Patios/Restaurants Opening [General]

Jun 9
Thought we could create a thread and post which restaurants are opening their patios/dine-in options starting this Friday June 12th.

Would be helpful to post whether reservations will be mandatory etc.

Jun 9
My understanding from reading the Ontario government guidelines is that reservations will be mandatory. Likely to facilitate contact tracing.

Jun 10
I've called around to many places and so far no one is taking reservations...only walk-in.

Jun 10
So could you let us know which places these are? The ones that will be opening their patios but only taking walk-ins?

Jun 10
What process would people follow when eating out? Any concerns with the utensils, glasses, table etc. We still order in, but are quite cautious with all packaging.

Aug 16
"Not really a closure but a move. Good Eats is now located on Bell Street North."

Was just about to post that elsethread. New location is very similar to the old one.
Breakfast and baked goods just as good. Alcohol license obtained, dinner menu coming.

Crossposting from the 'closing' thread to add that they have a really nice patio now, and Bell St is very civilized.