Looking for advice.... [General]

2010 Mar 30
I am looking for a bit of input/advice.

so.........I am planning on popping the questions in the next few weeks and I would like to have a nice romantic dinner with my future fiancee afterwards

I have been going back on forth on the place, I've narrows it to either Les Fougeres or L'Oree du Bois. (but will take other recommendation)

i have been to L'Oree before, but a long time ago, (I understand its under new ownership now)
and have never been to Les Fougeres.

any input on either places?


2010 Mar 30
Congrats on getting the balls to do so :)

It depends a bit on where you want to go before hand, and where you want to be afterwards. Is there a special place with fond memories for you two? Not necessarily the restaurant, but for example, my husband and I had our first date at Oh So Good, and then walked up and around Parliament. If he were to ask me again and actually plan it out (he sort of blurted it out over the phone), I suspect he would choose a location in that area.

I've heard great things about Les Fougeres. I would also recommend Play or Beckta or Domus. Like I said, so much of it depends upon where you want to be...in the market, Gatineau, Little Italy, et cetera.

2010 Mar 30
I have been to both, but will declare right out it has been a long time for L'Oree du Bois (not by choice, just the way it is). If the weather keeps up like this, in the next few weeks the bulbs will be up and that might be a part of the feel of what you want. I know Les Fougeres have lovely gardens and that might be fun to wander around and see what is peeking up through the soil. The food there is fabulous. My husband and I have been going sporadically for years (when we can afford it).
You could call each of the restos and find out what is or isn't coming up and of course what is on the menu. My vote would be for Les Fougeres. They also cater weddings!

Good Luck!

2010 Mar 30
Haha thanks!!

Well I was thinking Chelsea or perhaps Wakefield area, kind of make an afternoon of it. maybe Gatinau park?

We met working in a restaurant (which I dont want to go to, not that its bad, but I know to many people there) and our first date was at a restaurant (that I dont want to go to cause its not good IMO)

Thanks for the suggestons. I am leaning more towards Les Fougeres at the moment, but any input will still be much appreciated.

2010 Mar 30
I would vote for Les Fougeres. It is a bit more open, so if you want a quiet dark corner, L'Oree du Bois may be a better choice. I have found the food and wine selection better at Les Fougeres, however both are great restaurants.

2010 Mar 30
Les Fougères has food that is a bit more "original". L'Orée du Bois does more classic French. Both are very good, it depends on what you like. Actually, considering the occasion, I guess it depends on whatever you think she would like best.

L'Orée du Bois is closer to Gatineau Park (walking distance). There is also a nice short trail starting at the nearby "Pique-Nique" area, leading to a small bridge near a waterfall...

2010 Apr 1
Thanks again for the input!
I think i am leaning towards Les Fougeres, just waiting for their monthly Table D'Haute to be updated so I can see it to make my final decision.


2010 Apr 2
Ok.. looking for a bit more advice. What if I threw in the Wakefield Mill in the mix?

How does this place compare to Lew Fougeres and L'Oree du Bois?

2010 Apr 2
Both Les Fougèresand L'Orée du Bois didn't work for us and our friends. But then we may have gone there when the executive chefs were not working that night. If you do go to Les Fougères, I would like to hear your experience. Our Egyptian friend (who enjoys cooking at home) didn't want to go there again for our annual get-together dinner and we went to Bistro Cordon Bleu and had a very good night there. Don't skip the dessert at Bistro Cordon Bleu!