Where to buy good tortillas [General]

2011 Dec 30
Got a great tex-mex cookbook. Anyone have any good sources for corn and flour tortillas and chilies?

2011 Dec 30
La Tiendita Latin Store
848, Merivale Rd
(613) 724-7762

Little Latin America‎
764 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON K1R 6P9, Canada
(613) 235-4970

2011 Dec 30
Best to make your own. Buy yourself some masa mix. I use this recipe.
Anyone know if there is fresh masa to be had in Ottawa?

2011 Dec 30
Forum - Masa?post_id=37650

2011 Dec 30
I would love to make my own, but I have a small child who isn't as supportive of the idea of spending the day in the kitchen as me!

2011 Dec 30
Live4Food has it right. Go to La Tiendita. You can buy a stack or the corn tortillas for a very low price. Be sure to warm them through on a dry non-stick pan or something similar before serving. It makes them pliable and freshens them right up. Just wait until they puff up a tiny bit.