Hobbs Family Farm [Food/Vendor]

2010 Apr 26
Last Friday night CBC television did a short piece on a farm in Ashton that will be opening a storefront operation around the end of May. Hobbs Family Farm will be selling their own beef as well as some baked goods. You can watch the story here under the fresh local beef link: www.cbc.ca

(Sorry I don't know how to post a link directly to a video...)

2011 Dec 17
Was out here today - great little place. 4 or 6 tables if you want to eat in. The pepperettes were to die for. Bought some bacon which I'll have in the morning. And a bunch of steaks - some of which I ate tonight - really good. But all frozen - I got there a bit late just before 5pm and all the fresh unfrozen stuff was sold.

2011 Dec 18
Some more info here in this article on what types of foods are available


Seems like their beef sandwiches from the Cafe have quite a following.