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I heard it is now sunflower oil instead of olive oil. There is also a change in the other flavours though - so maybe a change to spices or type of garlic? I wondered if there was a undeclared spice too, but didnít see it listed on recall. The reasoning on oil shift was to prevent hardening of oil in fridge I guess. The prices also went up with the changes.

I found it really terrible so wonít bother buying it again and I used to always have one in fridge and one back-up.

Le BBQ ShopJul 11
I visited their new St Joseph location. It is in a old shawarma dig. Itís nicely decorated with friendly service.

I had the jerk chicken leg on rice and with a side of Jamaican salad. It was nice. It is not as good as the Island Flavour place on Bank street nuit fresh and a good portion. A thumbs up. My lunch mate had the ribs which looked really good!

What kind of oil is in it now?

"Farm Boy co-CEO Jeff York says customers won't notice 'one difference' now that the grocery store chain has been bought."

Yes, I think they changed the oil in it. I have noticed a decline in quality in several products since Farm Boy was sold.

Farm Boy had the best Lemon & Garlic dressing, but they've changed the recipe and it is terrible now. Has anyone else noticed this?

I would argue, enthusiastically, that Dragonz' are better than peak Golden Palace.

Angry Dragonz was in Vincent Massey Park yesterday, so I went and bought as much as I could. The lamb skewers and slaw were delicious (and I definitely took advantage of the various neat hot sauces to go with my skewers), but I also want to bring attention to the egg roll. Even with Pasta Lover's comment below, I was not expecting such a delicious, open-ended, pork-filled wonder. I'd put it in my Top Egg Roll Tier, right up there with Welcome Back and Golden Palace. Hoo, mama. Why did I only buy one.

Grilled chicken on vermicelli and a spring roll with a sweet and sour soup for $9.50 at lunchtime.

Lobster season. The surf and turf was amazing. Chimichurri sauce on the sirloin steak and butter on the lobster tail on a bed of mashed celery root and steamed veggies. It was just amazing.

Just went this weekend for the first time. It's only been open a few weeks and is still a little hard to find (no signs, inconspicuous).
Dťcor is solid, with a sparse/industrial kind of vibe. There's seating for about 25 people but is not cramped in the slightest. The open kitchen lets you see the chefs preparing everything.
They have a set eight courses and we had the wine pairing, came out to ~$160 each.
We started with sourdough bread and a fermented rice "candle" that had a walnut wick to melt the rice into a soft butter.
Next was "snacks" of a celeriac yakatori with spruce leaves, and a green apple tart with a smooth puree, both fantastic.
Eventually the wine started the kick in and things get a little fuzzy from there, but we had an eggplant soup with kombu dashi as the broth, a frozen sesame dough "dome" over grilled asparagus, smoked potato and stuffed morel mushrooms, and for dessert we had a walnut cake with whiskey, and some oyster mushroom chocolates and a coffee.
All in all this is very fine-dining climate, and the staff were phenomenal and very attentive. The chefs would come to our table with each dish to describe what it was. The wine was really excellent, with the Tidal Bay standing out especially. Best of all, they gave us a printed menu at the end of the night as a keepsake.
Can't wait to come back in several months to try the next season's menu!

Have driven by this place many times but tried it for the first time today. This is the 9.99 lunch special with lemon chicken, mixed vegetables and fried rice. Canít really complain about anything at that price and huge portion but the fried rice was very bland and lemon chicken sauce wasnít to my taste which is more my fault than theirs, havenít had lemon chicken in years and forgot how sweet the sauce is. Would definitely eat here again, they also have 7.99 lunch specials.

FarinellaJun 30
I didnít really agree with Warbyís comments re: tipping but after waiting 15 minutes for take out pizza and seeing the pizza cutter be rude to the customer in front of me I agree. Pizza is delicious but I feel like theyíre getting el Camino syndrome and acting like they are cooler than the customer.

Fried egg on fish cake with spinach salad and home fries.

The chimichanga was good but not Ahora good. I agree with many that Blue Cactus has seen better days but it is a convenient location to meet up with people.

The KovenJun 29
Went for my first time after hearing rave reviews from friends. I had the Koven burger. 1/4 pound of beef with grilled onions, green pepper, cheddar and Cajun mayo. Great fries and a perfectly sized portion. In the days of expensive burgers, $8.50 was a great price for a great burger. Much has been made of the heavy metal theme but donít let that dissuade you. The food and fun atmosphere is worth the trip. Owner operated (nice guy too) this place has so many interesting things on the menu that I will be back.

Pretty disappointing. Good fries and decent burger but nothing extraordinary considering it is billed as a burger place and high TA score. For starters, the owner seated us, and my God what a cold greeting! She dropped the menus on the table and took off, no 'enjoy', no smile, nothing. Ditto when we left, she was too busy crunching some numbers at one of the front tables to bother looking up.

I liked the homemade ketchup. My wife's nachos were presented in a tall cylinder that you remove slowly, and it all mixes together, odd. Overall, the nachos were cold, too high a ratio of cold garnishings to warm content.

I suppose it is too much to ask for a burger in the calibre of SW Florida's Ford's Garage chain, but I was hoping for something better than what I got at Bite. To date, my favourite burger in town is Bazille in the Nordstrom.

Bite ThisJun 23
Ordered the Panko haddock tacos at 5.25 each. The star of the tacos was the haddock which was piping hot. My usual gripe with fish tacos is the quantity and quality of fish for the price and no complaints here. The toppings were somewhat bland but they tasted pretty good when I added some sriracha. Service was friendly and fast.

So I went back. It is very good. Super nice people running the place as well. This time I tried the chicken thighs and the brisket sandwich (again). The chicken thighs were $3 each and were beautifully smoked and basted with a very good sweet bbq sauce. The seasoning was perfect. The brisket sandwich is still my favourite with beautiful smoky slices/chunks of meat doused in a sweet, peppery bbq sauce and served on a brioche bun. This is a top drawer sandwich and worth the visit all by itself.