Bridgehead bought by Second Cup [Food/Vendor]

Dec 5
I was deeply saddened to read this:

I visited the Bridgehead roastery in Little Italy during Doors Open Ottawa a few years ago and I was impressed to see how much care they put into their coffee. They visited the plantations and met the farmers and they seemed to put a lot of love into their product. I hope Second Cup continues this.

Dec 6
On the one hand, hey, local business prospers, sells, makes millions, good for her!

Second Cup fell out of my preferences years ago, because i preferred Starbucks (i know, i know, it's trendy to hate on the 'bucks) and, amusingly, Bridgehead (moreso than Starbucks actually). Then a couple of years ago Bridgehead changed their roast (i think they moved in house and changed beans?) and i like it less. Be curious to see whether this brings me back to either at all, or the opposite.

Dec 6
In my opinion, Second Cup tends to have the best cold brew of the big shops, so I do enjoy that.

So, I am hesistantly curious here.

Dec 6
Sounds like nothing will change and it may actually be better.

Their coffee is terrible anyway so I don't care :-) Not sure how they manage to both burn and underroast it, but they do.

Dec 6
I think they may attract a slightly different demographic. All I know is I have a Bridgehead, Second Cup, Starbucks, and Smiling Goat all within a 5 minute walk of my house, and I donít go to any of them. . . . ..

Dec 28
Bring on Happy Goat...........

Dec 30
@zymurgist ;
too high of a roasting temp, the outside is scorched and the inside is under roasted.