Northern Pike [General]

2010 Jun 20
My father's day is off to a good start - had the Beavers out to Camp Opemikon this weekend, other side of Perth. By 9am everyone was gone, so by 9:30 I had my boys down at the wharf fishing! By 10:30 I had these 2 small Pike landed and cleaned.

Any recommendations on cooking them, and what to serve with them?

I got an EXTREMELY good lesson last night in dressing some of the bigger Ontario gamefish, from one of the Beaver dads who is a far more experienced fisherman than I. Wish I'd been able to capture it on video but I was the guy doing most of the work so had my hands in fish innards.

2010 Jul 25
WC - I agree that bass are way more fun to catch, but pike!!??! Bass hit, jump, fight, splash...pike typically hit ansd surrender (not that I'n a huge fisherman...). Pickeral/walleye are definitely the better tasting fish out of the three. I'd always choose pan fried or smoked to pickled fish....I like pickled foods for the most part, but fish doesn't appeal to me pickled. Smoked, fried, salted, but not pickled...