What is your secret foodie shame? (continued) [General]

2017 Mar 1
TOPIC continued from Forum - What is your secret foodie shame?

The Carleton Tavern has steamies. Hot dogs boiled in Beau's beer on a soft white bun. Heaven.

2017 Mar 2
"Hot dogs boiled in Beau's beer"

How did i not know this was a thing?


...scuze me, i have a ... meeting... yeah, a very very important meeting, to get to... immediately.

I may be a while.

2017 Mar 2
My secret shame right now is homemade cheap crappy tuna melts. Canned tuna, cheap mayo. Spread on slice of toasted white bread. Put slice of cheap cheese on it. Put under broiler. Take out, put on second slice of white bread. Eat and hope I sober up (We could also rename this thread to drunk food now that I think about it)

2017 Mar 2
Spicy Jamaican Patties from Do Good Food, A&W sweet potato fries and tuna salad with an avocado and sriracha are all up there.

Also, hot dogs boiled in beer sounds amazing. I love the Carleton but it's hard to find anyone who wants to go there.

2017 Mar 2
Anyone who wouldn't want to be in on a trip to the Carleton is no friend.

2017 Mar 2
Next time my friends want to go dive baring we're going there

2017 Mar 8
Hmmm....I guess eating lunch at a cafeteria, that seems kind of "uncool"- but they usually have a couple homemade dishes at lunch every day for $7.
Same cafeteria also has fish and chips every Friday- from speaking to the man who works there, the fish is cod and it is made from fresh fish, so the fish is good and a huge piece.
The fries are the frozen kind, but recently they switched to some kind of frozen fries that have the peel on.
Sometimes they have roasted potatoes and those are always so good!

Monday the same cafeteria had eggplant parmesan that they made for lunch, it was really good. I wish I had got a bigger portion.

The Riverside hospital coffee shop makes fresh rice pudding every day, often it sells out-it is really tasty.

I like grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches- like on sourdough or rye bread or whatever preservative-free bread is in my freezer.
-I do not like those sliced wonder-bread things, never ate that growing up. I usually have some bread in my freezer.

2017 Mar 8

2017 Mar 8
I usually buy some Campbell's chicken noodle soup when it goes on sale. I find it an incredible lunch and extra satisfying with black pepper and crushed saltines. Tastes even better if you've had a couple of beers the night before.

2017 Mar 10
I know someone who is quite wealthy (like a couple millions), and in their kitchen they actually have some jarred pasta sauce, regular spaghetti, prefer margarine over butter,same person also buys some canned peas and green beans I think (not sure if it is just peas,I forget).

Same person actually has 3 houses and 3 cars, yet sometimes still take the city bus.
This person does not live in Ottawa and is from another province.

People will eat what they like, I guess.

2017 Mar 12
I think the Carleton has a husband sitting service or something like that... ;)

2017 Mar 13
If that person is buying canned products and takes the bus that is probably why they are millionaires...

I believe the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market also has a husband sitting service.

2017 Mar 17
Actually I am assuming the person is a multi-millionaire.
At least from what I read about them online.

That person worked doing investments for the government and has their own investment/venture firm.

He takes the bus most likely because he does not want to drink and drive and also happens to enjoy biking to dinner.

The person buying the canned food, they can afford to eat out for dinner every day, just they would rather not.
He can afford a home chef and does not want one.

2017 Mar 17
Let's get this thread back on track! Hickory Sticks

2017 Mar 17
Unsalted peanut butter and salt n vinegar chips sandwich!

2017 Mar 17
@Stewtine in the previous versions of this, I posted about a peanut butter and bbq chip sandwich, so you're speaking my language!

I normally use the salt and vinegar in blueberry pie, however.

2017 Mar 22
Salt and vinegar what?? in pie.
So confused...

2017 Mar 22
Ketchup chips ftw!

...in pie, i mean.
Wait, no i don't... ew.

2017 Mar 22
maybe on tortiere

2017 Mar 23
I aways pick up those cheap donair kits from the grocery store or GT frozen section. The sweet sauce is so good! Defrost, cook, add some lettuce and onions, maybe even add some chips ;)

2017 Mar 23
Thanks PreviouslyHarrysMom. I haven't done that in a while.

2017 Mar 23
Lettuce on a donair? You belong in donair jail, you criminal.

Having said this, the kits are pretty good, I've been using one this week (the Metcalfe Sobeys sells them).

2017 Mar 26
lettuce is nicer than just meat and sauce.

I had a premade chicken shawarma, the cafeteria once in a while has chicken shawarma for lunch. And by the time I get there it is 1:20 and lunch starts at 11am....so there was a couple shawarma left (it looked like they had maybe 20 or so in the beginning.
The shawarma was a bit soggy by the time I got there, so not exactly the greatest.

Do those donair kits come with bread too?
I see those but never pay too much attention to them.

If I get a fallafel or shawarma while out I like to add some tabouleh, hummus and potato if they will let me.

Turns out adding potato is a great idea, as if you are eating on the bus or a the bus stop it is much easier to manage!

2017 Mar 26
Eating on the bus might just be the biggest foodie shame admitted in this forum so far! ;-)

2017 Mar 26
'Meat and sauce' is a felony too. Onion and tomato or it ain't a donair.

The kits come with four pita -- which are astonishingly soft and fresh-feeling once you thaw them.

Shawarma on the bus is pretty egregious and worth shaming for, but I'd take that over sitting a couple of rows behind someone eating a large Palace sandwich at the movies, and then toum-and-turnip burps wafting over the last act of Manchester by the Sea.

2017 Mar 27
Counterpoint - eating a shawarma on the bus is entirely worthwhile when you're on the move and need food. Anyone in proximity who can't handle it should go get their own shawarma.

Tuna sandwich on an airplane, however, is flogging-worthy.

2017 Mar 28
A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat.
~Old New York Proverb

2017 Apr 5
Well, I get fallafel more than Shawarma.
And I do not put garlic, onion or hot peppers on it-so doubt too many people can smell it-esp if I do not get the sandwich heated (yuck to hot tomato and lettuce).

Usually get fallafel or chicken, hummus, tabouleh,tomato, lettuce.
I can't eat garlic or raw onion without getting really sick.

The worst is the people on the bus in the morning who eat chicken and rice,the smell turns my stomach.

2017 May 27
Canned beans on toast, with tomatoes on the side.

2017 May 27
McChicken sauce...

2017 May 28
Cooking up a packet of ramen noodles, drain them, then mix the sauce powder directly onto the noodles. Salty and delicious

2017 Jun 11
Slices of SPAM with fried eggs for breakfast. Served with toasts and ketchup. 😋

2017 Jun 13
Um, I made potato salad with McChicken sauce. I found it a bit sweet so I added chopped bacon.

2017 Jun 15
I have a new one, as well.

Leftover cold potato and onion pierogies...dipped in ketchup. Sacrilicious

2017 Jun 16
Not caring about Ribfest, or Poutinefest, or food truck rallies, or basically anything where there is guaranteed to be a lot of people.

2017 Jun 16
Excellent, more ribs / poutine /truckfood for the rest of us! :)

...tho honestly it's a sliding scale for me... the more available the food, the less likely i am to wait in a line for it. Hence, i'll make the effort for Ribfest, but not bother for Poutine.

2017 Jun 24
I tried the Loblaws Ghost Peppper bacon. Nothing ghost peppery about it. Salty though.

2019 Jun 26
I was in a teleconference last week and stepped out to get a snack from the little concession counter nearby. I came back with a bag of Hickory Sticks.

Not 30 seconds after I had opened the bag, 2 others left the room to do the same.

2019 Jun 26
I'm a sucker for the cheap foods you get at convenience stores... chicken and egg salad sammies.... breakfast burritos.... I also like the frozen sausage and eggers they have in the frozen section at some gas stations.

Sure, I'll do the 7-11 hot dogs as well. Those cheap beef patties are also amazing but I don't think there is any shame in those things at all.

Convenience store slush is my biggest weakness... ever since I was a kid... I remember being in Vancouver and they had 7-11 there and I was addicted to the slush during the whole time we'd visit family.

At home, we often make quick pizzas with the naan breads you get a Costco but that's only if I am too lazy to get dough at Season's Pizza on my way home.

2019 Jun 26
"Convenience store slush is my biggest weakness"
If you have an ice cream maker at home this is trivial to replicate, just put your soda of choice in and turn it on. In like 10 minutes it's done.

2019 Jun 26
Oooh old thread revival.

My secret foodie shame is kraft cheese whiz. It is completely gross but I love it, definitely eat a piece of toast con whiz (light rye or sourdough is best with a nice even spread) on a weekly basis.

2019 Jun 26
My latest one is that making lazy ass veal parmigiana sandwiches at home. Using store bought garlic bread, frozen veal scalopini cutlets, cheap mozza, and ketchup. Yes, Ketchup.

2019 Jun 26
Rice Krispie squares and ice cream sandwiches.

2019 Jun 26
How about a rice krispie square ice cream sandwich, wherein it's ice cream between two squares?

2019 Jun 26
No shame there I'm going to do that brilliance RTF NOW.

2019 Jun 26
Those store bought Lofthouse style cookies that they have for seemingly every holiday. You know the ones...soft cake-like sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. With an ice cold glass of milk of course.

2019 Jun 28
Being totally Canadian now, how about a scoop of Laura Secord ice cream between 2 butter tarts? With raisins, of course.

2019 Jun 30
I've actually seen this, Rizak! At a campground, no less. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I'd wager it'd really good with butter pecan ice cream.

Nov 18
Oh, man. I had to re-read this one before it's gone forever.

Nov 24
And now I'm craving Hickory Sticks.