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Had to try this legendary poutine. I have to say poutine hits different on the North side of the Ottawa River. The clock is a Pepsi clock, only Pepsi products are served and the staff wore an array of footwear- steel toe construction boots, crocs and adidas. There was a line and the guy in crocs was seen a few times bringing fresh cut potatoes for the fryer. Ordered the small poutine and it checked all the boxes. Squeaky St. Albert curds which are the gold standard in these parts, crispy fresh cut fries and hot tasty gravy in a place with an atmosphere you wouldnt expect a couple of kilometres from the peace tower.

C ChmFeb 23
And the bbq pork.

C ChmFeb 23
Last Friday I went to a concert at the Bronson Center and I was looking for somewhere to eat in Chinatown fairly close to Bronson. Co Cham has been getting great reviews on ottawafoodies and it has been on my bucket list for some time now. So off I went deciding to get shrimp summer rolls and bbq pork for dinner. The summer rolls are huge and the ingredients are fresh. They come with a small dish of hoisin sauce garnished with crushed peanuts and everything was delicious. The bbq pork had a nice slightly sweet sauce served over a bed of rice. The pork was also delicious. Service was polite and attentive. I am definitely going to have to go back to try their bahn mi. Pictured are the summer rolls.

The brunch at lOre du Bois is a real treat. For $36, you get a set menu served family style. On the menu this past week end was: entre of croissants and walnut buns, salmon and potato tartiflette, endive, gruyre and walnut salad, and marinated veggies; main of ham eggs benedict, pork belly and duck confit beans; and a dessert of orange blossom trapzienne (a doughnut) and grapefruit sorbet. A coffee or tea is included. Service continues to be excellent!

The FryFeb 15
Whoops.. photo of calamari is attached.

The FryFeb 15
Came here for the first time and ordered the calamari. I came for the chicken but with the calamari being 7.99 compared to 21.99 for spicy boneless chicken it was an easy choice considering I wasnt that hungry. It was very solid and cooked well. It came with two rounds of complimentary appetizers, one had three small cold servings: rough chopped slaw, watery macaroni noodles and cubed daikon radish. Second was warm corn that was likely soaked in some kind of a sugary solution. I wasnt expecting it and it was a nice gesture but I wasnt a fan of any of them other than the daikon.

I've said this before in the forum somewhere, but just to make it official: they have the best smoked meat I've ever tried (and yes, I've been to the place every one raves about two hours from Ottawa). Haven't had their sandwiches though.

Stopped by this week for the usual snacks and was tempted by the smoked meat sandwich on offer. It was very good. A little smokier than a Montreal sandwich, it was served warm with a delicious local bread (I forgot to ask who baked it).

Doughnuts at La CigaleFeb 13
Here is another picture of Winter doughnuts

Doughnuts at La CigaleFeb 13
I meant WINTER!

Doughnuts at La CigaleFeb 13
"They now sell doughnuts in the summer. "

I'm so confused.

Doughnuts at La CigaleFeb 12
They now sell doughnuts in the summer. The same baker who makes the ginger snaps to go in the ginger snap ice cream, the brownie that goes in the brownie and cream ice cream, the Nanaimo bars, etc., makes doughnuts, Nanaimo bars and brownies in the summer.

I was very restrained and only bought 3 flavours today: cinnamon and sugar, raspberry and custard, and chocolate glaze. They had so many other ones. They all looked good!

This is my first Bn Riu so I can only speak to how this tasted: fantastic. Lots of seafood, shrimp, fried fish and crab meat mixed in the eggs and floating on top, a few slices of Vietnamese pork, some shredded cabbage, slices of tomatoes and hot oil on top. The noodles were the vermicelli type. Simply satisfying at a very decent price. This was the medium size. I just exercised so I was hungry. I might have the small bowl next time. Lol!

The butter chicken pizza is really tasty, however it's more of a tandoori chicken pizza. A nice spice comes through with the butter chicken sauce but it really doesn't seem much different from thier standard pizza sauce which also has an Indian spice vibe... and is really good! Hundo p would get again.

Friends and I had a reservation after work on Friday. It was busy and lively. I havent been since Bekcta moves and regret it. The decor is lovely and cozy.

Service was awesome. Our waiter was attentive and pleasant. He carefully explained everything on the menu and seemed genuinely excited about the food himself as well.

We shared some of the appetizers and each tried something different for our main. I had the beef ribs which was very tender and sweet. The Affogato on Farinella gelato. It was excellents

I cant wait to go back. I hope they bring back the Giuseppe Louis on the dessert menu.

Had it again. Butter chicken pizza is back on Skip, yes it's white meat, yes it's awesome.

Chicken and sides were just as good as last time. Potatoes are still green. And awesome.

I walked in, the first thing I saw was a fairly dry scone for $3.50, decided with no further research that this was not the place for me.
I may also have made an unintentional rude noise on the way out.

This is quite good pizza, especially considering it is reheated to order. In the photo, you can see I opted for the standard slice ($5) with a topping of wilted kale ($1). Chili flakes and pecorino were complimentary.

There is room for maybe 6-8 customers inside, waiting to order or for their food but there is no space to eat. I work nearby and can bring the food back to my office, so I wonder where other customers are eating their food on these really cold days. I guess Beavertails have the same problem and they're doing just fine.

P.S. I wouldn't recommend the "cruffin" ($3.50) as it was inferior to a proper croissant in several ways. A damp base, no crusty "ears", and this one had a weird aftertaste.

The veggie with cheese (not to be confused with the cheese which veggie which is a cheese pie with tomatoes, onions and olives) is a treat and a good deal at $4.50. I've had mixed service here over the years but have no complaints lately. The veggie with cheese are made to order which usually takes about 5 minutes but always guarantees you a fresh pie. The regular cheese pies aren't very good when they've been sitting around but the meat and meat and cheese pies are consistently pretty good albeit not as good as the ones at Aladdin which I have been going to for 15 years and Im totally biased and I would definitely go more often is it wasnt cash only.

This one definitely could have been crispier and cooked longer but they were crazy busy so hard to blame them. I'd avoid coming here during the 12-130 lunch rush, it is insanely hectic inside and the poorly designed parking lot is always a circus. There are no painted lines but also no no parking signs south of the entrance and it seems every time I go cars are blocked in.

There is a 300-spot surface parking lot between Rochester and Preston, Beech and Champagne. Very close to Stoneface Dollys and everything else on Preston. It can get busy around lunchtime but otherwise is good.