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KFC 4:29pm

Rational brain/arteries are all 'no no get thee away from me hellspawn' and primal brain/mouth/stomach are just 'oooOOOooooo yeeeeEEAEEAEAEEAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh'.

KFC 4:27pm

(Also, I say this with some shame, but this will be the first thing I have ordered from KFC in years)

KFC 4:04pm

I wandered a little further past Somerset to check out the Noodle House on Gladstone and I assure you it was worth it.

They had posted their special on Instagram (Bo Kho) and I had to go and try it since this hearty beef stew with noodles is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes and it might actually be the best I've ever eaten. The flavours were rich and spicy but not too overpowering. The carrots almost melted. Such a tasty treat that paired really nicely with a beer!

The pork spring rolls were nice and crisp and served with some fresh vegetable pickles on the side. The pork had some really nice lingering spice flavours and was just really enjoyable.

We opted for the Sate Rare Beef Pho and the amped up chili version of a Rare Beef Pho also proved to be delicious. The broth was also incredibly hot which is a Pho requirement for me.

I'm excited to go back and try out some of the other fare. The service was excellent, ambiance better than your average Pho joint. Add the excellent food to that and it's a fabulous combo :)

SidedoorMar 20
Have you considered seeing a medical professional about your aberrant sweet nose-sweat?

SidedoorMar 19
OSoloMeal, I threw that in there to see if anyone was paying attention! I've noticed that when I eat certain sweet fruits my nose sweats a bit on the sides (the way it does for some people when they eat spicy food). Canned peaches do it more than anything else and apparently sweet pickled onions do it too.

When this store opened up, the owner tried to make an effort, it was a difference from the other Russian store where the food was often expired. Unfortunately, it's no longer the case. Whatever happened to the store, the staff is now young and rude, the food is oftentimes expired, and the old tradition of giving candy to the kids is forgotten - does it seem to the owner he will make money by saving on the candy? Very unpleasant experience.

SidedoorMar 19
"the sweetness made my nose sweat like I was eating a fruit salad"

...wait.... wut?

We paid almost 40$ for 473ml of vanilla extract at Costco the other week. Unbelievable. The cashier asked us if we were sure we wanted it.

We used to carry Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican vanilla beans for our customers. The demand is so high now that it is impossible to find them.

I found about 200g of small Tahitian vanilla beans in the back of a cupboard if someone needs them. These are the last vanilla beans we have in stock.

We are no longer making vanilla extract.

The cost of vanilla beans is so astronomically high that it just can't be done.

Hopefully the future will see sanity return to the global price on vanilla beans so that I can continue.

On that note, we are completely sold out of plain and rum vanilla, but ...

If you know anyone who would like 10 liters of brandy vanilla, let me know at That's 85x 120ml bottles and is the last of our stock for sale.

SidedoorMar 18
Four years after my last somewhat disappointing lunch visit, I returned with coworkers. The fully enclosed sunroom patio and cool vibe is definitely a draw and the place was quite busy for Friday lunch.

Knowing that the tacos are overpriced and having already tried the ramen, I opted for the Korean Rice Bowl (Bibimbap) ($13) with no added protein. What arrived at my table *could* have looked great but instead reminded me somewhat humorously of a splattered latrine (this pic did not make it to my Instagram). If it tasted wonderful I wouldn't have minded, but it was a bit bland and excruciatingly sweet.

The cloying sweetness was the result of the inexplicably pale orange "gochujang" (labeled as such but assuredly unlike any gochujang I've encountered) and the sugary pickled onion slices. The beets were an interesting touch but they were dried out. Stirred together, the whole thing was okay but the sweetness made my nose sweat like I was eating a fruit salad. The coddled egg (likely sous-vide) was a clever way to get a rawish egg onto this dish without violating food-safety guidelines.

The creatively reinterpreted bibimbap I had at Pure Kitchen was miles ahead of this one in flavour and overall appeal.

Stay away unless you like to sprinkle sugar on your vegetables.

Il VicoloMar 18
During the off season, they're only open at dinner time and only on certain days of the week. I visited on a Thursday with my son and we were the only customers at 5:45pm. A couple other people came in well after 6.

My Margherita ($14) was great as always. This is a thin and lean pizza that really benefits from some chili oil to lubricate the delicious crust.

My son's Holy Shiitake ($17) was a flavour explosion! A creamy garlic sauce, loaded up with various mushrooms, mozzarella, white truffle oil, and parmigiano, this is a hearty pie that would be perfect for sharing. He ate the whole thing.

They offer a new option... for $12.95 you can get a "piccolo" 8-inch pizza and a salad. This is great for those who don't want the delicious monotony of eating just one giant pie for dinner.

The Crostini appetizer ($10) works really well as a light meal. These are two slices of lightly toasted bread on a bed of arugula, topped with a layer of ricotta, a generous pile of perfectly sauteed rapini (with some chili flakes), and a final coating of fluffy grated parmigiano. Delightful!

The Carbonara Pizza ($18), with parmesan cream sauce, pancetta, spinach, mozzarella, and sunny-side up egg was a tasty and quite decadent pie. I found it nifty that they cut it in a tic-tac-toe octothorpe # shape to avoid puncturing the central yolk!

Another great deal. $9 for grilled pork, pork meatballs and shrimp on a bamboo stick on vermicelli noodles and vegetables. Mix in the fish sauce, a bit of hoisin and hot sauce, and its perfect. It is one of the best in town.

Poutine at The KovenMar 10
The small ("punk size") Cheesus Krist poutine ($8) was epic! This is a normal poutine with gravy and cheese curds, but with an extra load of Brie chunks, sliced Cheddar, and powdered Parmesan. Cheese lovers rejoice!

I was happy to see that it was reasonably busy at lunch on a Friday. Tasty food and thrash metal are a mighty appealing combo!

Grilled beef, shredded pork and fried egg on steamed rice. Great dish and a generous portion for $8.95! The meat on its own is on the sweeter side but mixed with the rice and dipping sauce it comes together as a nicely balanced dish.

As far as breakfast sandwiches go, Scratchys Morning Glory is tough to beat. A spicy housemade pork patty with an egg on (what might be)an in-house bun and aioli is sumptuous, decadent fun. If I was hungover this might be manna from heaven.😳

There are number of dessert options here. I didn't try them all but I heard they were excellent.

See that list of local suppliers on their wall? Ottawa proud.

The deep fried corn bread (center right in pic) totally blew me away. Definitely something to try if you visit, which you absolutely should do!