in what is a relatively small space. It was impossible to find a spot that was 2 meters from the next person. Most people were not wearing masks, none were wearing gloves. One of the people who did have a mask was wearing it around her neck. We left without buying anything and have no plans to go back until they start restricting the number of people allowed in the store at any one time.

Best pizza in town.

Order it well done, not cut. The top layer of cheese is crispy, but still gooey underneath. By not cutting, the underside of the crust stays nice and dry/crispy.

Pizza HutMay 5
Have been eating very healthy lately and was really craving some greasy cheesy pizza on my cheat day and ended up at the greasiest place in the business. They have a nifty ordering system that allows you to pay online and pick up from the store. Pizza hut is the only place I've ever had pizza before that has a crust coated in oil and it is so unhealthy but so delicious. This pizza was 10$ for a medium plus I think a dollar for the added banana peppers. I ate four slices and was reminded why I haven't eaten their pizza in almost 10 years. I don't think the pleasure is worth the pain.

Sign on the door says 'closed today', other sign says a cheese shop is going in soon, so... so much for that.


Tomato braised beef short rib. Black olive, fennel, caper and peppers served on rigatoni and parmesan.

Was absolutely amazing!

Farm BoyMay 1
Big fan of the downtown Farm Boy. Good pizza made fast on a thin crust. The pepperoni is a thick small-diameter disk, taste and texture of salami, the cheese is very tasty (more like a brick or cheddar than a mozza in flavour), as is the rich sauce. Nice soft crust with some crisp. $8.99 I think for 10" pepperoni, not sure how much for more toppings.

The burgers are delicious too, I wonder if they use medium fat ground beef, because it's nice and buttery, juicy. $7.99 for the combo which includes chips and cole slaw, no charge for cheese. $8.99 for a double. I'm thinking 1/4lb patties.

Super friendly staff, very clean store, uber-organized. Easy parking downstairs, you pay $1, but get refunded at the cash if you buy over $20 of goods.

Best apocalypse grocery experience so far.

We ordered a pizza from here last night and were very pleased with it. Generous toppings, and a good crust, fairly light.

Having had their business wiped out by Covid 19 Chef Jason and Tanya have pivoted and are now doing an upscale takeout / delivery service. They have a weekly menu for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and you sign up for one by 4pm the previous day.

We are signed up for Saturday this week - can't wait! Visit this site for details

Hmmm looks like you’re right. His LinkedIn says he stopped working there August 2019. Which is odd because all the media leading up to Top Chef didn’t say “ex of Stofa” or “Stofa alumnus” etc. Well, that’s cleared up. Thanks.

I don't think the Top Chef guy is there anymore. The sous chef is a lady now

Maybe they just wanted you to know that the chicken was wood fired. (On their free Traeger grill😀)

Sourdough: “Promotional consideration provided by..........”

After watching Top Chef Canada I am less-inclined to dine at Stofa. That guy (their sous-chef I think) is not a good ambassador for the restaurant at all. But that menu looks good and the guy on TV is not in charge so may have to try out that menu sometime...

Sorry, just can help notice, "traeger grill chicken", why don't they advertise their stove top and oven manufacturers as well? Anyway sounds like a great meal!

So, after watching Top Chef Canada, and also wanting to support local business, we ordered this delightful Stofa on the Sofa meal, and by goodness we were glad we did.

The rolls were rich and buttery.

I am not usually a fan of wedge salad, but the dressing was amazing, and they served it with a delicious tapenade, and some great feta cheese.

The Tortilla soup was refreshing. It has big chunks of vegetables, and was incredibly well seasoned.

The chicken piece were large, well seasoned, and juicy. The Piri Piri sauce was so good, I am sure nando's is trying to steal it.

The Rice really really was a surprising star. We didn't taste teh apple as much, but the cinnamon gave it a nice heat, flavourful without being spicy.

The coleslaw was unfortunately not great. It was ok, but it was the one dish we all agreed we didn't care for.

The Tres Leche cake was our unaminous favourite of all the dishes. It was so moist, but yet somehow kept it's shape. It was sweet and complex, and I could eat an entire meal of just that.

All in all, we're gonna order again Next Sunday

ChilaquilesApr 26
I started going here when they moved to Beechwood, just before Xmas, and been getting take out from Chilaquiles since the lockdown started. It is the best Mexican food I’ve had since I left Chiapas almost 20 years ago, and there’s some not bad comida, here, no doubt. Friendly, cheap and fast.

Take out dinner from Les Fougères: ricotta cheese and olives with fresh buns, ham, grilled zucchini and cranberries, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing as dessert.

Was very happy with my kale salad (almond granola & parsley dressing) and my cheese pizza with basil, shaved ham and mushrooms take out the other night.

Crust can compete with the best of them! I will be back.

Their pizza kits are available from The Burrow Shop (

We got a ham dinner take-out meal on Sunday. There was maple glazed ham with an apple and Dijon mustard chutney, rosemary focaccia dressing, peas and snow peas with pancetta, scalloped sweet and regular potatoes and orange and honey glazed carrots. To start there was a salad with balsamic dressing and for dessert, tiramisu. Everything was really good and in my opinion, a bargain for $45.00. The meal was enough for two adults with ham leftovers.

Really, really good pizza! Fresh basil is appreciated. Give them a try!