National Grocers [Food/Vendor]

2010 Aug 15
Not sure if this it the right category but National has the lowest prices that I have found for beef tenderloins. They sell them for $13.99 a kilo vacuum sealed. Granted that it is not the best tenderloin I have ever had, but it is quite good and the price is a steal.

For those who care:


Phone: 613-747-5462
Fax: 613-744-4909

2010 Aug 15
MBS - national grocers & T&T have good deals on tenderloin, the only problem is the wetpack cuts are rarely butchered with any skill, so you need to trim them up and figure out the math afterwards re: how much meat you've actually paid for.

2010 Aug 15
When I first saw the price of the tenderloins at National Grocers I thought it was great - then I noticed the beef was ungraded ...

2010 Aug 15
Chimi - When I trim my tenderloin I use the trim in delicious, albeit expensive, sammiches. At least that way it doesn't always go to waste. I do the same thing with hanger steak, only I prefer making salad with that rather than sammich.

2010 Aug 16
When I first saw the tenderloins (a few years ago) I was skeptical since it was ungraded. I tried one anyway and it was fine - did not have the marbling of a high quality steak, but still tender.

They do butcher the butchering :) but at the price it is acceptable. When I buy them, I look for the largest and nicest whole pieces. Some are really small and look nasty.

As far as trimming and cleaning, the piece pictured, once the silver skin and some exterior fat was removed (and fed to the dogs) served 6 (2" steaks grilled on the bbq) (despite that 2 of the dinners, my 22 year old son and his buddy, are both big eaters).

Now I confess that use the smaller end pieces and build larger steaks with them, and since I am bacon wrapping the steaks they hold quiet well together. But still to serve 6 people tenderloin for under $30 is pretty cheap.

As a side note one of the guests brought some kosher merguez sausages and they were the best I have tasted in Ottawa. They were beef (not lamb - sigh) but they got the spices right. They come from Montreal and sold at the loblaws at College Square. Until my next trip to Montreal, they will do.

2010 Aug 18
The National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) is the national trade association Tom Zaucha President & CEO National Grocers Association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distribution industry.

To ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services. To promote diversity in the marketplace through a vibrant independent sector, and thereby increase consumer choice in price, variety, quality, service and value.

2010 Aug 18
I bought 2 of these tenderloins last year. I used these to practice trimming and didn't feel so bad when I didn't get it right. The tenderloins generally are not marbled so I cooked the chateau briande with wine, then added homemade demi glace to the sauce. the recipe was from epicurious. (I think I might have put two recipes together). The beef was very tender.

2010 Aug 18
If they are independent, why do they carry so much Loblaws no name products?

You are right, there is next to no marbling in them, but I cook them rare and they stay moist and tender. I also have a wonderful recipe for butterflied tenderloin stuffed with caramelized onions, mushrooms and spinach if anyone is interested.

2010 Aug 18

2010 Aug 24
Flogging a dead horse (because I can) this is $30 worth of Tenderloin from National Grocers. The steaks were butter soft and had a nice beefy taste. The bacon and the hardwood smoke finished them off.