pickled tomatoes [Recipes]

2009 Aug 11
So I'm watching Bizarre Foods www.travelchannel.com which mostly makes my poor vegetarian stomach just want to hurl. However, this particular episode he's in Russia and he showed pickled tomatoes that just looked great.

They looked just like fresh tomatoes and they were sitting in a baking style dish with brine. Any tips on how to make some and how to store them?

I'm thinking zymurgist will have an opinion on this.

2009 Aug 12
Hee, hee, you thought right! I remember them well - they were really popular in Ukraine when I was there. Basically done up in the Soviet version of mason jars. Just about everyone had them in the cupboard it seems.

No idea how to make them though. The ones I had I'd guess were just tomatoes and vinegar. Though given how hard vinegar was to find, it could not have been much of it.

Oh, and they were pre-cooked of course, from the processing. They looked sort of raw while in the bottle. But they were soft and the skins peeled right off very easily.

2009 Aug 12
My Dad makes pickled tomatoes every year. I can post the recipe at the end of the month when he is back from holidays.

2009 Aug 12
Thanks Gardener Mom!