Bizarre Quiznos story: "Hold on while I cut it." [Food/Vendor]

2012 Nov 8
Today I went to Quiznos at 1091 St. Laurent Blvd. in Ottawa, where I experienced some extremely baffling customer service. I had ordered a medium size sub, and after waiting an inordinate amount of time for them to prepare it, the cashier charged me for a large sub. I subsequently stated that I'd ordered a medium sub - to which the cashier replied, "hold on while I cut it." He then proceeded to go into the back room, with my sub. He returned 2-3 minutes later; evidently, he'd cut the sub to reduce it from a large to a medium (see photo), leaving me with a small bit in addition to the normal half. When he returned, he said "Here's your medium sub."

Frankly, I don't understand why he had to cut the sub - not only was it their mistake (I had very clearly ordered a medium size sub) - but forcing me to wait even longer than I already had while he cut it is preposterous. Also, I'm a bit disturbed that he had to take the sub into the back room; I actually lost my appetite and threw the sub in the garbage.

This incident raises some interesting questions:

Why did he have to cut the sub instead of just giving it to me for the regular size price? It was their mistake, after all.

What did he do with the end of the sub he cut off? Did he eat it?

Why did he have to take the sub into the back room to cut it; why couldn't he do it where they prepare the subs?

Did he do anything else to the sub in the back room?

What the hell?

Anyway, I've only been to Quiznos once before, but I will never, ever, eat at Quiznos again after this experience.

2012 Nov 8
Worth a letter to the manager. That's just odd.

2012 Nov 8
Wow. That is horrible, and VERY sketchy!

They absolutely just should have given you the large and just said something like "hey, I guess its your lucky day".

They probably count the bread though so the server had to save the piece he cut as "waste" to show his boss that he wasnt handing out larges and calling them mediums - Hey, its a long shot, but could be the reason.

I'm with you that this is an example of terrible customer service.

It is a shame however that you will no longer visit a Quiznos, because Sam at the Quiznos at Bank & MacLaren makes a MEAN sandwich, and is very generous with toppings.

Keep in mind that Quiznos' are franchises, so the fault of one location is a falut of that location alone.

I'd be telling the boss for sure, if this happened to me.

2012 Nov 8
I actually did send a letter to the head office; I'll post any replies that I get here.

The funny thing is, I think the guy at the cash was the manager - he seemed to be the authority there at the time, at any rate.

On the bright side, the entertainment value of this incident kind of makes up for the $8 that I wasted on the sub :-)

2012 Nov 8
Yikes, that's a sub I wouldn't eat

2012 Nov 8
I'm not crazy about Quizno's but that franchisee is outright sketchy. Good you sent a letter to head office-most franchise's are pretty careful about what the franchisee's are up to.

2012 Nov 8
"Did he do anything else to the sub in the back room?"

Did you here any hacking up phlegm noises coming from the back room ?

Angry food handlers have been known to spit on a complainers returned food.

I thought it was just an urban legend until I heard a real 'behind the scenes' story. I think twice before sending anything back in a schetchy place.

2012 Nov 9
Ugh - that would give me the heebie jeebies as well.

IMHO, Quizo's is terrible these days and has been for at least a couple years. Used to be pretty decent - too bad.