What is the price of lemons out there? I need lemonade!! [General]

2013 Jun 24
With the heat today, I headed to Produce Depot at Carling and Maitland to get lemons for homemade lemonade. The price was 2 lemons for $1. It took 6 lemons to get 1 1/3 cup of lemon juice.

Love to hear about other lemon prices in town since I expect to be making a lot of lemonade this week. Pulling out the recipe now.

2013 Jun 24
Food Is Fun The only place I know of that has lemons on sale this week is the Superstore - 5 lemons for $2. Which isn't much cheaper than what you paid at Produce Depot. Have you tried asking if they sell lemons by the case? It might come out to be a little cheaper than buying lemons at the regular price. In the meantime I usually check the grocery store flyers on Fridays and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for lemons. I always have a stash of lemons at home because I love putting lemon slices in my water and tea.

2013 Jun 24
You can try Aenos Foods on Kaladar. I believe they are a produce supplier. I used to shop there when I lived in the area. Good prices, but a very unique shopping experience ;)

2013 Jun 24
I could use a good lemonade recipe. Just saying ;-)

2013 Jun 24
Tree Pug - Lemons, water, sugar, ice. (Vodka optional - adds to your ingredient cost if selling on the street).

2013 Jun 24

Lemons for .40 each product of South Africa see page 11 Superstore Flyer Effective Until Jun 27


Lemons 2 lb. bag for 2.99 ea, product of usa see page 9 Sobeys Until Jun 26

Probably better to get the 2lb bag from Sobeys - hopefully they aren't all rind or something.

best shopping resource ever!

2013 Jun 24
Tree Pug, here is the lemonade I have been making for a while. It has a nice pucker with an undertone of light sweetness. I find doing the simple syrup is a must and easy enough to do.


I am struggling sharing this with the darling husband. I like the idea of vodka, sourdough!

Thanks to all for the lemon spotting. I think I need to make more tomorrow. The jug is going down pretty fast.

2013 Jun 24
tannis cash and carry maybe if your buying lots. not sure of pricing though.

2013 Jun 25
Last summer I was going through a pitchers of the stuff. I was looking at all these lemon rinds and wondered if I could reduce some of the waste of my gallon-a-day habit.

I scrubbed the heck out of six lemons, quartered them and blitzed them up quick in my food processor. When they were broken down into a chunky sludge (yummy), I strained it all really well through a sieve and then continued with my recipe. It was probably the best lemonade I ever made.

It also allowed me to use fewer lemons. Bonus!

2013 Jun 25
This time of year I always have a squeeze bottle of simple syrup on the counter for just this purpose.

2 parts sugar
1 part water
Bring to a boil, let cool.
Easy. Done. Fill bottle.

I halve a lemon and use my old glass juicer to get the goodness out. If it is a small glass, I'll use half. If a larger glass, a whole one. Squirt in some syrup and top up with water. That's it.

Okay, maybe a little gin sometimes.

I always put half a rind in the glass. The extra oils from the skin make a difference. Plus, it's fun. You could scrape a couple of pieces off if you wanted and do the same.

Since there's just the two of us and I'm the only one who likes lemonade, this works for me. Adding sugar for each glass is a good idea though.

2013 Jun 25
If you have a Costco membership, you can usually get bags of lemons & limes pretty inexpensive. I think about 2.99 a bag

2013 Jun 27
Asian grocers usually carry both lemons (4 pack) and limes (5 pack) for $1.

2013 Jun 27
china town. cash and carry or GT

2013 Jun 29
Okay, as above but with a dash of orange bitters. Wow. What a difference.

I'd never tried bitters before, so thought I'd try making some. Not difficult. I was going to try the aromatic one, but decided orange would go better. It certainly made a nice addition.