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We finally got downtown for dinner, and the lovely wife choose the Whalesbone. First time at any locations. Summary, the food was very good, the wallet was much lighter.

Oysters were very fresh tasting, and they had both east an west coast. My wife started with shrimp cocktail, and enjoyed some massive shrimps.

Mains were black cod for me and duck for my wife. Both were perfect. This is where the prices get to me a bit, $28 for a very nice piece of fish - but that's it. Sides are extra. Value for the money? No. Excellent tasty food, yes. For sides we had duck fat fingerling potatoes and greens (mostly baby bok choy) with marrow sauce. Both were great, the greens on the verge of being overly salty, but we still managed to polish them off.

I had banoffee pie for dessert, it was pretty good, made with half bananas, on a toffee cookie, with a creme anglais and chocolate sauce.

Overall enjoyed the atmosphere, and the food. Next time it would be nice if I could find someone else to pick up the bill :)

Well this is bad news for the Pho Shack - it seems a whole bunch of idiots in Texas are giving the place a bad review because a place with the same name down there did some terrible things. See this facebook post and please if you like them log in and give them good reviews!

Oat couture is doing some fun things!

The Kyoto bowl (Asian inspired savoury bowl) had some great flavours that were really heightened by the Pineapple and pickled ginger.

The caprese bowl was tasty as well, but extremely pesto-flavoured. Still tasty but we though it was actually slightly over seasoned (might be the soak up the flavour nature of the oats).

We only tried savoury bowls but I would love to try the sweet ones next time, they have a smores-esque on on the menu which looked very tempting indeed.

The small sized bowls were great value and filled us right up. The environment was quite cute and cozy, nicely furnished. I am eager to check out their night venture as well Montgomery Scotch Lounge (the cafe transforms at night - love this concept)!

Nice Tea and Coffee selection as well :)

Back in Montreal, many bakeries in the East end would sell pizza like this. It is similar to the tomato pizza they sell in the grocery store, but it is definitely NOT the same.

The sauce is full of yummy garlic and it is a cold dish. I used to buy this all the time, and am still unable to find any here in Ottawa.

This picture is the first time I've seen anything coming close to it.

Warby: Your picture is making me hungry!

PS: Even some grocery stores in Montreal have a better tomato sauce pizza than here in Ottawa.

Dropped by for lunch on Sunday at 11:30 AM recently and got the B5 (sour and spicy crossing the bridge noodles with beef) option with the stuffed meatball add-on, which cost $15.23 after taxes and excluding tip. This was a very filling bowl of noodle soup, and came with 12 different items for addition to the boiling, deeply flavoured broth. The menu has expanded since my last visit; I want to try the tomato noodles with pork chops next. This place shares the same space as Morals Village, dividing it 50/50 between them, and is clean and bright with kind service. The Dagu half was full and had a lineup when I left.

The pizza here is a unique product very much worth trying. As advertised, the sourdough crust is fantastic. Crunch-chewy and a real delight.

The toppings are of excellent quality and with good flavour. My only complaint keeps me from rushing back: the more eclectic pizzas have a sweet flavour profile that just doesn't work for me.

We tried a large half-half Sincerely Kevin and Tarte Flambťe (top). The latter had amazing smokey bacon chunks but both included sweet caramelized onions and a honey drizzle. Just too sugary for my taste!

We also got a small Cheese Louise (bottom), which was not sweet and therefore ended up being my favourite.

The pizzas are on offer after 5pm on weeknights, until they sell out of aged dough. I really appreciate that they let you split the large into two choices. The portions are about as expected. A large and a small were enough for three hungry people.

ThaliMar 2
The pink thing was the dessert. With the little balls (tapioca?) it was fun to eat but the flavour was so mild I couldn't peg what sort of fruit it contained. I love pretty much all Indian desserts I've had but this one was quite forgettable.

P.S. I liked your clock-based pictorial coordinates so much I went back and labeled all the dishes with times. 👍

ThaliMar 2
Whatís the pink dish at 3 oclock on the plate?

ThaliMar 1
This was a fun meal! The cost for this generous platter was $22 ($18 + $4 to have a second meat dish). The seating is communal, tight, and bright. Service is friendly and attentive.

Once you order, the food arrives quickly because these are dishes that (mostly) get better as they sit around on a warming plate so all they have to do is slop it out and bring it to you.

The dishes themselves were hit and miss. The mushrooms (7 o'clock) and squash (8 o'clock) were the most flavourful veg dishes. The chick peas (10 o'clock) and cabbagey string hoppers (5 o'clock) didn't taste like much. Our server told us that everything has a spice level of "medium" but most dishes had zero heat and only a few were what I'd call mild-medium.

The salmon (12 o'clock) was quite chewy, swimming in a bright yellow sauce that tasted like the "curry powder" that everyone tells me never to buy. The chicken (11 o'clock) was also overcooked but it was in a seriously delicious sauce that I happily scooped onto my rice.

The highest points for me were the bread: fresh papadum and addictively delicious paratha. Amazing! The raita (4 o'clock), too, was spectacular. I usually skip raita but this one hit a wonderful balance of salty, tangy, and sweet. Joyous!

All in all, it's definitely worth checking out. I think if I go back I'll skip the meat/seafood options completely and go all veg.

AlliumMar 1
Allium was heavily damaged by fire overnight.

Stopped by for lunch recently and got the bķn riÍu, which cost $14.70 after taxes and before tip. The noodles came with 3 pieces each of imitation crab sticks, shrimp, sliced fish cake and tofu puffs, while the broth was light textured and yet had deep flavours of fermented crab and shrimp. This is one of the Noodle Houseís rotating specials that are advertised on their Facebook page.

Ten FishFeb 25
This is one our favourite sushi places in the city. It's small and the menu isn't as sprawling as many other sushi restaurants but the food is great and the prices are very reasonable.

I would like to comment on the service we received at the Byward Market CT last night. I would like to, but I canít because there was none. Went about 7pm, maybe 12 people in the place, no one greeted us at the door, so we seated ourselves, no one brought us menus, so we went to the bar and got our own. No one came to take our order, so we left. 2 servers and a bartender, and about 4 tables of customers.

Got the spring rolls, steamed rice noodle with BBQ pork, pork siu mai and shrimp har gow, which arrived about 15 minutes after ordering and cost $18.26 after taxes and not including tip. Thought that the quality and preparation of the food was good for Ottawa dim sum, but only fair if compared to what can be had in the Toronto and Vancouver areas. They did not have baked BBQ pork buns as well as Worcestershire sauce to go with the spring rolls, which are kind of essential Hong Kong style dim sum items, but I would still come back here if the craving for this kind of food hits again.

Had a couple of weekdays off from work recently so stopped by for an early 11:00 am Thursday lunch. The restaurant is a bit of a dive (but I kind of like that) and was empty when I arrived, but had begun to fill up with other customers when I left.

Their sandwiches are GOOD. Like top 3 in the city good. Ordered the Classico and had to stop myself from inhaling the second half so I could take a pic.

Chatted with the owner about Italy and food a bit and she promised to serve Cafe al ghiaccio (iced coffee with freshly made almond milk) which changed my life vis-a-vis iced coffee when I visited southern Italy. So I'm definitely looking forward to coming back in the summer (and before as well).

Not the greatest picture, but I wanted to plug who just opened on Clyde. I went in today for the first time and got some goat suya and plantains. The owner is very friendly, made a small plate of beef and fries while I waited for my order. He sources his spices from West Africa and does a couple of different kinds of African BBQ.

Highly recommend.

I like Lagoon, but my visits tend to reflect the below review. As an aside, just my $0.02, but I think Ceylonta gets each of those things right... bigger portions, more reasonable prices for what youíre getting, genuinely great service.

With its many rave reviews in news outlets and social media, Coconut Lagoon has long been on my list of must-try restaurants in the city. However, I found myself underwhelmed after my first visit.

While the food was decent (we ordered Naddan Kohzi Curry and Butter Chicken), the flavours seemed almost identical to those found at other Indian restaurants. I will concede that perhaps I don't understand the nuances of Indian food; however, that, coupled with the relatively small quantities and steep prices, makes it hard to justify going back again. The things they do differently, like serving Porathas over naan bread, are interesting but aren't enough to entice me to return (I prefer my porathas more buttery).

The one dish we were impressed by was the Tandoori Lamb Chops (regrettably, I forgot to take a picture). Although they were delicious - well-seasoned, juicy, and tender - it doesn't seem worth the price ($14 for literally 2 RIBS of lamb or $7 per rib).

Located in Vanier, the restaurant is modest in size but more modern in design than its counterparts. While the ambience was that of a fine-dining restaurant, our interactions with the waiters left something to be desired. The waiter who took our orders seemed impersonal and distracted, seeming to barely care. That is, until he began to pressure us to order more - first, an appetizer, then, drinks. While this interaction didn't make a big impact on our experience, it certainly didn't add to it.

All things considered, I think Coconut Lagoon will be a one-time thing for me.

KFCFeb 12
I havenít been to KFC in ages. Their Toonie Tuesday is now $3.49. And Iím happy to report that they donít use growth hormones as those are the two smallest piece of chicken ever. I had a drumstick and thigh. The whole meal fit into the snack size box. The other thing I noticed is that the skin was very light and crispy (which was good). Oh well. At least, I have space for dessert...elsewhere.