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La Cantina 3:33pm
La Cantina is a little shack in Osgoode on Main Street. They just opened earlier this summer and are such a great addition to our neighborhood. The food is really fresh tasting and scratch made. So far we've tried the pork, beef and chicken tacos, all delicious! We'll be back. Highly recommend checking them out.

I had to. kinda wish I didn't but really happy I did.

Photo doesn't not nearly capture the flavour of this delicious heap.

They're still the best if you want a loaded sloppy burger. And they really nail the fries.

Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Corn Relish, Jalapeno, Onion Ring, Bacon, [the best!] Chipotle Mayo, Pretzel bun. More chipotle mayo on the side for dipping.

They are friendly and you can tell they're proud to have the longest line in the food court! Don't let a bit of a line scare you though, they really keep the queue moving.

Presse CafeAug 23
Dear Presse Cafe Queen street location - in my mind at least, a red tortilla does not make a ham n egg breakfast wrap remotely 'southwestern'. Throw some salsa in there, jack cheese, peppers...anything really... it's not like 'southwestern' actually means anything. Also, if you put the words 'tuna and olives' in three different places in both official languages, call me crazy, but the wrap should probably have an olive in it somewhere. Both wraps were okay, but not as advertised.

The coffee was good.

I stopped by and picked up a meatball sandwich. It wasn’t very good. The meatballs were lacking in flavour with an overly bready texture and had a thin oily sauce with them. Stick to the pizza.

EggnogAug 19
The egg nog I made was stored at room temperature, it was a hit over the holidays with the relatives. Thought it might be too strong at first taste, but it was actually quite smooth.

I simply mixed all the ingredients together in a big bowl and then funneled it into beer bottles that I capped and stored in the closet.

I still have a couple bottles left in the fridge, will bust them out again this Christmas. Might make another batch this fall and do a side by side comparison, though the random leftover alcohol I use will surely be different.

YuzumiAug 16
Opening!!! Great addition and fantastic lunch option:D

YuzumiAug 16

YuzumiAug 16
Yummy poke bowl:)))

AureliusAug 14
Just had another dressing on a green salad made with their oil and vinegar. This time I used a basil flavoured olive oil mixed with a cucumber melon flavoured balsamic vinegar. Their stuff is so good I could drink it.

A pretty well brined and fried chicken on a biscuit with coleslaw and a side of creamy Mac and cheese. I added show string fries which were quite salty. Nice texture but salty. The food is rich so it’s filling fast!

There is a nice selection of local beers on tap and a good wine selection. Service is very good too.

Oz KafeAug 8
The lovely cheese and charcuterie platter.

GainsbourgAug 8
They have a lunch menu with a good selection: burgers, sandwiches, salads, poutines. I had the chicken fingers in beer batter over French cut fries with spicy mayo and coleslaw. It was really good. I also had “the pink”, a slightly sour summer beer.

Oz KafeAug 6
Since Oz Kafe moved to the market, their food continued to be excellent. The location is now bigger, over two floors and with an outdoor patio. It is tastefully decorated and welcoming I have been here 3-4 times since it reopened and have only had great meals. The steak and charred broccoli is a favourite. I had pork chops and duck breast the other times and also greatly enjoyed those. The appetizers have been really good too. Definitely a good date night spot or a quiet gathering with fiends kind of place.

Google led me here earlier this summer when we were looking for a quick and dirty burger before a concert and we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of these halal burgers: juicy, flavourful 5oz patties, quality bun, and a wide range of condiments and garnishes as well as vegetarian and gluten free options. Onion rings and fries were more than okay, and a shoutout to their dipping sauces though truthfully return visits have focused exclusively on the Original burger.

Not exactly fast food given the 10-15 minute wait (on a slower evening) but well worth it for a made-from-scratch burger.

Every time I visit my mother in Halifax she insists I bring a couple of bottles of Lemon&Garlic. Best fish marinade around.

Ah hah... the plot thickens (and so does the dressing).

While the bottles of dressing on the 'normal' shelves have indeed all changed to sunflower oil, I noticed today that they do have an "Original Lemon & Garlic" dressing as well.

This was in the chilled cabinet with the salad stuff, with a sign specifically saying it was the old formula with olive oil and that it solidifies in the fridge. I guess they put it in the chiller to hammer home the point. Only saw Lemon & Garlic, none of the other dressings.

This was at Trainyards. Not sure if the others have it as well.

Went Saturday night. My wife and I were dropping our kid off in Westboro, and hadn't eaten yet.

Room was nice, some exposed brick, some wood, though sort of a modern look. Definitely loud -- hard to be heard at times over music and other diners trying to talk over the music. Youngish crowd. Nice casual service.

Brussels sprouts for a snack (really good), and then shared the Beef Cheek Nicoise, and a thing they call To Start which is two meats and 2 sides -- we got brisket and pulled pork, fries and potato salad.

We really enjoyed everything, though I think we could have done better on the sides -- fries were fantastic, but potato salad (apart from doubling up on potatos) a bit bland.

Nicoise was great if a bit unusual -- typical cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, haricots vert, with tapenade instead of whole olives -- on a less typical creamy tarragon dressing, topped with really smoky slices of beef cheek.

The barbecue was really nice. I already lauded the beef cheeks on my salad, the brisket was super tender and well flavoured, and the pulled pork was good too. House bbq sauces all good, liked the Carolina best.

Saw the earlier comment re value. Maybe they have shaken up their menu, but we thought they did pretty well on the value front. At $15 the salad was solid and the To Start, at $26, also seemed well-priced. Good sized portions of everything, and lots of little pickle accessories. Agree that the coleslaw was served in a thimble on the To Start plate -- sounds like we got the same thimble as the earlier writer -- but it seemed like more of an accent than a side, so not an issue for us.

Beer to wash it down.

We left full and happy.

Chinese Dragon BBQ is located in the same strip mall as Food Basics along Merivale, next to a noodle shop I'd previously reviewed. They're owned by the same people and often move food between the two shops. Chinese Dragon BBQ is the larger of the two siblings, being able to accommodate not only 4 times the amount of people but also a larger menu, featuring - you guessed it - Chinese (not dragon) BBQ. It also has more traditional Northern Chinese stir-frys and hot pots. Many of the options are spicier than the run-of-the-mill Chinese food (which is more of the Southern Chinese variety) but just as good.

We've been twice now, once for the BBQ and the second time for the stir-frys and hot pot. The BBQ items, which come skewered, were a bit pricey, about $3+ per, and salty. Thus the second time, we focused mainly on the other items.

We bought the Soft-Shelled Crab Fried Rice and a fish hot pot that didn't have an English name associated with it. They were reasonably priced and tasty. However, all of the food we ordered seem to be very greasy. My favourite was the fried rice. The seasoning was perfect with a good amount of "wok-air" but as soon as it cooled down, you could taste (and see) the amount of oil there. Similarly, a thick layer of oil could be found in the hot pot, which isn't terrible when hot but doesn't make you feel great afterwards.

The service is, for the most part, attentive, making sure your water is filled and that you have everything you need. They come to check on you quite often but sometimes, you'll have to put in some effort to flag them down, especially if you're seated in a inconspicuous spot (you choose your own seats if it's not too busy).

If you're looking to experience a different kind of Chinese food, it's worth a shot - we'll probably be back too since they carry dishes that few other restaurants have. It may not be the best idea for your health to go often though...

I went this weekend and tried the off menu item. The rice was delicious. The chicken had good texture and the chicken skin was nice and bouncy. The ginger garlic and onion dip was great.