grits [Cooking]

Oct 18
Ever since Dragonlady introduced me to grits this summer, I can't get enough. I'll have them for breakfast or dinner, with eggs or shrimp, fried tomatoes or anything else.

Grits are made of Hominy corn, and are white in colour. This is not the same ground yellow corn you make polenta from. It has a subtly different flavour.

Cooking it a bit in bacon fat makes the kitchen smell like popping corn, which is when I know to add the water.

The problem is that I've only been able to find it at one place in town so far: Herb & Spice on Wellington. The only brand I've found is Bob's Red Mill. It's very good, but I'd like to have another source for when this store inevitably stops carrying the one thing I buy there.

Oct 19
Try Rainbow Foods.

Oct 19
Grace in the Kitchen on Hazeldean Rd has it.

Oct 19
There are a few other suggestions here:

Oct 21
Oooops I fell off the planet for a bit. have not lived until you have eaten these:

I was fortunate many years ago to eat them at Crooks's Corners.