Kingston [General]

2012 Nov 6
Does anyone know are the chain fast food or resturants in Kingston that we don't have?

2012 Nov 6
Kingston has great Cambodian food. Pats, Wok-in, Cambodian Village, those are all good.

The Hoagie House is an institution.

Arbys used to exist in Kingston, but now Ottawa has one. Not so exciting anymore.

2012 Nov 7
Possibly a sushi place or two but the chains i've seen are fairly interchangeable. They had 5 Guys a year before we got it, but that's about it afaik.

As an aside, just down the street from 5 Guys is Harper's Grill, a burger place that's probably better, but i don't think they're a chain.

2012 Nov 7
Mary Brown's Famous Chicken and Taters - why are they not in Ottawa!!

Phone: 613-389-7878

2012 Nov 7
I dream of Mary Brown's taters... :(