Fenugreek [Cooking]

2018 Apr 22
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can find fenugreek, either whole or ground in Ottawa?


2018 Jul 6
I just thought of a couple of things! (Surprising I hadn't thought of them before, given how much Indian we cook...disclaimer that we skew Goan, though, so a lot of my suggestions are in that vein)

1. Amchoor (mango powder). It, along with asafoetida, is a great way to zazz up certain dishes. It's tart, so it provides a great counterpoint without adding liquid like lemon would.
2. Palm vinegar. Used a lot in Goan and south Indian dishes. I wish I could explain the difference in flavour compared to regular vinegar, but I'm at a loss. It's...smoother? More slightly coconutty?
3. Frozen, ground coconut. Unsweetened. Fantastic flavouring and texturizing agent.
4. Achar Gosht masala. This is the only boxed spice mix we buy. This stuff is frigging fantastic. It's got a great mix of savoury, spicy, and acid. You can use pretty much any meat with it (chicken is our favourite), and you stuff whole chilis with the masala mix to add to the curry. Lots of nigella, red chili, and fenugreek notes. Shan's a pretty good brand, and likely to be there (shop.khanapakana.com)