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They seem to be 10" pies. My wife and I split one (2 slices each) but I could easily have a third slice.

Are these individual pizzas? Or will one pizza feed two people? Their web site gives no indication of size.

Excellent pizza at a good price. I found the crust perfect in char, chew, moistness and airiness. It reminded me a lot of Libretto in Toronto. Much better than Fiazza, ingredients and execution.

They put toppings on generously, lots of basil leaves on the margarita. Both fior di latte and mozzarella cheeses I tried were great. They have two tomato sauces, both good but one of them is thicker and richer. I think you can only get the thin one on the margarita.

Margarita is $10, craft make your own up to 6 toppings is $14. I've been there 3 times, once for their Pi day, $3.14 pizzas, march 14. Pepperoni, mushrooms, chorizo, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, red peppers, the cheeses and sauces mentioned above, all top notch in taste and freshness.

Nice, clean store, friendly efficient staff, quick assembly line system.

I hope they survive this period and succeed when they open the downtown store as well. Excellent brand!

Meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but I tried PiCo for the first time and found it to be good pizza. Only negative is that the dough is incredibly salty. There are a lot of toppings and ordering for the first time was a bit overwhelming so it's best to enter with a game plan. My pie had white sauce, mozzarella, fior de latte, mushrooms, roasted garlic, chili oil, red onions and chicken. Next time I'd probably go with a cured meat instead. I hope they are doing lots of deliveries, they opened very shortly before getting shut down for dine-in and their oven looks expensive. I liked it much better than Fiazza.

Can't wait for Fab Fries to open. Club close up.

Bánh Ḿ at Cô ChâmMar 11
Ok, i think i need that in the mouth part of my head stat.

Bánh Ḿ at Cô ChâmMar 10
The classic "assorted meats" banh mi. 3$ and they take debit or visa with a 25 cent charge if the purchase is under $10 which is a small fee compared to the hassle of going to the bank to get cash in my books. Great sandwich and one of the best deals out there. Chinatown was dead today, didn't even have a problem finding street parking which is a rarity. Edit- forgot to add banh mis are only available for takeout. And get the Chili peppers, they aren’t too spicy and add a nice heat. I’ve tried some of the other options and like the assorted meats the best.

I didn't see dogs on their menu. Too bad.

"But what if it is a family of monsters?"

Then they should call it 'Family of Monsters' size!
...words matter dammit!

...and honestly anyone who wouldn't laugh if the menu read

Family of Monsters probably cold and dead inside.

At the Vanier location they do two hot dogs and small fry for $5. Not too sure if its the same at the new location?

Amazing fries and solid dogs (dogs are fried I believe?).

But what if it is a family of monsters?

I take issue with the fact that 'family' size is bigger than 'monster'. Monsters eat families, not the other way around. ...depending on the family, i suppose...

I will acknowledge that calling the small size 'Limited' is a brilliant way to prompt customers to upsize to 'Great'.

I got the classic poutine. They have four sizes: Limited, Great, Monster and Family. I got the Great, which the container looks smallish but it was a little more than needed for lunch.

Mmmm...good fries (not shoestring nor beefeaters and NOT frozen) nice potatoey taste, crispy outside, fluffy inside.

LOTS of curds and a generous amount of dark tasty veggie gravy. I like that when I got to the bottom, there was still some gravy.

I wish there was an option for beef gravy but overall a decent poutine.

Chez LucienFeb 29
Yes, the garlic snails are awesome. So is the Chez-Lucien Burger with bacon, mushrooms and cream cheese. Add some great fries and some excellent service and you have a top meal at this mainstay.

My friend had the stir fried rice noodles with beef, basil and chilies. It looked very satisfying. i am trying that next.

Pictured is the shrimp red curry with pineapple, tomatoes and red pepper with a side of Jasmine rice.

This was my first time as it is not particularly close for me but it was good. The decor is warm and inviting and the service was good. It was lunchtime and it got busy fast but we were served in a reasonable time. We had to flag the waitress for the bill but she gave it to us fast when asked.

The red curry with shrimp was on par with other of my favourite Thai places in town such as Som Tum, Viet Thai Red Pepper or Green Papaya.

Had to try this legendary poutine. I have to say poutine hits different on the North side of the Ottawa River. The clock is a Pepsi clock, only Pepsi products are served and the staff wore an array of footwear- steel toe construction boots, crocs and adidas. There was a line and the guy in crocs was seen a few times bringing fresh cut potatoes for the fryer. Ordered the small poutine and it checked all the boxes. Squeaky St. Albert curds which are the gold standard in these parts, crispy fresh cut fries and hot tasty gravy in a place with an atmosphere you wouldn’t expect a couple of kilometres from the peace tower.

Cô ChâmFeb 23
And the bbq pork.

Cô ChâmFeb 23
Last Friday I went to a concert at the Bronson Center and I was looking for somewhere to eat in Chinatown fairly close to Bronson. Co Cham has been getting great reviews on ottawafoodies and it has been on my bucket list for some time now. So off I went deciding to get shrimp summer rolls and bbq pork for dinner. The summer rolls are huge and the ingredients are fresh. They come with a small dish of hoisin sauce garnished with crushed peanuts and everything was delicious. The bbq pork had a nice slightly sweet sauce served over a bed of rice. The pork was also delicious. Service was polite and attentive. I am definitely going to have to go back to try their bahn mi. Pictured are the summer rolls.

The brunch at l’Orée du Bois is a real treat. For $36, you get a set menu served family style. On the menu this past week end was: entrée of croissants and walnut buns, salmon and potato tartiflette, endive, gruyère and walnut salad, and marinated veggies; main of ham eggs benedict, pork belly and duck confit beans; and a dessert of orange blossom trapèzienne (a doughnut) and grapefruit sorbet. A coffee or tea is included. Service continues to be excellent!