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Pure KitchenNov 13
I have been back many times and am now stuck on the fantastic hot bowl. It consists of several medium firm tofu steaks on peanut sauce rice noodles with kale, red peppers and broccoli and sprinkled with more peanuts. I sometimes order a side of dumplings when I am very hungry. Today, I ordered a side of kimchi. It was spicy and fresh. Definitely my go to. The Bibimbap bowl is a close second.

About the noise level, it seems to have improved. Noise absorbing panels have been added. :)

For dessert, the chocolate peanut butter cup is the perfect bite! Try it.

Omelettes at Cora'sNov 12
I had the Western omelette at the Richmond Road Coras this week-end. Having been to almost all of the Coras in Ottawa, this is my favourite. The food quality is most consistent and fresh based on my many visits. The Western omelette was fluffy and big too. The toast that came with the meal was nicely crisp on the edges.

Stopped in for lunch this week and very much enjoyed my burrito. Tasty pork with vibrant veggies and tasty guacamole. The people running it are very nice and I got some garlic
Jalapeo sauce to take home. Delicious. All their sauces are great.

Here are a few minor quibbles:

The squeeze bottles are great take home items but a smaller version would be welcomed.

The jalapeo garlic sauce was delicious and a lot hotter than last time. My SO could not eat it although she practically drank the last bottle. 😀

It took a little longer than expected to get my food. No fault on the side of the staff, it was the customers that kept them engaged in conversation while they tried to work.

Last night I stopped in for dinner at the Light of India before a screening at the Mayfair. I hadn't had dinner there in ages and since I was getting a hankering for Indian food I decided to stop in for a visit. I decided to get a combo dish since I like those the best - I get a bit of everything. When I was seated the waiter brought some water, a basket of papadums, and the menus. I love curries especially if it involves lamb so I settled for the Bombay combo for one. I started with a Mulligatawny soup which was very hot in temperature but lacking in spice. It would have been nice it they put in some kind of seasoning rather than just the broth and veggies. The waiter came by after with the lamb curry, steamed rice, and sag paneer. The lamb was delicious - a little spicier than what I am used to - but I enjoyed every morsel. The rice was delicious although I would have preferred peas pulao but it was tasty none-the-less. And the sag paneer was the best I've ever had. Service was slow but attentive. Next time I am not going to wait so long to go back.

Jackson CafOct 29
Last Friday, wifey and I had a most enjoyable lunch at this unique new restaurant perched alongside the Ottawa Art Gallery's lobby. Here's the rundown:

* Focaccia ($6) - with melted ghee, coarse sea salt. [top right]
* Squash ($14) - with halloumi, pumpkin spice hummus, pomegranate arils. [top left]
* Trout ($18) - with leeks, ginger, sesame. [bottom left]
* Soba ($14) - with napa cabbage, candied peanuts, Thai basil.
* Churros ($9) - with chili chocolate fondue, salted caramel. [bottom right]
* Crme Brle ($9) - with orange blossom.

My favourite dishes were the Focaccia (so perfectly chewy-crisp and the ghee was utterly unnecessary) and the Churros.

The Churros deserve a paragraph of their own. Three stubby fritters sprinkled with cinnamon sugar would have been nice enough on their own but these were over the top with not one but two addictive sauces! I kept dipping my spoon into the spicy chocolate chili fondue because it was awesome. As for the salty caramel sauce, it was so incredible with the churros that I found myself attempting to prolong my bliss by dredging consecutively smaller and smaller pieces of churro in it. Alas, it was gone all too soon.

The Squash dish was beautiful and felt very seasonal. The pumpkin spice hummus lended an interesting Autumnal touch and the somewhat scant halloumi gave it a little substance.

I found the Soba dish to be far too plain, as the wide cabbage slices were raw and uninteresting, and the Thai basil was not in great supply. This bowl screamed out for some fresh chilis but it had not even a hint of heat. My wife quite liked it however, so you might enjoy it too.

The Trout was pretty good. Perfectly browned skin, nicely cooked fish, and a bed of leeks and pulses to make it nice.

The Crme Brle was perfect, although you'd better like floral flavours as the orange blossom component is quite pronounced.

I feel the need to rant about one thing: SHARING PLATES. Our server made it very clear that the entire menu is meant for sharing. But the manner in which many of these dishes are served does not lend itself to sharing at all. We managed to saw through the small bit of trout without mangling it too much, but I can't imagine attempting that manouver with anyone other than an immediate family member.

The other dishes were no easier to split. Try sharing a bowl of noodles and candied peanuts with someone when you each have only a fork and a knife.

We felt really bad for a nearby table of three engaged in what looked like a business lunch. Come on, sharing plates restaurants... if you think your food is good enough to share then at least give us serving utensils. Or chopsticks!

Once again, this was an excellent lunch. But it did awaken my sharing-plates-peeve-monster.

Grilled pork and spring roll on vermicelli

Late night on Fri/Sat (10:30-1) Bar Lupulus does a kitchen takeover / pop-up. This week Rich Wilson from the old Pomeroy House was preparing Nashville hot chicken. I tried the sandwich and wings. Amazing impossibly crispy with a med/high heat that lingered. Salty and slighly sweet/smoky. Sandwich had perfect amount of slaw and white sauce to offset the spicy. Didn't come here for this specifically but I would next time.

The ManxOct 27
Sandwich special of the day - Jerk chicken. I really enjoyed the use of chicken thigh with really crisped up skin. More chicken thigh sandwiches please Ottawa! The jerk marinade was subtle, mostly allspice with 0 heat, but still quite delicious. If not obvious, this was HUGE and could have easily fed 2. Generally I find the food here Meh, so this was a nice change. Enjoyed with a few BTP Darkness. Yum.

Scone WitchOct 23
Last weekend a friend was in town and wanted to meet up with me for breakfast on Saturday morning. Since she had a luncheon later that day we picked the Scone Witch so she could have lighter fare and I could have a heartier meal if I chose. My friend had a lemon poppyseed scone and a large coffee. She said her scone was delicious. I decided to have their breakfast special which consisted of scrambled eggs with my choice of topping (I picked the mushroom ragu), a scone (I picked the lemon poppyseed), my choice of jam (I picked the raspberry), some fresh cut fruit and a small salad. Everything was delicious especially the mushroom ragu. Thankfully we had an earlier (9:00 am) breakfast since around 10:00 it started filling up fast.

Oat coutureOct 23
He will be at once healthier AND more relaxed.


Oat coutureOct 23
Well, my Dad loves oatmeal and he loves scotch, so I feel like he will spend all his time there now.

Oat coutureOct 22
Although, for a restaurant that serves primarily oat dishes and wants to turn into a scotch bar ... I feel that they should at least have heard of cranachan.

La NoodleOct 22
We wanted to try the Merivale location the other night, but had to leave unsatisfied. I couldn't fit my legs under the table. All of the tables are built for tiny people. People who have abnormally small legs. The apron on the table sides is intricately carved, but is about 6 inches deep where 4 would have been sufficient.

I wasn't going to sit 2 feet back from the table and slurp noodles. That way lies madness and a very messy kilt.

The location in the market has the same tables.
[insert sad emoji]

Oat coutureOct 22
"Oat Couture... into a scotch/whisky bar in the evenings"

Dear Ottawa Restaurants That Don't Do Dinner - Please do this everywhere. Immediately.


PS: Would also accept vodka/gin/rum/tequila/etc bars in the evenings.

i really REALLY hate you Warby.

*throws granola bar at wall in disgust, goes in search of cookies*

I hate you Warby.

*dumps salad in trash, goes in search of noodles*

Even though this place has closed permanently, Id still like to post a posthumous takeout lunch review. Their curry goat (around $16.00 including soft drink and taxes) was very good, with lots of mildly spiced and meaty goat chunks layered on top of an excellent rice pilaf. The accompanying fried plantains werent done in the Caribbean style; they were made with very ripe, soft and sweet plantains. The dining area was small, spare and clean, and the restaurant staff were kind. I was the only customer there at noon on a Saturday. Places like this help provide a more complete and varied food scene in Ottawa, so its sad to see them go.

Oat coutureOct 21
We were vending at the Ottawa Whisky Show last night at the War Museum and ran into one of the owners of Oat Couture. She told us that she is planning to turn the place into a scotch/whisky bar in the evenings pretty soon.

Very exciting news.

Visited Friday and was disappointed. Service was great, beer was also good. The food was mediocre. My fish and chips were priced right but the fries were just bad resembling something from the frozen food section at the supermarket. Fish was dry but the batter was good. My wife had the grilled cheese and again nothing that would make you want to come back. She had the pub chips that were under cooked.

Cafe DeluxeOct 20
I miss my office being right next door. Maybe I'll make a field trip next week, and get me more of those cookies (Yes, the shortbread are the best ones)