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They still have Somersby, on tap, and Strongbow in cans, not Waupoos. Chez Lucien will be seeing more of me in the near future.

I heard that they were not selling draft cider anymore but offering ciders in cans/bottles. You might still be able to fill your pants.

More cranking on Clocktower: they no longer carry Waupoos cider, at the New Eddy shop anyway. This will definitely cut into their bottom line, as I drank a pant load of the stuff there. . . . .

Damn you Risak! I work downtown and wish I could get this for lunch!

(Maybe on my next day off)

I crushed a turkey and bacon sandwich today for lunch with a bunch of my pals. It's a great, fast place to get a meal. The lines are starting to get longer, though.

Email sent to India Curry and Kebab House:

"Been to India Curry and Kebab House a few years ago and I'm wondering if your Lunch buffets still include the following:

- Dosa ? (loved these)
- Samosa, bhaji, or papadum ?
- Chutneys and pickles ?
- Gulab Jamun ?

Would like to come back and have a similar experience,




"Yes dosa is there samosa no
Gulam jamun may be
But if we don’t have that in buffet you can always ask for it we will provide u with the items
Sachin "



Does the chicken have all the flavour of eighty-five? one is going to get that joke but i felt obliged to make it anyways...

I have eaten here a few times and the food is really good. Lots of dishes I have never heard of but all of them very good. Chicken 85 and vindaloos were standouts. The naan is the best I have had in Ottawa.

We went last night. The food was excellent, but there were a few things I wanted to mention/reiterate.

Service was prompt, but inattentive. There is only room for 15 at the most. They had to go to the restaurant next door to cook some items. I found that strange.

They do accept cards, but I was told that there is a 10% additional fee. Is that legal? It isn't a cash-discounted price on the menu, so it is definitely a 10% fee.

The noodles were excellent. I really want to go back, but at almost $20/person for an appetizer and 2 bowls of soup, I found it a bit spendy.

Their calamari deserves a mention. It’s fresh and lightly breaded and mixed with diced tomatoes and aragula.

The Kim Chi Caesar is very nice. It is $15 now though. I still order it every time. :)

I have been here twice, loved it both times and will be back for sure. The food is fresh, the size on the generous side and tasty.

I will describe the dishes I have tried and how I like them:

- Cha Gio: fried rice wrap pork spring rolls. Best in town, tied with the ones at Pho Tuan.

- Laksa: spicy curry and coconut milk broad and thin noodles with tons of seafood. two thumbs up.

- Pork and shrimp wontons with egg noodles in broth. The wontons are similar to my mom’s. Enough said.

- Pork siu mai. Steamed and definitely homemade. Perfect for the kids.

- Noodle soup number 13. I can’t remember the name but it is the one pictured. Lots of shrimps, including the fried one, thinly sliced pork belly in a very nice broth with broad and thin noodles.

Service is friendly and prices more than reasonable for the quality and quantity.

I went to the new location on Clarence St. Menu set up was a bit different and they seemed to be working with the Clocktower as all of their beer was available on tap. Jerk wings, hot rib tips and baked beans were great. Inconsistent seasoning but I will be back.

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Noticed this yesterday, April 04 2019.
When they get busy, expect to wait. That's if they haven't forgotten your order, then you wait longer.

A nice spot to drink and watch sports. They have 5$ happy hour drink specials every day from 3-7pm. I think it's going to become more of a local hangout than a destination bar. Definitely the cheapest place for beers in Wellington West / Westboro.

Had a $3 slice of pizza, good cheese and good sauce and the perfect thickness to fold over.

Top 1 Sliced Noodle is truly a hole-in-the-wall.

It's in a small mall along Merivale and is often overshadowed by its next-door neighbour/sibling(?), Chinese Dragon BBQ. If you can find the right door (we accidentally went into the other store the first time), you'll find a small shop that seats about 15 people max. With its tacky yellow paint and antique chairs, the store is underwhelming and almost... unappetizing.

If you can get past appearances though, you're in for a treat. As you may know, hole-in-the-walls are either hit-or-miss and this one is a real hit.

We got the Spicy Sliced Beef Noodles, the Beef Belly Noodles, and the Shredded Chicken with Cold Sliced Noodles (unpictured because I ate half of it before I remembered) on our first visit. The broth that we were all served (either on our noodles or on the side) had a certain depth, both in flavour and density, perhaps from the long simmering of pork bones. I'm not convinced the soups differed from each bowl - just that the spicy bowl had spicy oil drizzled on it - but we didn't mind. The accoutrements were plentiful and paired well with the noodles. The beef belly was tender, albeit a bit fatty.

The star of the show, however, were the noodles. Thick and perfectly chewy, I don't think I've had a comparable noodle here in Ottawa. I can't really do it justice by talking about it so I'll stop and ask that you try it yourself. Note, there was one instance (we've been here 3 weekends in a row) when the noodles came out soggy, like they had been in liquid for a while. Perhaps it was a bad batch but we asked them to exchange it and they did so without issue.

There may be a bit of language barrier because the servers speak little English but they were still attentive and helpful. It really didn't detract much from our experience.

We also got an appetizer, the Tofu with Preserved Egg, which was a bit underwhelming, to be honest, but with the portion size of each bowl of noodles (each bowl is quite big and you can get a larger size...), I feel like getting an appetizer might be overkill anyway. We got one on the first visit and never again.

As evidenced by our visits every weekend, we really like this restaurant and, at this point, have recommended it to almost all our friends. They're cash only (as many hole-in-the-wall places are) but if this recommendation isn't indicative enough, they're worth the hassle of getting cash.

Despite its convenient location and contemporary ambience, my experience with Dagu left a lot to be desired.

The restaurant is in the same mall as T&T Supermarket and occupies half of Morals Village. Staff from Morals Village also serve Dagu's guests so it doesn't seem to be an entirely separate operation. With its open spaces and large windows, the restaurant's furnishing gives off a modern and welcoming vibe; however, this feeling seems to start and end with the décor.

The service was lacking and leaned more towards self-serve. The servers hung out on the side and chatted amongst themselves until they were flagged down. This isn't a big issue but it was just a bit off-putting when water wasn't offered upon arrival and continued to not be offered until asked for.

The food was, unfortunately, disappointing as well. We ordered a Signature Rice Noodle Soup with Braised Bone-in Pork and a Original Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle. I also elected to get meatballs in mine while my partner got beef slices (it's essentially $1/slice FYI). The only other differences we could discern were:

1) the ingredients were put in the bowl for you in the former vs. you putting them in yourselves in the latter and;

2) the soup in the former tastes like nothing but salt water vs. the soup in the latter has a little bit more flavour albeit not by much.

Also, the former had a braised pork bone but that turned out pretty tough.

Along with these mains, we also ordered 3 appetizers: Salty Crispy Chicken, Marinated Braised Pork Bone, and Brown Sugar Sticky Rice. The chicken was probably the best thing to come out of that meal, but that too, was overly breaded/floured. The pork bone fell off the bone and was more tender than what came in the soup; however, it was presented in a pretty unappetizing way - just piled onto a plate. The sticky rice was probably the most disappointing as I was expecting actual sticky rice instead of rice cake. That may have been a translation problem but on top of that revelation, the brown sugar was a bit burnt and had a bitter taste to it.

All in all, a disappointing visit. I feel like it was a good idea (considering all of the patrons of the mall, in particular T&T Supermarket) that was poorly executed. You might be better off eating at the T&T "food court." I think they're cheaper.

Does anyone know why they closed?

A big lunch loss for me personally, probably better for my bottom line.


I'm going to miss that.