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This was the Bite Me burger ($14) and it made for a tasty lunch. The fries here are excellent and go well with the house made ketchup. The burger was good but you sort of take that for granted at a place with "burger" in its name.

The 1/2 lb beef chuck patty was thick and juicy (a fellow diner said her ribeye one was kind of dry though, so YMMV). The double smoked bacon had really nice flavour that worked well with the pickle, tomato, and Boston lettuce leaf. I'm not crazy about brioche style buns but this one was fine enough. And the well melted sheet of Cheddar cheese stepped up to the challenge of lubricating the whole thing as it slid into my gullet.

One side note: I'm sorry, but this place loses marks for dubbing their foot-long dog the Ron Jeremy. Yes, it's hilarious... until someone's kid decides to order it. 🤔

Andaz OttawaApr 28
Did I mention the view from the rooftop bar? Even my hastily taken panorama shows how awesome this is. The sun was bakingly hot and the walls of glass turned away any breeze. The sweet time for this terrace would definitely be dusk!

Andaz OttawaApr 28
Copper Spirits & Sights - These house made Potato Chips ($10) in 3 flavours with caramelized onion aļoli were addictively seasoned, crunchy, and generously portioned for a place with $150 sturgeon caviar on their snack menu.

My wife loved her pinky-red Pisco Sour ($14) with pisco, Grand Marnier, lemon, lime, egg white, and cranberry bitters. I also enjoyed my El Mariarchi ($15) with mezcal, maraschino liqueur, French vermouth, and lemon bitters.

Prices are a couple bucks higher than they would be elsewhere but the view makes it all worthwhile!

I just had lunch there, shrimp doubles, crispy bread, not like the fluffy chickpea bread I usually associate with this dish, but very tasty, nice moderately spiced curry. 12$, seriously good!

Osolo Anthony'so is another that is better for the same price and wood fired.

Golden SyrupApr 24
I recently picked up a jar at the Bagel Shop on Wellington. I think I saw it at Kitchenalia on Richmond recently too.

On Saturday, we had dinner at Meatings Barbecue. The space is cosy and well decorated with a rustic/hipster feel. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

We ordered two sampler platters (22$) which include three meats, two sides and one dessert. Altogether, we tasted the ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, mac & cheese, beans, coleslaw, tater tots, grilled pineapple and pecan tart.

The ribs were the big winners. The texture was perfect and the rub was delicious. They had a nice bite to them as they should. "Fall off the bone" is extremely overrated.

The brisket was tasty if slightly overcooked, but unfortunately was cut with the grain which made it a bit hard to eat. We ordered fatty, but what we got was sort of in-between. It was moist and tender, though.

The chicken had a very tasty rub on it. The meat was firm and flavourful. We got a weird piece of chicken back with a good amount of meat on it. It was the last piece and we had been warned, and we were cool with it.

The pulled-pork was a disappointment. The portion we got was mushy and wet. It seemed very overcooked. We didn't finish it.

Two observations: All the meats were very lightly smoked. There were no obvious smoke rings or big smokey flavours on anything. I guess that's a choice they made. I respect that. It doesn't take anything away from the end result. It's their style. The other thing is that their rubs are on the salty side. I didn't mind, but my dining companion didn't enjoy all the salt.

Sides were generally very good. The standouts were the mac & cheese and the tots. The beans were a bit too intense for my friend, but i liked them fine.

Desserts were delicious. The grilled pineapple with cinnamon sugar is a great idea.

We really liked our visit and would go back if in the area and craving barbecue.

OCCO KitchenApr 24
We visited Occo at their restaurant on Innes, last friday night. The space, as you would expect from its power centre location, is big and impersonal. Ceilings are high, decor is basic with a dark brown, grey and beige colour palette and the space is generally noisy. There's a teppanyaki setup leftover from a previous restaurant that occupied the space. We were told they had plans to turn it into a taco bar. Needless to say, the place is not much to look at and you need a lot of people to have any sort of ambiance.

The menu is intended as high-end street food with a focus on local suppliers and house-made everything. We ordered the corn dogs, fries with dressing and gravy (sampler size), candied bacon burger, fish taco and pork belly taco. That was more than enough food for two. We also had a few beers from their nice selection of both on-tap and canned/bottled offerings.

Our first observation was that all the food came out warm not hot. The tacos were almost room temperature. Overall, everything was nicely presented and flavourful. Our favourite dish was the corn dogs, battered and fried jalapeno and cheese smokies served with honey dijon and house ketchup. The ketchup was a hit with my dining partner. Tacos were also very good despite being served only warmish. They didn't skimp on the fillings. The pork belly taco had a nice chunk of meat in it. Fries with dressing and gravy, a Newfoundland fast food standard, were a tasty discovery, but the dish was only warm because of the gravy.

The burger was less of a hit. Although the homemade bun and toppings were ok, the patty had a wet and mushy texture that we really didn't enjoy. I don't know how you can get ground beef wrong, but they did. We ordered it with their "heirloom" salad which didn't seem to have anything heirloom about it, but I suspect that is due to the time of year. The salad was otherwise tasty.

Our waiter did not offer dessert which is fine because we were too full anyway.

Service was very good. Our waiter was extremely affable and took time to explain everything and make sure we had no questions before we ordered.

In the end, the minuses outweigh the pluses and I don't think we'll be going back unless we happen to be in the area and have no better options. We certainly won't be schlepping out to Orleans just to go there.

Sorry no pictures. I'm kind of shy about that sort of thing and the ones I did take came out all blurry.

OCCO KitchenApr 24
Had a pretty mediocre burger at their Innis location last Friday. The meat was a tad dry with some over charring going on. It came out fairly quickly and not that hot so not sure if some pre cook is going on. It was my first visit so I didn't realize their homemade ketchup is very sweet and downright unpleasant and that was taste forward on this burger. The bun was fresh but a bit big for the burger and could have used some toasting. Bacon was available but again was candied. Sugar seems to be prominent over salty at this establishment. It came with scratch pickles that were undetectable. The place is a bit dark inside with lots of tables. The only natural light comes from two large window at the front of the restaurant. Service was good and seating comfortable. The stand out was the pork belly taco that was amazing.

Yang ShengApr 23
Skip the dishes was free so we did. Beef and broccoli, General Tao's Chicken and spicy Szechuan Noodles.

Every dish was unbalanced with either garlic, ginger, sugar or salt.

The egg rolls were pretty good.

I miss the days of free delivery. I would order in more often.

Roberto, Tennessee Willems...

"... for the same price one can get much better in the city"

Ok, l'll bite.... where do you consider better for the same price?

Top: Mario's Shopping Cart (prosciutto, parmesan, pear, arugula, balsamic)

Bottom: That's So Italian (sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushroom)

Both pizzas were tasty and the toppings were plentiful and of good quality. I'm not a huge fan of sweet pizza so the Italian was preferred. The crust is slightly thicker than other pizza-centric restaurants in the city which makes it quite filling even though it's only an ~8 inch pie. All in all they make a good pie however for the same price one can get much better in the city.

The Alta Vista location has a sign out saying they serve breakfast. This may be the only Indian breakfast available in a restaurant. Will have to check it out sometime!

That was some rather delightful chicken kebab... pretty sure it was the Malai Kabab - "Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in cashew nut cream cheese paste with our special spices and grilled in the tandoor to perfection."

What's the dish that looks like white chunks of something with orange slices on top, at the nine o'clock position?

We visited the new Alta Vista location as a big group, courtesy of my brother's father in law who is a regular here. Our feast was a lavish one! The starters of onion bhaji and veg samosas were fresh and awesome, as was the naan.

Really, everything was of excellent quality. Most of it seemed a little underseasoned but that is likely entirely because we asked for mild spice levels so the kids wouldn't cry.

My wife commented that she felt really well after her meal here. Often at other Indian restaurants the richness of the butter and oil laden dishes gets to her.

Mango lassi was top notch according to my kids. My son discovered that he now has two favourite Indian foods: butter chicken and vegetable khorma. :-)

Pho By NightApr 21
The Special Egg Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork and Shrimp ($11.95) was satisfying and flavourful, albeit a little on the too-sweet side for me. It contained several nice chunks of grilled pork and also a few shrimp. Generous chunks of (fresh, not frozen) broccoli and cauliflower made this bowl an excellent lunch option for which I shall surely return.

So far, I'd say this place is in a tie with iPho for best Vietnamese in the ByWard Market, but best is a relative concept and you really have to go elsewhere for the great stuff. The menu here (still labeled Sweet Art) is in English and French, no Vietnamese to be seen.

Looking forward to going back and tasting their phở!

Worthy of mention is that when I clumsily knocked my spoon off the table and stooped to pick it up, our server noticed from across the room and rushed over with a fresh replacement. I would have just wiped off the dropped one and gotten on with life but this was some nice treatment indeed!

Pure KitchenApr 21
Decent food, nicely presented, but the place was deafeningly noisy at lunch - workplace hazard levels I suspect. Would go back during off hours...