BSNBB- Weekend Forgy [General]

2007 Jun 4
Forgy == Food Orgy

Friday we loaded the family into the car and drove 13 hours to New Brunswick for the annual Big Strange New Brunswick Brew. Stayed 2 nights and drove back on Sunday.

Why this madness?

For the food orgy, of course! Beer is afterall a food. In this photo, we'd already taken to 20lbs or so of pork off the smoker and had pulled it and were finishing it up in the massive 24" x 2" deep frying pan (and 2nd smaller pan).

What is BSNBB? The Big Strange New Brunswick Brew is a celebration of all-grain homebrewing. We get together every year on the first weekend of June, brew beer, drink beer, talk about beer and brewing, barbeque a bunch of meat, and sit around a bonfire at the end of it all, telling lies and ranting.

We also teach others how to brew beer. "Give a man a beer, and he wastes an hour. Teach a man to brew, and he wastes a lifetime", is the motto of the Members of Barleyment (, the brewclub which gave rise to the original Big Strange Brew in Ottawa, and this offshoot in NB which has taken on a life of its own over the years. Any aspiring brewers interested in learning the craft will be assigned to one of the teams to act as "Brew Buddy" to some established brewers so they can see how it's done.

2015 Jun 22
The door to the beer fridge

2015 Jun 26
Our beer fridge ...