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La NoodleMar 20
I ate at their Kanata location (it is where Thai Fusion used to be). It was my first time trying it and I really enjoyed the spicy pork with hand pulled noodles. They offer a selection of thick or thin noodles and many ingredient options. The server gave me some great advice. I will be back.

Ew. I've had takeout and delivery from them multiple times and never had that happen. Would call and give them a chance to correct on your next order.

La NoodleMar 20
Has anyone tried the Kanata location? This sounds awesome but I don't get downtown often.

We decided to get delivery on movie night. The beer battered haddock was great but my chips were bad. Maybe old oil, maybe not fresh but just bad. Unfortunate because the chips were the draw for me. I am not sure how these things left the restaurant but I am not sure I can bring myself to go back.

The burger platter is still super popular here, and for good reason. I had their St Patrick's Day special ($17), with Guinness Cheddar and bacon. Every bite was awesome, and the selling point here is still the fact that platters come with fries *and* salad by default.

I mean seriously, every place should serve fries and salad on a platter. What ever made it okay to consider them as mutually exclusive items where one can be swapped out for the other? It's a bit like offering a burger and then asking if you want a patty or a bun. :P

Top marks to Chez Lucien for doing what's right!

These hearty hand-pulled noodles in a wonderful peanut-chili-pork sauce were spectacular! The wheat noodles here are the best in town -- toothsome and satisfying. The spice level of this dish was perfect for me and there is chili in oil at the table for those who prefer even more heat. 👌

A lunch of Small Nachos ($9) and a Small Salad ($5) seemed to make sense, but it was a lot of food! The salad gave me something to eat while the nachos cooked.

The nacho toppings of beans, chopped tomatoes, peppers, and cheese were great, as was the side of guacamole. The chips aren't really the kind I like, so I probably won't get this again. As always, I squirted on a combination of the wonderful sauces on offer to keep things delicious.

I'm told the ebar gets their croissants from The French Baker. This was less greasy (i.e. less buttery) than I remember those croissants being, but the flavour was good and the crispness was perfect! A nice option when you run out of the house on the way to work without having breakfast. ;-)

La BottegaMar 18
I dropped in for a solo lunch last Tuesday and had a wonderful time sitting at the bar watching all the cooking bustle in the tiny kitchen! I loved that they took a little time to interact with the customers between flurries of activity.

The lunch menu features a handful of main dishes, pastas, and pizzas plus soup and salad. In addition, there are a couple of daily specials. In honour of it being Pi Day (3/14), I went for the daily special pizza ($13): pesto sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, prosciutto, and arugula. At wood-fired crust-centric pizza restaurants (Tennessy Willems, Roberto, Anthony's, etc) I usually choose the Margherita for maximal enjoyment of the crust, but I knew La Bottega was not that kind of place so I decided to focus on interesting toppings.

What a delight! The crust is good enough, but what really shines are the excellent toppings. Perfect pesto, tasty mushrooms, and the best prosciutto I've ever enjoyed on a pizza. They drizzled truffle oil over the arugula and then offered me a bottle of chili oil and some ghost pepper powder to sprinkle on top. (The ghost pepper powder was really flavourful and I'm assuming they sell it there. Must pick some up!) I savoured every bite and finished with a fully belly.

It was clear that many customers were regulars and I totally understand why. The food here is like the best kind of home cooking, served with kindness and no pretense. I can't wait to go back and try other things!

The Pork Souvlaki Platter ($11.95 I think?) made for a hearty lunch. No single component would win any culinary awards and the potatoes were more oily than necessary, but it was all pretty enjoyable. I'm happy when I can get greasy carbs, tasty meat, and a delicious salad in the same meal!

This is the Eel Noodles with Mixed Vegetables. Lots of udon noodles to fill your tummy. The veggies are an unremarkable combination of bean sprouts plus a frozen blend. The sauce is a sweet teriyaki kind of thing and there's quite a generous portion of eel. Is it worth $15? Not to me, although given the priciness of eel it is in line with other prices on the menu...

La NoodleMar 16
Every time I walk by, even in the dead of winter, the odours from La Noodle are so amazing from outside!
After reading these reviews I'll be stopping in often!

Bridgehead Mar 16
I used to frequent the Golden/Richmond location as well.

Now I go elsewhere ... like Equator Coffee (Churchill/Richmond).

But please do not go to Equator
... I like finding a seat.

Bridgehead Mar 15
I have to agree with the poor reviews. I am a long time Bridgehead customer (previous history was visits many times a week), but I've started going elsewhere.

My most recent bad experience was the toast at the Golden location. I ordered the cheddar and poached egg and it arrived with the eggs uncooked. The poached egg did not hold its shape at all, the white barely cooked and cold and runny. I returned it and was told if I wanted the eggs more cooked I needed to ask for it when ordering. I showed and explained the eggs were not cooked at all, so I wanted them cooked, and they just repeated the same phrase over and over. If you want your eggs cooked more you need to request it.

My thought was since you have no clue how the eggs will come, good luck ordering correctly.

After endless back and forth, they finally recooked it, delivered it to me and said if I wanted the poached eggs cooked for longer I'd need to request it when ordering - in case I didn't get the point after they repeated the same phrase again another two times.

I've had many - hundreds? - of poached eggs at restaurants. I've never had poached eggs so lightly cooked they could not hold a basic shape and the whites cold to the touch.

Other bad experiences were with the bean and cheese burritos. They heated it to beyond edible. The wrap was hard and the filled spilled out of the wrap completely.

Also, drip coffee stale, or luke warm, or so bitter tasting it was undrinkable.

Have not been to their location on Nelson, but they are selling their products at the Herb and Spice on Wellington. Tried out their hummus and baba ganoush and both were delicious. They are also selling their tabouleh and falafel. Definitely a nice addition to Herb and Spice.

This vendor has opened a retail location in Kanata at 101 Schneider Road (near Carling and Teron). This is dangerously close to my home.... dropped by yesterday for "a few pastries" and walked out with $35 of goodies. Amazing tarts and of course, kouign-amann.

Bridgehead Mar 15
I do think their Iris location is downright TERRIBLE for quality. I've had enough bad coffees, lukewarm teas, poorly toasted toasts, and "sorry we're out of that tea" visits to last a lifetime.
I just moved closer to a different location and the quality is significantly better. I hope it doesn't change :(

I don't remember to these new user/troll negative posts disappear over time? I'll go for the positive, this is one of my kids favorites stops on a Sunday for q quick lunch. Great meat/cheese pies and always very friendly honest service.

Bridgehead Mar 12
You're right, I should be more specific with criticism.

The regular (not specialty flavour), medium-sized hot chocolate with whipped cream ordered yesterday at the Iris Bridgehead location was as described in the previous post. As was one ordered a couple weeks ago from the Third Ave location. As was one ordered from the Rideau Centre location over the Christmas holidays. I tried a few times from a few locations and each time it wasn't good. I think their method or ingredients must be sub-par, because it was consistently bad in my recent experience.

Bridgehead Mar 11
>Their hot chocolate is nothing more than hot water with a faint cocoa flavour and colour and grainy texture.

How many times have you had it? Maybe it was made wrong. I find their hot chocolate pretty good. My daughter was addicted to their peppermint hot chocolate when it was available. I mean, it's not Cylie-quality but I'd certainly have it in preference to Tim's or McDonald's (not setting the bar high, I know).