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Took younger child to Chocolats Favoris today after dropping eldest off for summer camp. We we both a bit disappointed. The ice cream itself was not great - the strawberry flavour was very artificial tasting, and the vanilla was just ok. The chocolate dip itself is too thick for my taste, and still too sweet for me. I did appreciate that they have a "bebe" size which was still plenty of dessert.

I agree that the tacos is bland and the texture rather boring. It is on the soggy side. Not my favourite item on the menu. I would go with anything but the tacos.

The baked mac n cheese for adult is really though. The mac n cheese for kids is not au gratin, for your information.

The crispy chicken is covered in coleslaw and just really juicy!

I have been here many times but only got around to write a review.

The idea of having all their beers and wines on tap is amazing. Every beer or wine comes out fresh.

The food quality and selection is decent. The menu is a little more exciting than the typical pub menu. The appetizer menu is extensive and has Korean tacos, tuna tartare, spicy pulled pork sliders (pictured), for example. Appetizers are half price on Monday evenings.

The couple of times we were here for dinner, we had good meals: squash raviolis were nicely done (I added pulled beef to it), burgers were good, the crispy chicken burger was one of the best I have had.

Service is good, professional, nothing stands out. It is best to reserve for a larger group as they can get busy.

I came here on a Wednesday evening with a friend and we had a great experience. We made a reservation weeks ahead and got the table by the windows with an excellent view on Bank street.

We started with a glass of wine each and were very happy with the Ontarian selection. The waiter was very knowledgeable and confirmed our Niagara selections.

My friend and I shared the grilled squid. It was grilled just right. Possibly the best squid I have ever had. It was served on a bed of creamy polenta.

For mains, I had the pork loins with asparagus. It was very tender and well accompagnied. My friend really enjoyed her duck breast.

We were full but still ordered desserts. I had a goat cheese panna cotta. It was ok but I was full at this point. My friend had a chocolate ice cream on chocolate cake or brownie. It was beautiful. The ice cream had a spice in it.

We enjoyed our experience very much and would recommend you give it a try.

I was at the Carling Ave. Location today and they were selling cooked lobster for $6.99 a pound. They average 1 to 1/4 lbs. each.

Stooped here for lunch after a meals on wheels delivery rin during which I drove right past them.

Had the Hambolt squid with yogurt dressing, carrot, kale and white beans. The filet style piece of calamari was excellent and cooked beautifully although it was a tad salty for my taste but I am pretty low salt these days..

Ok so the prices went up a tad, can't say I'm thrilled about that - but the sandwiches are still AMAZING!

I don't usually stray from my usual; the Chipotle Chicken.

The other day I was in there with about 5 people in front of me - all ordered the chipotle chicken!

Really the best sandwich ever, right down to the small details; Art Is In bread, sautéed onions, avocado aioli kinda sauce and chipotle sauce. He also roasts the chicken himself. Seriously ample sandwich.

If you are close, definitely check it out.

(Oh and be sure to get your frequent buyer card stamped!)

Chez AnhJun 19
I was excited to try the iced coffee and it did not disappoint, but man is the Pandan green iced tea delicious. Easily the most delicious iced tea I've ever had. Will be coming back for it throughout the summer anytime I'm remotely in the neighbourhood.

Chez AnhJun 19
I confirm that the banh mi sandwich is indeed awesome. Perfectly balanced and served in the freshest, most perfectly crunchy-on-the-outside-only baguette I've ever had. Run here to support this restauranteur.

Took 4 of these home for the family today and I'm happy to report that they're still quite wonderful. The kids especially loved this treat. $2.50 each.

Visited for Father's Day brunch with a reservation. Service was friendly and attentive, although it took a full 45-50 minutes after ordering for our food to arrive because a table of 14 had ordered just before we entered the restaurant. By the time our food came the table of 14 (and a table of 3 who arrived after we did) had already cleaned their plates so we were definitely on the bad luck side of things.

My wife and I both had the Smoked Trout with Rösti ($18). Our kids both had the Classic Breakfast ($14).

After waiting so long I was pretty grumpy and was extra disappointed that almost everything required salt and pepper. The salad greens had little or no dressing and the cucumber strips seemed unseasoned. The "rösti" had the sort of gummy texture that comes from starting with shredded raw potatoes rather than boiled ones. Its flavour was good so I still enjoyed it.

The star of the show was the smoked trout! An absolutely lovely little boneless filet, nicely seasoned with a gorgeously crisp skin. We had loved the Pomeroy smoked trout at the recent Night Brunch event and that was why this dish called out to us.

The lowest point of my plate occupied the highest perch: the poached egg. This one had a runny white, leading me to believe it might have been cooked sous-vide rather than poached. The mucousy quivering totally put me off and I left it untouched. The server probably should have asked me about that.

My kids had the Classic Breakfast, which we were surprised to see didn't come with toast. When we asked about this our server explained that it's a separate order and then brought us 4 complimentary slices to make up for not having mentioned that. The kids loved the wonderfully crunchy sourdough and this gesture helped compensate for our otherwise pretty miserable experience.

A chain restaurant from out west. The first time I went to a Joey restaurant was in downtown Vancouver, on a vacation, meeting a friend who works near one. I remember being wowed by everything that I ordered. My friend's mashed potato spring rolls were fantastic.

Since it opened here in Ottawa, at Landsdowne, I have been a few times and it hasn't disappointed flavour and service wise. The place is fancy and the menu is definitely more west coast like with a lot of Asian influence with more than usual seafood options. The menu does change occasionally. Some items seems to be constant (sushi and steak, grilled salmon on rice, paella) while some seem to change (the excellent Korean fried cauliflower is no more).

Last night, we started with the gyozas which were very tasty but also the most expensive gyozas I have ever ordered ($14 for 6). My husband had the lobster and shrimp raviolis while I ordered the panang shrimps with rice. Both dishes were very flavourful and satisfying.

The drinks menu is extensive with good cocktails and wines.

Definitely a good date night or girls or boys' night out spot.

On our way to the Tanger Outlet mall so decided to stop here and give it another try. I was here years ago and it wasn't very good. Today, I was surprised that it was good. It was not great but everything was fresh, warm and tasted good. It wasn't too salty or MSG flavoured. Definitely a viable option outside the Chinatown area for dim sum.

We had the General tao chicken, the fried egg noodles, shrimp rolled rice noodles, shrimp dumplings, pork siu mai, pork dumplings, chives dumplings, and spring rolls. A pretty good selection of dim sum on made to order menu.

Service was prompt.

Took my very hungry family here for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Part of the draw was that I had seen them promoting a rare special, bánh cuốn, on social media that day.

Everything was delightful! The gỏi cuốn (summer rolls) were super fresh and elegantly presented. Grilled lemongrass pork was flavourful and beautifully plated. Soups (both hủ tiếu) were as they should be. The chả giň (spring rolls) were piping hot and nicely filled. The bánh cuốn (rolls of fresh rice "skin" wrapped around shrimp and pork) were good, but I prefer what I've enjoyed at Pho Bac.

Overall, this was a great visit and my wife declared it as her new favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Needless to say, we shall return! 😉

citizenJun 17
Visited on a Saturday evening and had a delicious experience! Seating is first come first served and we were placed in the harshly lit rear area without a wait at around 7:45. If you want nicer ambience, it may be worth waiting for a table nearer the front.

The light was bad for eating but pretty good for photography. Here's what we had, clockwise from top left in the photo:

Pork Ribs ($18) - a generous slab of tender-chewy ribs slathered with Vietnamese-influenced BBQ sauce and beautifully garnished as you can see.
light it up 2.0 ($14) - they had a special drink menu for negroni week and this was a whimsical and very nice mix of mezcal, Campari, Byrrh, white tequila, and chili liqueur.
Asparagus & Truffled Brioche ($12) - delightful and rich, this was a tasty surprise.
Kit Kat Bar ($9) - pretty good dessert, perfect for sharing. A little too rich to get one plate each, like we did! 😝
Smoked Brisket and Potato Salad ($15) - a real crowd pleaser, this brisket will blow your mind with its tender smokey flavour. The potatoes might have been smokey too. Loved it!
Salt & Pepper Halloumi ($9) - an interesting Chinese style salt & pepper cooking treatment applied to a decidedly non-Chinese food. This worked reasonably well but I would say it was not greater than the sum of its delicious parts.

Quite by chance, I had the good fortune of running the ColorVibe 5k with Chef Mike Frank (of former Mellos Restaurant fame) earlier that same day. Since he takes over the citizen kitchen on Mondays, I asked if he had any recommendations from the Saturday menu. He guided me towards the brisket, halloumi, and ribs. Good call! (The asparagus brioche was a new menu item when we visited and I think it is worthy of recommendation too.)

This was certainly one of our most enjoyable meals of the past year.


Oh, the price has skyrocketed to $6.20+tax = $7. Still a bargain.

JOEY RideauJun 17
I had the good fortune to attend their opening launch party recently and I was impressed. Many of the menu items were stellar, including the delightful torched oshizushi (Osaka style pressed sushi) pictured here. I also dearly loved the lobster ravioli with shrimp.

Service was incredibly professional and attentive even though the place was absolutely packed. I was here with ToeKnee and he cleverly asked if we could have a tour of the kitchen since this was a launch party. What impressed me most was their pride in how small the freezer is compared to the fridge. Yes this is a chain restaurant but it's trying really hard not to follow the negative stereotypes of that category.

All in all, this is certainly one of the nicer and swankier places to have a glass and or plate of something in the ByWard Market area.

I've wanted to try this Toronto based chain ever since it popped up in the former Hooch location near my workplace. Came for lunch with a couple of coworkers and we had a good time. Here's what I had:

Z29. Taiwanese style popcorn chicken with rice ($8.49)
This was a generous platter and it was okay, but somewhat bland compared to Taiwanese popcorn chicken I've had elsewhere.

E5. Mango with sago in coconut milk ($4.99)
Delicious! Generous chunks of mango, addictive sago, and perfectly lightly sweetened coconut milk.

I tasted a friend's Z24. Japanese style popcorn chicken ($7.99) and it was excellent. I'd definitely get this over the Taiwanese one here in the future. Huge portion too.

All in all, this is first and foremost a dessert restaurant. I'd venture to say it's the best Asian dessert restaurant I've been to in Ottawa so far.

Pro tip: If you like to have dessert after your meal, consider ordering the items separately. Desserts are prepared at the front counter and seem often to arrive before the hot food items.

I had (late) brunch on Sunday morning with my friend the MP. I loved the design of the resto. As mentioned by other foodies, it is spacious and bright. Clean industrial I would say. Casual but my friend was dressed up and she was not at all out of place. I had the eggs benedict (my go-to breakfast/brunch) and it was excellent. The eggs were perfectly cooked (and I was offered the doneness on my eggs when I ordered them) the hash browns are super crispy and appropriately salty (I believe there are some crispy pieces of bacon in there too) and it also comes with baked beans. Baked beans have never been my thing ... not growing up in Ottawa this was new to me when I first moved here. But I will say the beans were sweet maple flavour and our waiter advised they are house made and vegan if that matters (not to me!). My friend had the butter pecan waffles which she enjoyed and was more than she could finish. The coffee is very rich and flavourful. Overall .... excellent! I love the place, love the food, service was perfect - attentive but not overbearing. I can't wait to go back again.