Dutch Food [General]

2010 Jul 9
Planning an all Dutch and spanish meal on sunday for the big game!! I was wondering what some dutch specialties are??? any clues

2010 Jul 9
Dutch eat a lot of Indonesian food :-) Nasi goreng, Bami goreng

You could also do

- split pea soup
- meatball and vegetable soup with tomato broth
- rabbit stew

My Dutch family does not eat much out of the ordinary. Lots of asparagus, kale and potatoes, and general meat and vegetable dishes.

They are probably more well known for their desserts, candy and cheese.

Stroopwafel, almond cookies, salted and other licorice, gouda, etc.

2010 Jul 9
Hutspot would be a highly appropriate Dutch dish. You boil carrots/potatoes/onions together, mash them and serve with smoked sausage. Not only does it come out looking orange, but they eat it in Leiden every 3 October to celebrate their liberation from their Spanish oppressors.

My mum used to make it a lot when we were kids. It is a bit stodgy and could probably be improved by roasted the above veg instead of boiling. Mind you, doing things like adding flavour would take away its inherent Dutch-ness.

2010 Jul 9
Pickled herring with pickles and white onion
Smoked eel sandwiches
Cured horsemeat
Fries with mayo...

and I'm serious.

2010 Jul 9
Have a good time on Sunday. Sounds like an awesome plan!

*ahem*Viva Espana!*ahem*

2010 Jul 9
Bitterballen! I was going to say that it's quintessential Dutch bar food, but I think almost everything is quintessential Dutch bar food ;)

They're like breaded, deep-fried meatballs, only they're thickened a bit with roux first. I've never made them myself, but there are recipes aplenty:

A Dutch-language one, if you're feeling adventurous: www.smulweb.nl

An English one: recipes.wikia.com(Bite-size_veal_croquettes_)

2010 Jul 14
I have heard that Dutch food is very delicious. I think I will make some dishes for my family this weekend :)

2010 Jul 14
Don't forget to include the recipe for salty, salty tears. I'm still sad :( :( :(

2010 Jul 14
We made some bitterballen which we're delicious! some nice tomato gazpacho, and some spanish charcuterie! Some good dutch beer...it was all delicious.

Best of all was the finish!!!