Meat Press reacts to Doug Fordís mini-budget [General]

2018 Nov 16
Iíve attached their Instagram post, but in reaction to the Ontario governmentís slashing of services for Franco-Ontarians, Meat Press will not be charging tax on food ordered by Francos on Fridays

Interesting reaction.

2018 Nov 16
And they should charge extra for PCs. . . . . . . .

2018 Nov 17
I think other than the sex Ed changes Ford has been pretty good, way better than Wynne in my books.

Iím not a fan of mixing business and politics, I donít have a problem with this but I love the meat press and donít want to see them turning into self righteous SJWs like Union 613.

2018 Nov 17
Not sure how this sort of a stand qualifies as self-righteous, and often the use of that term and 'SJW' only seeks to delegitimize wholly reasonable efforts towards equity and social justice, imo. I appreciate Union sticking up for labour rights and other causes. I also understand how their particular brand of activism can come off as obnoxious and invite blowback as a result.

I get the desire to want to separate business and politics, because it's a lot more convenient for all of us to not have to weigh the ethics of every decision we make-- especially the fun ones, like going out to eat-- but politics is embedded in everything. They have never been separate and cannot be separate. The businesses you support all have political views, they're just usually not customer-facing. And to support a business is to support their politics. It can be uncomfortable when Meat Press is making that connection as explicit as they are, but I appreciate them taking a stand, as saying/doing nothing is a political choice in itself. Now their customers can decide how they choose to respond.

And while oh god i'm terrified of talking politics on the internet, I'll add that, in addition to cutting advocacy services for Franco-Ontarians, the Ford government also took away a vital service for marginalized and vulnerable youth by cutting the Ontario Child Advocate's office (whose work I've seen and experienced first-hand), and continued to erode environmental protections, all in one fell swoop. This on top of 'sex ed' (which is uglier than those two words encapsulate in terms of the impact on LGBT rights, for one), deprioritizing affordable housing, halting minimum wage increases. Further marginalizing the marginalized, not feeling pretty good to me.

I have no problem with businesses wearing their politics on their sleeves-- certainly makes my decisions easier for where I want to take my business.

2018 Nov 17
Fair enough, you make lots of great points. Thereís no reasons why people canít have civil discussions about these types of issues. Iíll still support the meat press, but was trying to say that itís a slippery slope.

I donít like it on either side- the Black Tomato making employees pose for pics in anti-minimum wage raise shirts was an all time bad look. Not everyone will agree with me but I donít appreciate mixing politics and businesses personally.

2018 Nov 18
Pretty much all of the major problems we have as a planet stem from the fact that capitalists want to separate politics from economics.

2018 Nov 18
Merci pour votre appui! La francophonie est trŤs importante pour nous et on se prťpare ŗ se battre contre la dťcision de Ford. This issue really hits home. It took a long time and a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears for us to obtain equal rights. It feels like we have to start all over again. Know that if the rights and services of the anglophone community were being targeted by any government, the francophone community would be right there fighting alongside you. We hope we can count on your support as well. Merci, merci, merci

2018 Nov 18
According to Google Translate, that person said :

Thank you for your support! Francophonie is very important to us and we are preparing to fight against Ford's decision. This issue really hits home. It took a long time and a lot of work, blood, sweats and tears for us to obtain equal rights. It feels like we have to start all over again. You should know that the English and the French speaking community would be targeted by any government. We hope we can count on your support as well. Thanks thanks thanks

Personally I find it especially special when the Quebec government speaks up about franco rights in Ontario.

2018 Nov 18
I've never run across anyone who used the term 'SJW,' in person or online, who wasn't a particular kind of asshole. I'm sure you're a very nice person otherwise, though, TheNatureMan.

Striving for a level playing field shouldn't peg someone as an airy-fairy, basket-weaving activist dreamer, whether on the basis of language, sex, gender, faith, fair wages, or otherwise. The instant you start singling groups out, in policy, the 'mixing politics and business' argument goes out the window, the rules of the game have changed. You can wait and pipe up when policy affects you personally, but the mark of true humanity is to pipe up when policy affects your neighbour, or even your neighbour's neighbour.

[ps: you can say 'asshole' in primetime now]

2018 Nov 19
Divisive politics only makes life worse and I enjoy talking with people who donít agree with me (see the states for a example wrt political craziness). I read through my posts and I didnít see any slander towards the meat press.

I said I didnít want them to become like Union 613. I may hold a grudge after they attacked Anne Desbrisay for not using locally sourced paper. I donít agree with all of Fords policies but Iíd take him over Wynne any day. The Syrian refugees I take fishing and hunting arenít a fan of his either, but we still get along.

2018 Nov 19
I can appreciate that Ivan isnít everyoneís cup of tea, but I think that is an unfair assessment of his stance on the cookbook.
More than a couple of the restaurants involved felt resentful of DesBrisayís.
People felt strong armed into participating due to DesBrisayís position of Ottawaís most prominent restaurant critic and Gold Medal Plates judge.

They were forced to cover printing costs with the understanding that they would recover costs by selling copies at their restaurants, but were surprised to see it sold at Costco and Chapters (at a cheaper price to boot).

Everyone was then also roped into covering the costs for DesBrisay/Ottawa magazine events surrounding the book.

The whole enterprise smacked of shady ethics, poor journalistic standards, and conflicts of interest.

Ivan wasnít the only one who felt upset with the way things went, heís just the only one whoís business plan revolves around muck raking.
I feel like there is plenty to take issue with if you donít agree with Unionís politics, but the paper criticism is a bit unfair.
Ugh, so that escalated. Sorry.