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The RowanSep 20
Has anyone had brunch here lately? If so, any comments?

The Large Salad with Chicken ($9 + $1.80 for meat) is my go-to order here. I've settled on always getting it without chips or dressing, then I can squirt the delicious house made salsas onto it.

This is a flavourful and juicy feast! The lettuce is shredded iceberg, which is the only negative thing anyone could say about it. I find the iceberg lettuce works well as a base here because there's so much else going on.

Bnh M at Bnh M GirlSep 19
On my most recent (3rd) visit, the Saigon Bnh M seems to have changed. The price has risen to $7 from $6 and the bun seems a bit longer than before, perhaps being the justification for the price increase. Unfortunately, this time it tasted like a submarine roll that had been crisped in an oven, rather than a delightfully crisp freshly baked Vietnamese baguette.

The guy who took my order never asked if I wanted it spicy or not so I was a bit surprised to receive my food with zero chili pepper content. Be warned! If you want spice ask for it.

This place has been open for just over a month with a limited menu (no vegetarian offerings yet) and they're already raising prices and struggling with consistency. I hope they can sort it out and make it work because those two earlier bnh m were extraordinary!

The Pork Belly Bao ($5) had a nice hunk of very juicy braised belly. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for spicy and so there was nothing to offset the sweetness of the sauce. You would need at least three of these to have a meal.

I have eaten here many times and it never disappoints!! The athmosphere is authentic, as is their tequila and menu. You can never go wrong with tostadas - warm corn tortillas topped with meat of your choice or veggies. I always love their tacos (soft shell), and usually pick 3 types of meat and split. Flavours are very interesting and aunthenthic - tip: ask for their homemade hot sauces!!! One is a cilantro one and its to die for. Their soup was also delicious. It can get pretty busy at lunch, and some times be a bit slow, but the last few times I went it had much improved.

HanahanaSep 19
Had lunch here today as I was starved following some intense shopping at Tanger. Walked in and ordered Spicy chicken (K03) on recommendation of the waitress. Food was ready in about 5-7minutes, and as you can see the portion was very generous. The rice was fluffy and perfectly sticky. The chicken was delicious and not crazy spicy, but just enough so that it was perfect with the mix of other flavours. Its a very small and simple place, although I believe most people order takeout. Either way, I was able to eat my meal peacefully with K-pop playing overhead. I would go again for sure.

wine and cheese was definitely not associated with the venue.

Last weekend I tied in a trip to Sansotei Ramen with a friend. After a half hour wait we finally scored a seat. The waitress promptly brought a menu and glasses of water. We both ordered starters so I picked the spicy slow cooked wings and my friend ordered the gyoza. The wings I ordered were perhaps the best I've ever had. They had a slightly spicy taste to them and it tasted and looked like they were marinated in soy. My friend gave me one of her dumplings to have and they were also very good. As a main I ordered the tonkotsu and it was very tasty. The broth was rich and was served with two generous pieces of pork belly, lots of thin noodles and mushrooms, and an egg. They seem to have fixed the egg situation since my egg was the same temperature as the broth. My friend ordered the tomato ramen and she enjoyed it very much. It came with a tomato based broth that came with pork belly, a shrimp, corn, and thin noodles. It usually comes with an egg but since my friend is partial to eggs she asked them to hold the egg. All in all it was a delicious meal. Now if I can only figure out how to re-create those wings at home...

BreakfastSep 16
Went to Belmont for the first time. Made a reservation (for 1) and glad I did as they were not accepting walk ins for Sunday brunch today!! I chose the trini doubles and the combination of flavours and textures was unreal. Very decent portion size as well. I cant want to go back to try their other brunch items. Highly recommend for those who enjoy tasty breakfast and are bored with the typical eggs and bacon

Got the tasty and filling Singapore noodles ($14.00, including soft drink and tip). 8 medium-small shrimp were buried underneath the mound of noodles and veg. The food here is good, but like all Ottawa Chinese restaurants, isn't as finely prepared as in certain places in the Toronto and Vancouver areas. The service was kind and the place is still clean, but it was sadly empty during my Saturday noon hour visit.

Had a lovely early family dinner here this evening. This is absolutely amongst Ottawa's best Vietnamese restaurants and it was not as busy as it should have been at 6pm when we left.

They typically offer a number of specials and we had two: the Rice Paper Chả Gi ($6 for two rolls) and B Kho ($12). The chả gi were shatteringly crisp and loaded with peppery ground pork.. amazing! The b kho (beef stew) was as good as any we've had elsewhere, with its generous hunks of tender beef, soft carrots, and that characteristically intense and hugely desirable flavour profile.

My Cơm B Nướng Tm Nướng ($14) was a picturesque feast of grilled lemongrass beef, succulent and sweet grilled shrimp on addictively aromatic Vietnamese rice. Today's Vietnamese lesson: cơm is rice, b is beef, nướng is grilled, and tm is shrimp.

The accompanying veggies and pungent nước chấm rounded out the platter and brought together all those magical funky-umami-salty-sweet-sour-spicy components that make Vietnamese cuisine my favourite on the planet.

My daughter, bless her little heart, had the only non-Vietnamese dish on the menu: the Vegetarian Pad Thai ($12). I found it flavourful but typically too sweet for me. She absolutely loved it but had to eat it slowly and in small bites because she found it spicy. Spice used to be a show stopper for her, so this delighted me!! She also remembered to bring a glass storage container for her leftovers so we wouldn't have to ask for a foam or plastic one. 😍

This place continues to be hit and miss (not to mention almost completely empty at lunch time). They still bring steaming hot fresh pita to the table while you await your food; I didn't have any this time though as I was already ordering manakeesh.

The menu is tricky here. Most items seem to be about 75% of what you would want to eat so you either go hungry or order two things and stuff yourself. I typically go for the second option.

The Lentil Soup ($6) includes a cracker of fried pita for texture and a generous bowl of hearty lentil soup. This was excellent and I look forward to having it again.

The Za'atar Manakeesh plus Cheese ($3.50 + $2) was not so great. I had enjoyed a wonderful Cheese Manakeesh for $5 during an earlier visit and I expected this to have a similar quantity of cheese. Not so! The cheese layer on this one was super thin (see pic). The end result was a dryish pie overwhelmed by za'atar. Next time I'll just get the cheese one because it was amazing!

The Brig PubSep 15
The Falafel and Avocado Wrap ($14) was very good. I can never choose between salad and fries (why should anyone have to?) so I opted to pay the extra $1.50 to get half of each. It was more like of each though so the extra cost was well worth it!

The fries here are excellent and the salad is of reliable quality, albeit a little on the sweet side. The wrap was good too, with lots of veggies and sauce to keep everything lubricated. However, I'm not generally a big wrap person and I ended up disembowelling the second half of my wrap and leaving the shell squashed on my plate like some rejected entomological exoskeleton. I want my calorie-dense foods to taste amazing.

Wrap pickiness aside, I'd totally get this again!

The Cali-brese Tempeh ($13) is my new favourite salad here. Hearty and meaty smoked tempeh on a bed of cashew-caesar dressed greens with tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and charred lemon to zing it up. Who knew a vegan salad could be so tasty and satisfying?

Oh, and they now carry a selection of SuzyQ Doughnuts ($3)!

I headed to the Mayfair Theatre last night and since I was passing by SEN Lansdowne I thought I'd stop in for a bite to eat. I have eaten here many times and I usually start with the shrimp fresh rolls then order a vermicelli bowl as my main. I decided to shake things up a bit and start with the spring rolls and have a peanut chicken as my main based on the reviews below. The spring rolls were very hot and very crispy and well packed with filling. I enjoyed every morsel of them. My main consisted of a generous portion of peanut chicken, mushrooms and fried spinach and a sizeable amount of rice on the side. It was so good I could eat this dish every night of the week and never get tired of it. As I was waiting for my bill to arrive I noticed the diner at the next table ordered wonton soup to start and when it arrived it looked awfully good. I am already planning my next order. We are lucky to have this resto in Ottawa and I will happily eat there as often as possible to support a local business.

This truck is back on Merivale, and I am pretty impressed with the food. Had a Goat Curry Roti and the Jerk Chicken Platter so far.

Very satisfying, good portions, a little pricey.

Was there for lunch yesterday. They have a taco-Tuesday promo, $4/taco.

At the order-taker's suggestion i had the Campechano (Barbacoa, Carnitas, Chorizo, and crunchy chicharons) and the Guadalajara (Red chile rubbed tortilla, Pollo Asado, Chorizo).

Both were very good. Won't displace Bonita as my fave tacos in town, but far better than the typical 'big vat of meat' tacos various places serve. I would try any of their other tacos on the strength of these.

The chimichurri sauce from the salsa bar was excellent, good flavor and heat. The roja and verde sauces were ok, nothing memorable.

The churro donut with dolce dipping sauce was wrong. So wrong i may go back and get another one. Right now.

The Clarendon opened earlier this year as the newest member of the Eighteen/Social/Sidedoor conglomerate.

The lunch plate of Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($18) was really nice! Three tender chunks of boneless chicken fried in a crunchy batter, topped with bread and butter pickle slices and a drizzle of maple sriracha, nestled atop a generous smear of aoli, and accompanied by a cannister of excellent crispy fries. A small saucer of tomato ketchup rounded out the offering and stood in (culinarily if not nutritionally) for an absent vegetable component.

So get it, but do the virtuous thing and splash out the extra six bucks for a side salad.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Korean fried chicken. On one hand, I absolutely love crunchy-crispy fried chicken and Korean food in general; on the other hand, I don't like savoury dishes that are sweet.

We opted for the Boneless Green Onion Chicken (Small, $22) thinking that it wouldn't have a sweet sauce. Unfortunately it did. So I'd get this again but I'd request the sauce on the side. I did ask for hot sauce and that added a nice bit of oomph.

The chicken itself was luxuriously crunchy on the outside and moist inside. It was topped with generous clumpy curls of shredded scallions. The sauce kind of ruined it for me but that's a case of caveat emptor.

This small portion was absolutely huge! The menu says it serves 2-3 people and they clearly mean 3 hungry people or 2 absolute piggies like us (me). There were at least 12 chunks, all of them significantly larger than bite sized. The value here is very good.

The FrySep 8
Dropped into the Barrhaven location around 8pm on Friday evening and just a few other tables were occupied. The sizzly-bubbly Cheese Corn ($10) had an addictive sweet-salty-chewy quality to it. This dish is popular in Korea for good reason!

I'll talk about the chicken under that food item.