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Stay away! The most disrespectful thieves in Ottawa.

After ordering, the cashier tells me they don't have a debit or credit machine, he tells to withdraw from an ATM behind him which costs 2$, or walk to the gas station a couple of blocks away.

After paying and getting change back I notice I'm short, and after telling him and asking for my receipt the cashier screams at me and tells me to come over so he can search me that I don't have the change he gave me (which isn't there anyway). And how does it end after I refuse to be searched... He kicks me out telling me not to return again.

What I should have done, to prove it's not the money but the disrespect and humiliation, was throw the food back at his counter and walk out.

As for their food... It sucks... Low quality chewy pink meat, raw crunchy potatoes, bad seasoning and doesn't taste good

Staff hygiene? Better if they work in car repair and mechanics. Disgusting. Dirty hands, dirty uniforms, no hats or caps.

Stay away.

Tim Hortons 2:33pm is usually at Sparks and OConnor thru the summer.

Ever since that place on Dalhousie closed, the only answers I ever get to that question are that, and 'Montreal'.
...every once in a while, Ottawa kills a little piece of my foodie soul that no amount of shawarma can resuscitate.

OSoloMeal, we cook at home. 😜

Tim Hortons 9:57am
OSM, where does the churro cart hang out?

Tim HortonsFeb 26
It's not bad. It doesn't really taste like a churros, more like an industrial kitchen's attempt at on. Not bad at all tho til the churros cart is back for the summer.

I want to know, Warby, where in Ottown or Gat you go when your wife is craving good Portuguese food?

I came for a Saturday lunch with four Portuguese people (including my wife). The experience was mostly better than our relatively low expectations!

For starters, the Pasteis de Bacalhau (salt cod fritters) and the Rissois de Camarăo (shrimp turnovers) were fresh and flavourful, and very much as I remember them being in Portugal. I didn't try the Caldo Verde (kale soup), but it was received without great enthusiasm by its owner.

I absolutely loved my Bacalhau ŕ Casa (house salt cod, pictured) — a big hunk of flaky salt cod, pan fried in olive oil, and finished in the oven to crisp the edges. The soffrito topping was pretty good, as were the small potatoes. The bland broccoli and carrots were strange and felt out of place.

My wife's Carne de Porco ŕ Alentejana (marinated pork and clams) was quite disappointing, even for me, the only non-Portuguese at the table. Generous amount of pork, but it was a bit chewy and lacked the awesome flavour for which this dish is renowned.

Only half the dessert menu was available, meaning most of us skipped that course. Another time!

Note: if you don't want bottled (Nestle) water, be sure to specify tap water. Serving bottled water by default is authentically European, but it might catch you by surprise.

A new favourite! Italian ham with mozzarella on a delightful 'everything' bun. This particular bun isn't always available, but there's always something yummy on offer.

Totally worth waiting in line for 3 minutes! 😉

This week I asked if I could have beans on my salad instead of meat. They were super friendly about it and refused to charge me the normal $1.50 extra for added meat. So I ate an absolutely wonderful and nutritious light lunch for $8 plus tax/tip. I skipped the dressing and added a little of the green salsa and spicy salsa. So incredible!

Corazón de Maíz was one of the reasons I was thrilled to accept a job in the ByWard Market. The food is spectacular without pretense and the people who run it are so friendly that it feels like home.

The #2. Pork Shepherd's Purse Wonton Dumpling Soup ($7.95) was a satisfying bowl of tasty broth and ten large meat-filled dumplings. The "Shepherd's Purse" refers to the musty herb typical of wontons in Shanghai. This was my first time eating it and I found it to be pleasant but not spectacular. Certainly interesting to try though!

Tim HortonsFeb 24
The limited time Caramel-filled Churro is the best Tim's doughnut I've tried. It's a honey cruller, minus the honey glaze, filled with a light caramel jelly and rolled in cinnamon sugar. I may be biased though, as the honey cruller is the only regular Tim's doughnut that doesn't fill me with regret.

We stopped in today after a beautiful family hike, just to balance out good health with bad. These doughnuts are great! We tried:

* Peanut Butter and Jelly (pictured) - this was my choice. Loaded with jelly and topped with a sticky peanut butter glaze, it worked really well with this substantial yeast doughnut.
* Crčme Brűlée - my wife's and daughter's choice. Lots of rich vanilla pudding inside and a roof of caramel glaze. Hard to eat without getting caramel all over your upper lip, but I guess that's part of the experience.
* Cherry Cheesecake - my son's choice and he enjoyed it.

We then went for another round and shared two very small cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts, fresh from the fryer. These were nice!

The prices range from $1.35 for the small cake doughnuts to $2.85 for the filled and glazed yeast doughnuts. Across the board, these doughnuts are richer and heavier than those from SuzyQ. Which one you prefer will come down to personal preference.

The lunch special for $11.95 included a vegetable spring roll and a bowl of "hu tieu" with chicken and shrimp. The spring roll was good enough and the soup had a thinly flavoured but enjoyable broth with too-soft rice noodles and a garnish of julienned celery. :-(

The stars of the soup were the nicely browned slices of chicken. Tender and tasty!

It was a perfectly sufficient lunch, except I know just how much better (i.e. tastier, richer, larger, and loaded with lovely garnishes) this soup can be out in the suburbs! Or even in Chinatown...

That said, it was still much better than the "chicken noodle soup" I had at the restaurant named after Ho Chi Minh City's historic name a few doors down. (That one was so disappointing that I didn't even post a review. Part of the problem was that the menu had no Vietnamese on it, so I had to guess what the english names meant.)

Table 85Feb 20
Well, the prices have risen by about a dollar since my previous comments, so now the value is just awesome rather than incredible. :P

The Korean Fried Chicken is still the star here and I'm told over and over that it's by far the best in Ottawa, and exactly like one would get in Seoul. This time we tried half-and-half divided between Sweet & Soy (top right in pic) and Regular. I found the Regular to be a little boring so next time I'd go with a full order of Sweet & Soy. (As I mentioned previously the Sweet & Spicy is just too sweet for my taste.) The addictively crunchy cubes of pickled daikon that accompany this chicken make it so easy to keep coming back for more.

We had both the Fire Chicken Noodle (top left) and the Fire Seafood Noodle (bottom right). The chef seemed surprised that we were able to eat them without any problem. The spice level is actually perfect: nice and zippy but moderate enough that you can still enjoy the flavour.

The Rice Cake (tteokbokki, bottom left in pic) had all the sweet-spicy-chewy yumminess it should have, and there were generous slices of fish cake mixed in there too.

The Jjajangmyeon was good as always, and my daughter proclaimed it to be her new favourite food. We got a second order to take home with us. :-)

This place has two sections: the cafeteria-style "Shawarma Express" area is set up much like other shawarma restaurants in town and was open when I visited at 1pm on a Saturday. The other section is a massive sit-down restaurant that was closed when we were there.

We came to this new restaurant on Industrial at St-Laurent after my wife's coworker proclaimed it to have the best shawarma in Ottawa -- as good as what you'd get in Lebanon. After trying the small chicken sandwich ($4.99), I'd have to agree!

The chicken was tender and juicy with a hint of lemon, and the overall impression was a little lighter than we've had at Ottawa's other celebrated shawarma joints. The garlic sauce isn't as overpoweringly pungent here, meaning you can enjoy all the ingredients.

My wife's coworker also specified that you want your sandwich to be made by Mustafa. The friendly and boisterous man who made our sandwiches didn't wear a name tag but the quality of what we ate spoke for itself.

Can't wait to return and try one of their awesome platters!

Sashimi at TomoFeb 20
Succulent slabs of salmon and tuna grace the $16 sashimi order here. Perfectly fresh and delightfully garnished with scallions and matchsticks of yellow beet.

Sushi at TomoFeb 20
It really is amazing sushi and beautifully presented! But be prepared to shell out some hefty cash for it. The platter pictured here added up to $50. Sashimi ($16), Spider Roll ($15), Tomo Roll ($12), California Roll ($7). Of course, the sashimi and spider roll are luxury items so you get what you pay for!

The extra $1.50 for meat in the large ($8) salad here gets you a massive pile! This slow-cooked pork was just too much meat for me. Next time I'll ask for less meat or maybe see if they can give me beans or avocado instead. :-)